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The natural gentleness of organic soaps

In our growing quest for natural, environmentally-friendly products, organic soaps have gained in popularity as a healthy, gentle alternative for caring for our skin.

Whether it's Aleppo soap, Marseille soap, donkey's milk soap, exfoliating soap, intimate soap, liquid soap or superfatted soap, Penn'Ty Bio has a selection of organic soaps that offer a pleasant showering experience while helping to preserve our planet.

Natural ingredients for radiant skin : The organic soaps offered by Penn'Ty Bio are made from natural and organic ingredients, carefully selected for their benefits to the skin. Unlike conventional soaps that often contain harsh chemicals, these natural soaps respect the skin's natural balance, helping to prevent skin irritation and dryness.

A variety of choices for every need : Penn'Ty Bio offers a wide range of organic soaps adapted to different skin types and specific needs. From moisturising soaps with shea butter or olive oil, to soothing soaps with lavender or chamomile, everyone can find the soap that suits them best for a personalised shower experience.

Delicate scents for a sensory experience : As well as their benefits for the skin, Penn'Ty Bio's organic soaps also offer a pleasant sensory experience thanks to their natural fragrances. From the scent of fresh fruit to the soothing aroma of plants, each soap awakens the senses and transforms the shower into a moment of relaxation and well-being.

An ethical choice that respects the environment : By choosing Penn'Ty Bio organic soaps, you're helping to protect the environment. These soaps are made from renewable and biodegradable resources, reducing our ecological footprint and supporting a sustainable approach to our daily routine.

Reduced price Liquid soap without perfume – 500 ml – soap maker

Perfume-free liquid soap – 500 ml

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This liquid soap has been specially developed for hand hygiene. Fragrance-free and allergen-free, it is particularly suitable for sensitive skin but also for pregnant and breastfeeding women. 500ml pump bottle.

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Suitable for the most sensitive skin

Savon liquide sans parfum L'Artisan Savonnier

This organic liquid soap will find its place on all your sinks (bathroom, kitchen, toilet,..).

Fragrance-free : It is suitable for pregnant and breast-feeding women and obviously for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Thanks to its exclusive formula, its foam is much smoother than that of a simple soap. The pump or "pusher" allows you to dose the soap precisely, without wasting it, without making a mess and without it slipping through your hands!

This soap has a foaming base made from 100% natural vegetable oils, in accordance with Provencal traditions.

This product does not contain: EDTA, synthetic colouring agents, parabens, elements from the petrochemical industry (paraffin, silicone, PEG...), GMOs.

Directions for use

For hand use. Pour a small amount of soap into the palm of your hand. Soap and rinse with clear water.

Penn'Ty Bio's opinion

If you are prone to skin reactions, this everyday liquid soap is perfect for you. Its fragrance-free and essential oil-free formulation will not cause you any problems. Your hands will thank you :)

Its composition

Soap on a vegetable base (organic olive* and coconut* oil).

INCI Ingrédients

Aqua (Water), Potassium Olivate**, Potassium Cocoate**, Glycerin**, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride.

* ingredient from Organic Farming

** Processed from organic ingredients

100% of total ingredients are of natural origin

14% of the total ingredients are from organic farming

Shelf life

12 months after opening. 


COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Cosmecert according to the COSMOS standard.


Flacon pompe de 500 ml.

Find out more about the L'Artisan Savonnier brand

Find out more about the L'Artisan Savonnier brand

L'Artisan Savonnier is an authentic brand inspired by Provencal traditions and created by the Gravier laboratory.

It offers certified organic cosmetic products centred on the soap tradition for a return to the simple pleasures of Provence.

They wanted to create a universe where soap is at the centre of the pleasure of the senses: visual through the presentation and packaging, sensory through the scents, diversified through the offer.

To recreate a universe of this Provençal farmhouse, where it is good to experience the simple pleasures of natural products, and return to the source of our history. The pleasures of authentic products with the delicate scents of Provence.

Labels / certifications
Cosmos Organic
500 ml

Specific references

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Je l'ai choisi parce qu'il est au sommet de la liste des produits non toxiques avec des ingrédients naturels, et j'ai trouvé qu'il a aussi un excellent résultat.

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Respectueux des mains

Super produit j'adore. Le packaging est super jolie qui permet de ne pas faire "moche" dans la salle de bain

M. C

agréable fluidité, peu d'odeur, ne dessèche pas la peau

il serait intéressant d'avoir des recharges de 500ml ou mieux, de 1 l

  • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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Perfume-free liquid soap – 500 ml

This liquid soap has been specially developed for hand hygiene. Fragrance-free and allergen-free, it is particularly suitable for sensitive skin but also for pregnant and breastfeeding women. 500ml pump bottle.

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