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2 detection traps mites of clothing - Kapo Green

2 clothes moth detection traps

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Kapo Vert offers 2 sticky traps to detect the presence of clothes moths in woollens, coats or blankets. Odorless, they are ready to use and remain usable for 3 months.

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Fight clothes moths naturally

La mite des vêtements - Tineola bisselliella

Attracted by the smell of sweat and dirty clothes, clothes moths leave beds to settle in wardrobes. Their larvae feed on textile fibers and weave their cocoon there, causing unsightly holes in our clothes and other linens.

To detect the presence of clothes moths, the ideal is to place these traps in your cupboards, cupboards and drawers. You will quickly know if they are present and will be able to take action to eliminate them.

Advantages of these moth traps

+ Effectively protects your textiles from moth larvae

+ Does not contain insecticide

+ Long-lasting effectiveness: up to 3 months

+ Odorless

How to use it?

1 - Open the bag with scissors

2 - To open the trap: pull on the tab to take off the upper part. Then remove the protective double-sided tape on the back of the trap and place the trap in the desired location. Press on the adhesive area with the fingers for a good fixation.

3 - To remove the protection from the glued surface, press the trap against the wall with one finger and lift the paper quickly with the other hand.

4 - Join the two ends and place the tab in the slot provided for this purpose.

5 - Check the trap at least once a week. Replace it after about 3 months. 1 trap per cabinet is sufficient. It is preferable to have 2 in larger premises.

Our advice Penn'Ty Bio

- Do not store your already worn clothes in your wardrobes

- Ventilate your storage from time to time

- Wiggle the hangers in your closet to create commotion

- Vacuum your cupboards regularly

Additional protection consists of fitting Aries repellent diffuser hooks and treating the textiles with the the Aries Textile Mites Spray. Try to detect the source of infestation (natural fiber coating, cracks, crevices, etc.) in order to destroy it with the insecticide All Insects Aries.

Did you know?

The textile moth (Tineola biselliela) reaches a size of 4 to 9 mm for a wingspan of about 4 mm. Its fore wings are golden yellow, its hind wings a satin greyish white. Females lay 100 to 200 eggs deposited directly on textiles in small groups or singly. The clothes moth feeds on textiles, but also on keratin (hair, nails, horn, etc.). You will spot it thanks to the holes in the clothes that the larvae use to feed and weave their cocoon.


Remove adhesive just before use. Kapo recommends that you do not leave cupboards and drawers open. Avoid contact with a damp cloth.


Want to know more about the clothes moth ?

To find out more about the clothes moth, do not hesitate to consult our thematic file.

A quick word about the Kapo Vert range

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2 clothes moth detection traps

Kapo Vert offers 2 sticky traps to detect the presence of clothes moths in woollens, coats or blankets. Odorless, they are ready to use and remain usable for 3 months.

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