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Detail of the Mites Textiles kit Aries

Textile moth treatment kit – Trap+spray+diffuser – Aries

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Find in this kit everything you need to fight effectively against clothes moths. 3 products: 1 trap, 1 diffuser and 1 aerosol.

This pack contains

Textile Mites Spray – Aries - 200 ml

Textile Moth Spray – Aries – 200 ml

x 1
Anti-mittee cork with pheromones – Aries

Clothes moth trap with pheromones – Aries

x 1
2 repulsive textile shelves - Aries

2 lavandin textile moth repellent diffusers - Aries

x 1
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Delivery expected from 11/29/2022

A kit that includes 3 effective and natural products to effectively combat against the mite of clothes.

Piège anti mite des vêtements Aries1 - Concerning the trap Aries

Operating principle of this trap:
The operation of this insecticide-free trap is very simple: it uses the very fine smell of insects to attract them to a gluing surface.
Each Mitbox contains 1 trap in the form of engluted tape, isolated by a protective film. A sex hormone (Pheromone) is incorporated into this band.
The trap is activated as soon as the protective film has been removed: pheromone spreads into the atmosphere and inevitably attracts male mites that seek to mate. They remain stuck on the trap and can no longer reproduce. For more information about this product, access the Detailed information

Diffuseur anti mite des vêtements Aries2 - For long-term repulsive diffuser
ARIES' 100% natural repulsive fragrance diffuser is very easy and very convenient to use. Simply remove the protective film and hold the diffuser to the hanger or put it on a shelf or in a dresser drawer.
As soon as the protective film has been removed, the repulsive essential oils have begun to spread pests (black textile and attacking materials) for a period of 3 months. For more information about this product, access the Detailed information

Active substance: Lavender essential oil (N°CAS:91722-69-9): 65g/100g

Spray anti mite des vêtements Aries3 - Concerning aerosol anti-mite spray Aries
Neem Oil-based Anti-Mites Spray is recognized for these repulsive and insecticide properties. Thanks to this substance, it protects your textiles effectively from the appearance of mites and beetles of textiles and the damage caused by their larvae. The addition of essential oils provides a pleasant and discreet fragrance. Non-toxic and safe product for man and pets. For more information about this product, access the Detailed information
Use: Spray on textiles to be protected before storage and renewed every 6 months.
Duration of action: About 6 months for stored textiles.
Council: Test on clear color textiles in order to avoid possible stains.
Active substance:CAS essential oil No.91722-69-9 (0.8ml/100ml)


Check textiles rarely used at manipulated as well as storage places (the hidden mites in the heart of several layers of fabrics are more difficultly attracted by bait), shake textiles regularly (the mites pose their eggs without fixing them).
Wipe net windows. Try to detect the infestation fireplace (natural fibre coating, cracks, slits, etc.) to destroy it with theinsecticide All insects Pistal.


The info + on the clothes machine
The textile mite (Tineola biselliela) reaches a size of 4 to 9 mm for a size of about 4 mm. Its hindwings are golden-yellow, its hindwings of a satin greyish white. Females lay 100 to 200 eggs deposited directly on small or isolated textiles.

They are particularly concerned with textiles rarely used or manipulated as they can nest in peace. The mites are photophobes, they are mostly the males that fly because the females are audible by the eggs. They dies soon after the bridge.


For more information on the mite of clothing, please consult our thematic dossier on this subject.


Attention: Anti-moth spray: product under pressure not shippable by air

This product can only be ordered from the following countries:

Metropolitan France, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland.

Aerosols are prohibited in the air network. If you order this product and you live in all other countries of the European Union as well as in the DOM and TOM, the postage costs of reshipping your package will be at your expense (because your package will be returned to us).


Aries, une marque engagée

Learn more about the brand Aries
A company that has been engaged for more than 30 years and offers anti-insect solutions from assets used in organic farming.

A responsible company:The company Aries is certified CSE (Certified Durable Economy). This certification implies a strict specifications at the product level, but also at the level of the company's socio-ecological behaviour.

Certified products:Nature Care Product is an ecological label that certifies current consumer products. This certification controls the choice of raw materials according to a positive list of ingredients and ensures that the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly.

Controlled ingredients:In order to respect the best of man and his environment, Aries excludes ingredients commonly used in conventional anti-insect solutions from its formulations: PBO, DEET, synthetic ingredients. To ensure optimal performance of all products of the range, Aries uses high concentrations of plant-based assets that ensure expected effectiveness.

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Flying insects
Types of insects
Creeping insects
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Application mode
A spray
Application mode
Put on clothes
Attagen of carpets
Labels / certifications
Labels / certifications
Nature care product

Specific references


Data sheet and security

FDS Spray mites Textiles Aries

Download (155.22k)

Data sheet and security

FDS Clothing Shelf Aries

Download (54.25k)

Data sheet and security

FDS Textile repulsive diffusers Aries

Download (89.21k)


Anna J.

Produits Aries

J'utilise cette marque depuis de nombreuses années. Lot de 3 produits testés et approuvés


diffuseur Aries

Très bon produit, mais pas assez de recul pour évaluer l'efficacité

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Textile moth treatment kit – Trap+spray+diffuser – Aries

Find in this kit everything you need to fight effectively against clothes moths. 3 products: 1 trap, 1 diffuser and 1 aerosol.

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