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Repulsive cat dog for outdoor - granules - 300 grs - Penntybio

Outdoor Cat & Dog Repellent - Granules - 300 grs

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This repellent creates an effective and long-lasting odour barrier that limits the territorial marking of cats and dogs. The aromatic compounds contained in this repellent will disturb their behaviour and dissuade them from doing their natural business outside the treated area. Bottle of 300 grs.

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case-a-cocher.jpgLimits marking by pets
case-a-cocher.jpgGranular formulation perfect for treating horizontal surfaces
case-a-cocher.jpg Safe for your pets
case-a-cocher.jpgContains only active ingredients of plant origin

Presentation outdoor repellent granules

Natural outdoor cat and dog repellent granules

Tired of having the neighbourhood cats and dogs do their business in your yard, garden, sandbox or on your door? Tired of finding your flower beds, seedlings or plantations turned over by cats or dogs looking for freshly loosened soil?

With Cat & Dog Repellent for outdoor use in granules, we offer a solution that should solve a large part of your problems, with no risk for the animals.

Cat & Dog Repellent Outdoor Granules is a 100% plant-based product ready for use.  

Advantages cat & dog repellent for outdoor use

+ Ready-to-use repellent based on an active ingredient of plant origin : Margosa (or Neem) extract
+ The repellent granules act on the sense of smell of dogs and cats
+ can be placed anywhere where the presence of a cat or dog is undesirable
+ long-lasting protection: its duration of action is approximately 15 days depending on the weather
+ formula designed to resist water and cling to surfaces with a duration of action of about 15 days depending on the weather
+ safe for animals and plants under normal conditions of use
+ corn grits (corn grits) are perfectly resistant to moisture on the ground, unlike some other granules
+ French production and 100% vegetable-based materials.

Its principle of action

This repellent is a granule composed of corn grits, pure and natural essential oils and Margosa extract known for its repellent action. The corn grits are vacuum impregnated with 5% of aromatic compounds. Thanks to this core impregnation of an active ingredient of plant origin, the granules are perfectly resistant to water and crushing. They are therefore mainly intended for all outdoor applications. As soon as they are taken out of the bottle, these granules will release their repellent olfactory substances (Margosa extract) for 2 to 3 weeks.

Composition of the cat & dog repellent for outdoor granules

Active ingredient : Margosa extract CAS 84696-25-3 (0.5% m/m), Geraniol CAS 106-24-1 (0.05% m/m)

100% natural granules based on corn grits and aromatic compounds. Biocide class: TP19. 

Conditions of use

Using the pouring can, sprinkle the floor at a rate of 100 to 150 granules per m², which represents approximately 5 grams / m². A can of 300g of granules allows you to treat an outdoor area of 60 m².

This outdoor repellent has an olfactory action that repels dogs and cats. To remain effective, it should never be covered by grass, sand, leaves or anything else that could "mask" its smell. The pellets are resistant to humidity but will fade in the rain. 

Precautions for use

Close the can tightly after opening and use the product within three months of first opening. Use biocides with care. Keep out of reach of children. Wash hands after use. Keep away from food and drink, including that of animals. In case of medical advice, keep the label or container available. Dispose of this product and its container in accordance with applicable regulations. To maintain its effectiveness, this product should not be covered by grass, sand, leaves or anything else that might "mask" its odour. The granules are resistant to humidity, but will deteriorate in the rain. 


300g bottle for treating approximately 60m².

Some examples of places or objects to protect

This repellent can be used at the foot of walls, posts and in flower beds. It protects pathways, terraces, gardens, plantations, flowerbeds and balcony boxes. This repellent will prove its effectiveness on lawns, playgrounds, kerbs, etc.

In short, it is effective for all outdoor applications.

This repellent is intended for use on horizontal outdoor surfaces. To treat vertical surfaces, use our liquid outdoor cat & dog repellent. 

Mandatory regulatory information

Safety advice (CLP) : P101 - If medical advice is needed, keep container or label available. P102 - Keep out of reach of children. P103 - Read and follow all instructions carefully.

Additional phrases : Use biocides with care and if necessary appropriate protection. Dispose of empty and rinsed packaging in accordance with municipal waste disposal regulations, e.g. through the selective collection of household packaging waste if the packaging complies with the sorting instructions.

Mode of application
For spreading
Treatment against
Cat / dog
300 gr

Specific references


Safety Data Sheet

FDS Cat and dog repellent outdoor granules Penn'Ty Bio

Download (198.57k)



répulsif chien

Très bien. J'ai vu la différence sur le chat voisin qui avait pris l'habitude de venir faire ses besoins sur mes parterres. Je ne le vois plus depuis. L'autre jour, je l'ai surpris. Il s'est approché du massif ou j'avais répandu fraîchement les granulés. Il s'en ai détourné tout de suite. Conclusion : ça fonctionne bien. A renouveler par contre régulièrement ... y'a pas de miracle non plus.


repousse chien

Ok, ça à l'air plutôt bien



J ai acheter ce produit ya quelque semaine car beaucoup de chat sauvage vienne faire leur besoin dans mon jardin, très déçu de ce produit car sa n'a pas marcher du tout. Après avoir lu tout les commentaire positif de se produit j espérais enfin trouver un repulsif qui marcherais

Guy P


Pour ma part
J'en est plusieurs .. je suis obligé de changer .. si non les chats reviennent

Clovis T


Mon jeune chien n'a clairement pas apprécié l'odeur de ce produit. Merci pour ce produit naturel.


Plutôt efficace

Notre jeune chien avait pris l'habitude d'aller uriner dans mon nouveau parterre près de la maison. Il semblerait que ce produit l'ai convaincu de ne plus s'en approcher. Merci

Penntybio .

Réponse de Penn'Ty Bio

Bonjour, merci de partager votre expérience avec nous. Nous sommes navrés de constater vos mésaventures avec ce produit. La matière active est l'extrait de Margosa. Ce composé a une odeur forte qui normalement repousse les chiens tous comme les chats. Vos chiens sont peut-être très gourmands et ont bravé la mauvais odeur, attirés par le support sur lequel l'extrait de Margosa est déposé : du maïs grossièrement moulu (grits).
Nous allons faire part des désagréments que vous avez rencontrés à notre laboratoire afin qu'il en tienne compte pour les améliorations futures.
A bientôt.
Penn'Ty Bio.

Terreau JB

Pas évident

Quand on a mis, 3 chiens sur 4 en ont mangé. On ne peut donc pas dire qu'ils aient été repoussés!!

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Outdoor Cat & Dog Repellent - Granules - 300 grs

This repellent creates an effective and long-lasting odour barrier that limits the territorial marking of cats and dogs. The aromatic compounds contained in this repellent will disturb their behaviour and dissuade them from doing their natural business outside the treated area. Bottle of 300 grs.

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