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Pamper your hands with the excellence of organic products

Our often neglected hands also deserve special attention when it comes to care. Penn'Ty Bio, your favourite online destination for natural beauty products, offers an exquisite range of organic products designed to care for your hands in a natural and caring way.

We offer a rigorous selection of high-quality products, all certified organic to ensure an uncompromising skincare experience. Hand care products are no exception, offering solutions that provide hydration, softness and protection, without compromising your well-being or the environment.

Our hand care products are distinguished by their natural ingredients. From hand creams to nourishing balms, each product is enriched with organic plant extracts, essential oils and natural ingredients to help restore and revitalise dry, tired skin.

For deep hydration, our organic hand creams are the perfect choice. Formulated with organic plant butters and nutrient-rich oils, these creams penetrate quickly to leave your hands incredibly soft and supple. Gone are the days of rough, damaged hands, replaced by nourished, cared-for hands.

Cuticle and nail balms are also an essential part of the hand care range. Enriched with organic vitamins and oils, these balms help to strengthen your nails and prevent dry, brittle cuticles, so you can maintain perfectly groomed hands.

As well as benefiting your hands, using organic hand care products also helps to support environmentally-friendly production practices. By choosing these products, you are opting for ingredients grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, which helps to preserve our fragile ecosystem.

Give your hands the attention they deserve by choosing products that combine nature, quality and respect for the environment. Discover our range of organic skincare products for organic hands today and set off on the road to soft, beautiful, naturally cared-for hands.

Hand cream with organic hazelnut oil and organic chamomile hydrosol - 75 ml

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Moisturizes, cares for and protects thanks to organic Roman chamomile hydrosol and organic hazelnut oil. The orange extract pleasantly perfumes the whole. A cream made by craftsmen with love, ideal for all skin types. 75ml tube.

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Presentation of this hand cream

Gamme de produits Grain

This cream nourishes the skin by penetrating quickly and without leaving a greasy finish on the hands. It helps to maintain the hydration of the epidermis and thus limits the sensations of skin dryness. Its supple texture provides a feeling of comfort.

Composed of organic chamomile hydrosol and organic hazelnut oil, this hand cream hydrates, repairs and protects. The organic orange extract brings, in addition to bringing strength and elasticity to the skin to the product, offers a light perfume very appreciated.

To take care of your hands naturally, choose to moisturize and protect your hands with this organic cream. You will not regret it. Like the other products in the Grain range, this cream is made with complete respect for the ingredients that make it up by Anaïs, the company's creator. A global, ethical, artisanal approach, respecting the environment, from production to processing. Oil, plants and hydrosol are produced by independent French producers, committed to organic and sustainable agriculture.

Its 75 ml format will allow you to slip it easily into a handbag or a travel kit.

Benefits of this organic hand cream

+ Repairs and durably protects your skin
+ Ideal texture for perfect penetration
+ Dry oil = no greasy film
+ Handcrafted in Brittany
+ Oil, pla,tes and hydrosol produced by independent French producers committed to organic and sustainable agriculture
+ Planting, harvesting and processing by hand
+ Without essential oil = suitable for the most fragile skin
+ No added perfume, just plants that wish you well!
+ The packaging is 100% recyclable

Focus on the main assets

Actifs Huile de noisette, hydrolat camomille romaine et extrait d'orangeOrganic hazelnut oil
Very rich in essential fatty acids, vegetable hazelnut oil softens and deeply moisturizes the skin. Very penetrating and dry to the touch, this oil nevertheless softens your skin in depth without leaving a greasy film. It prevents dehydration by restoring the cutaneous hydrolipidic film and makes the skin soft and silky. This hazelnut oil gives this hand cream restorative, regenerating and antioxidant properties.

Organic Roman chamomile hydrosol
Chamomile is a plant known since antiquity for its medicinal properties. Harvested in summer, its flowers are used to make hydrosol with multiple cosmetic benefits. Roman chamomile hydrosol is ideal for the whole family due to its powerful skin-soothing properties. Anti-inflammatory, it soothes irritations, redness and skin problems for adults and children. It also takes care of mature skin by firming the tissues. A plant that gives this hand cream soothing, softening and toning properties for the skin.

Organic orange extract
Remineralizing, toning and anti-infectious, sweet orange peel brings energy and vitality to the skin. It is notably enriched with trace elements which gives it an anti-fatigue action and restores strength and elasticity to the skin. Orange peel is rich in magnesium and caffeine. It is particularly suitable for slowing down the aging process of the skin. Skin tension is reduced and cells are protected from anti-radicals. There is a remineralizing and anti-oxidant effect on the skin. Very little used in the field of cosmetics due to ignorance of its virtues, orange peel is also euphoric and contains polyphenols recognized for their protective effects on the epidermis.

Usage tips

Apply a hazelnut on the hands and massage gently until the cream is completely absorbed. To renew as necessary. Keep away from heat.

Its composition

Roman chamomile hydrosol*, hazelnut oil*, gelling agent of plant origin, emulsifier of natural origin, vitamin E, preservative

INCI Ingredients

Chamaemelum Nobilis Flower Water*, Corylus Avellana Seed Oil*, Glycerin**, Prunus Amigdalus Dulcis Oil*, Xanthan Gum, Sucrose Laurate, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Fruit Water*, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Aqua, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic acid

*Ingredients from organic farming.


75ml tube.

Storage time

12 months after opening.

About the GRAIN brand (Engaged Artisanal Cosmetics)

Anaïs Bouilly, creator of the Grain cosmetics range

GRAIN is a committed brand that offers cosmetics made north of Rennes, in Brittany by Anaïs.

The principle : common sense and life !

- Medicinal plants grown on living soil (no chemicals used) in Guipel (35)
- Planting, harvesting, processing by hand
- Drying and solar maceration (protected from UV rays)
- Cold processing to preserve plant active ingredients
- Additional ingredients from independent French producers
- 100% recyclable packaging
- Label printed on FSC paper, vegan glue, machines powered by renewable energy.

No need for a label to do things right !

75 ml

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toutes peaux

Excellente crème pour mains


Très agréable

Facile à appliquer. J'aime l'odeur. Mes mains en redemande !

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Hand cream with organic hazelnut oil and organic chamomile hydrosol - 75 ml

Moisturizes, cares for and protects thanks to organic Roman chamomile hydrosol and organic hazelnut oil. The orange extract pleasantly perfumes the whole. A cream made by craftsmen with love, ideal for all skin types. 75ml tube.

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