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cockroaches and cockroaches – Kapo Green

cockroaches and cockroaches – Kapo Green

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The "Special Cafards and Blattes" systematically attract adult insects that die in the trap. Includes five traps.

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The process is simple and extremely efficient thanks to very attractive baits. It is without active ingredient insecticide and allows to destroy dozens of insects with a single trap. Insects are attracted to the bait, once they enter, they remain stuck on the gluing strip.

The setting up of this cockroach trap offers the following advantages
+ Avoid direct contact with insect
+ Control its presence
+ Locate the infestation
+ Exclude uninfested places of superfluous treatment
+ systematically remove insects, which die and remain stuck in the trap.
+ Double effect: curative and preventive.
+ Neutralize eggs and reduce population renewal.
+ Easy use and installation.
+ Clean and odourless.
+ Extremely effective thanks to very attractive baits. Enhanced efficiency thanks to the legs mats that absorb oil and water from the cockroaches' legs for a stronger adhesion to the sticky surface.
+ Adjustable roof height: use in high position for vertical installation of the trap.
+ Undulating surface to catch more cockroach


Set composition and instructions
- Each case contains 5 traps
- Place the trap along a wall away from the direct rays of the sun.
- The trap remains effective for 3 to 4 weeks after removal of protective paper.
- The trap can be placed everywhere without any risk since it contains no insecticide but only a food attractive and glue
- the cockroach trap fits in individual houses, warehouses, shops, garages...
- For presence control, place 1 to 2 traps for 10 m2

Hazard identification
Keep children out of reach

To learn more about cockroache, blatte or cancrelat, do not hesitate to consult our thematic dossier on this subject.

Types of insects
Creeping insects
Ready for employment
Application mode

Specific references


Data sheet and security

FDS Feckles and Blanks Kapo Green

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Super !

Très efficace



Excellent produit
À recommander

Alain G

Très bien

Parfait pour les petits et très petits insectes en revanche les plus gros se font moins prendre...

Henri M

pièges cafard

Ces pièges m'ont aidés

jean-jacques g

Piège à cafards

n'ayant qu'une petite infestation, les pieges utilisés en meme temps que la terre de diatomées, n'ont capturé que peu de blattes en 5 jours. En cas de récidive, j'écraserai l'appat central pour qu'il soit encore plus attractif.
Sinon, site sérieux et à conseiller.

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cockroaches and cockroaches – Kapo Green

The "Special Cafards and Blattes" systematically attract adult insects that die in the trap. Includes five traps.

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