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APIMANI - An adventure part of a simple idea ...


History of society

Logo Apimani

In 2017, three friends working in the same company decided to create an activity with the main idea of revisiting an everyday object: the toothbrush. Alexis, Delphin and Thomas wanted a natural product in line with current societal issues, if possible without plastic. The J'aime les dents company is created.

Many stages in the life of this society then follow! After having won their bet by launching the bamboo toothbrush sold by subscription on the internet, it decided to develop and now offers a wider range of products including hairbrushes and beard brushes and various smart accessories for everyday life.

Make it as simple as possible, as easy to use on a daily basis as possible.

The company changes its name in 2023 and becomes Apimani so as not to lock itself only in accessories related to oral hygiene and to open up more to those adapted to an overall bathroom routine. Today, Apimani designs and markets a full range of everyday products and accessories for zero waste bathrooms.

In particular, they designed a toothbrush with an interchangeable head whose beechwood handle comes from and is made in France. This toothbrush saves 90% plastic over a year. Their magnetic soap dish, also made in France, is the perfect companion for all soaps or solid shampoos. 

Apimani's commitments !

Offer, as close as possible to end consumers, daily products and accessories made as locally as possible, healthy for you and with no impact on the planet. Because you have to choose your battles, to achieve this mission, this company has chosen to focus its actions on the bathroom, its accessories and its consumables.

And here are the values that carry this mission.

Healthy and simple productsThe products are made without superfluity and fulfill a primary function (taking care of yourself) without artifice.

- Natural products : The composition of their toothpastes is intended to be as simple and natural as possible to respect both the user and the planet.

- Zero-waste and minimalistic packaging : Apimani thinks all these products first without packaging. When necessary, they manufacture minimalist packaging that fulfills its primary function of protecting and informing.

- Respect for the environment : Both by the intrinsic composition of their hygiene products and by the composition of the materials of their accessories, they avoid single-use plastic as much as possible.

- Innovation : Apimani does not consider innovation as a revolution but as the result of the trio of reflection, design, action resulting in a product that is sufficiently differentiating to bring real added value to its market.

- Eco-design : Apimani is attentive to the origin of the materials used to manufacture its accessories, to their use during their production, to the way in which they distribute them and finally to their ability to manage their end of life.

ProximityApimani maintains a close relationship with its reseller partners and end customers to better understand their needs and to co-build even more responsible bathrooms. Proximity is also at the heart of their sourcing challenges.

- Evolution percentage of EU / FR products : In 2017, 100% of their range came from China. In 2020, China represented only 13% of the references in their range, more than 50% of French products and 33% European. At the end of 2021, the company will reach a 100% European range, of which nearly 70% in France.

- Being attentive to users' needs : Their presence twice a year at two major trade fairs brings them into close contact with its resellers. They regularly travel to their homes to see their products in situ and improve what can be improved. These opportunities are very rich for discussing their common values and building the products and accessories of tomorrow.

- Co-build and innovate with our partners : It is always in a real spirit of collaboration that Apimani chooses its partners/suppliers! They embark them on the adventure of zero-waste and eco-responsibility by often challenging them on their fundamentals. This is also how they innovate.

- Customer service : When one of their customers encounters a problem with one of their products, they make it a point of honor to respond to their request and satisfy their needs as soon as possible. Generally, they do not take more than 48 hours to respond to a customer request.

TransparencyApimani communicates in complete transparency on the origin (geographical and type of material) of the products and/or raw materials making up its range.

- On the geographical origin of products/partners : They systematically indicate on each of the products and accessories marketed on their website the country of origin of the article. This is materialized by the flag of that country.

- On the origin of the materials used : They indicate precisely in all their product sheets the composition but also the details of the materials used in the manufacture of their products.

- On their intentions : Their main communication channel is social networks and they use the newsletter sparingly, which can sometimes be very intrusive. It is through these channels that they generally communicate their actions and intentions.

Socially committedThe development of a company can also serve the most vulnerable.

- ISTA : ISTA in Saint Barthélémy d'Anjou is an early partner to whom they are getting closer every day, as they grow. It is an Adapted Company that provides work for people who are fragile or who are temporarily removed from the world of work.

- Toit à Moi : Toit à Moi is an association that helps homeless people to change their lives by first and foremost offering them a roof. Apimani is a patron of this association and they host the Angevin branch in their premises. Each newly accompanied person receives a toothbrushing kit for a full year.

Apimani products on Penn'Ty Bio

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