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Aloe vera gel 98% without fragrance - 200 ml - this bio

Aloe vera gel 98% without fragrance - 200 ml - this bio

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Enriched with 98% of Aloe Vera, this Aloe Vera Ce'Bio gel offers, each application the feeling of a hydrated and soothed skin. The secret is in its formulation developed with a fresh Aloe Vera juice, a source of regenerating and softening virtues, a promise of a moment to be refreshing natural well. 200 ml tube.

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Jus d'Aloe Vera barbadensis natif

L'aloe vera is a well known perennial plant of dry and hot climates. The Egyptians considered it a gift of the gods whose transparent bloodshed offered beauty, eternity and health. this plant has exceptional properties for the skin. We collect in its green parts a clear pulp that resembles gel, whose benefits are no longer to prove in both internal and external use..

The aloe vera gelIs used for nearly 5,000 years by civilizations around the world against a good number of daily ills: burns, cuts, dermatoses, streaks, streaks, scars, sunburns, scratches, scratches, insect bites ... It is one of the most famous medicinal plants since antiquity. theAloe vera moisturizes the skin and keeps the moisture of the skin. it nourishes and regenerates the skin against aging, eliminates dead cells that mouth skin pores and asphyxia. Thanks to its many nutrients, it also helps to the growth of new cells acting against the verbs, birth or old age spots, redness.

Aloe vera leaf contains more than 75 nutrients and 200 other components, as well as 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins. the aloe vera gel is prepared from fresh native juice, from the heart of the aloe vera by simply adding a natural gelling (the xanthan gum), and a natural preservative, to make it a formula suitable for cosmetic use.

The + of this aloe vera native gelJus d'Aloe Vera barbadensis natif
+ a guaranteed aloe vera concentration of 98%
+ allows intense skin hydration
+ fragrance free gel = 100% enjoy the effects of aloe vera
+ soothes irritations, burns, sunburns by accelerating healing and providing an immediate refreshing effect.
+ nourishes, regenerates the skin and fights against aging
+ possible use as hair care
+ without coloring, without parabens, without elements from the petrochemical industry of paraffin type, without silicone, without peg, without edta, without ogm
+ product cosmo organic certified by ecocert greenlife.

Moreover, the effects of aloe vera juice on the skin are really impressive
- thanks to its ability to survive in arid environment, aloe vera allows the skin to maintain its hydration, nourishes it, regenerates it and combats the effects of aging.
- quickly absorbed by the skin, the aloe vera gel allows to nourish the dermis and the hypodermis and activates the blood micro circulation thanks to its richness in polysaccharides. it accelerates cell renewal.
- thanks to its proteolytic enzymes, aloe vera eliminates dead cells that mouth the pores of the skin and asphyxia. It then helps to increase the new cells thanks to the many nutrients it contains. As a result, it acts against the streaks, birth or old age and redness.
- the normal ph of the skin is slightly acidic, which allows it to withstand the various micro-organisms that can attack it.
The aloe vera gel which presents a ph very close to that of the skin allows to balance the ph cutaneous.
- powerful astringent, it strengthens the epidermis, illuminates the complexion and allows the skin to better protect against external aggressions.

Jus d'Aloe Vera barbadensis natif

Aloe vera to fight ageing
Aloe vera penetrates much more easily the skin than water, it easily crosses the epidermis to feed the dermis and hypodermis and activate the blood microcirculation thanks to its richness in vitamins and amino acids. thus accelerates the production of new cells.

Aloe vera for your hair
Aloe vera is a plant that can also kill the scalp. It is therefore ideal for people who have a tendency to fat hair. acting on the scalp, the plant restores shine and vitality to the hair. Moreover, the aloe vera has moisturizing properties that make the hair fiber supple and shine of all hair types.

An exclusive 100% natural formula, based on fresh native juice
This aloe vera gel is prepared exclusively based on aloe vera gel native. that is, extract from the fresh net of the leaf of the aloe vera and used without any transformation and without any heat, in order to give you a very rich quality of polysaccharides, tanins, steroids, organic acids, vitamins and minerals, with a high aloeverose content. Unlike many other aloe vera gel from the market made from powder, this aloe vera gel is 100% natural and prepared from native juice. It is thus very rich in vitamins and nutrients, making it an exceptional product.


In the ancient grece, the doctors already prescribed aloe vera for certain healing applications and as a cure for stomach ulcer or intestinal problems. the Egyptians used it as a medicine, but also as an elixir for the care of the skin and to embalm their dead. He called it "immortality plan". There is also a trace of aloe vera in China, in the oldest book of phytotherapy, pen t’sao, written 4,000 years ago.

It would seem that it was the Spanish who, the first, would have imported the first plans of aloe on the lands of christophe dove. As early as 1820, the aloe was registered with the American pharmacopoeia for its laxative virtues. In 1935, when a group of doctors used it to treat burns caused by x-rays, there was a renewed interest in its use as an external gel. He then made a noticeable entry into the world of cosmetic and dermatological products.

User advice
Apply the gel to the body. gently massage and renew the application several times a day if necessary. a apply in case of skin drying, in daily facial and body care, in cream for hands and feet. apply in shaving gel or after-shave. Apply as a hair gel. apply to scratches and gutters.

Its composition
Organic aloe vera juice, xanthan gum, ph corrector, aggregate preservatives for organic cosmetics.

Ingredients inci
Aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, xantham gum, potassium hydroxide, citric acid, sodium benzoate
* ingredient from organic farming
99% of the total is of natural origin
98% of the total ingredients are from organic farming

Conservation time:6 months after opening.

Certification: Gel aloe vera cosmo organic certified by ecocert greenlife

Conditioning:Presented in 200 ml tube. exists also 500 ml pump bottle.

A savoir Don't be surprised! due to the natural origin of the raw materials used in this gel, variations (especially colour or viscosity) can be observed on this product from one lot to another, without its qualities being altered.

New range with aloe vera native juice
This bio leads us to discover a range of care and hygiene enriched with organic certified aloe vera juice. an alliance of lactated softness and freshness proposed in a wide range of beauty, for the body and hair, formulated under pharmaceutical control. with exceptional ingredients and fragrances, these attractive productions will delight all types of skin, even the most sensitive. Discover through the range this aloe vera, the best of organic certified cosmetics at the right price.

Labels / certifications
200 ml
Skin type
Normal to dry
Aloe vera
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Excellent produit !!

Je l'utilise depuis 3 ans et j'en suis ravie !
Je le recommande absolument.



Très bon produit mais alors le tube n'est pas pratique du tout !!! On en met partout.

Sylvie Krimed


Répond parfaitement à mes attentes


très bien

je regrette que le tube de 2OO ml ait une odeur légère de plastique
mais le produit est parfait



Trés bon pour une peau douce et comme liftée , hydratant cheveux exeptionnel



dommage que les frais de port sont aussi cher que le produit! mais le gel est parfait.

Fabienne P

Excellent !

Je l'utilise depuis 1 an (sur une cicatrice) et ma peau est bien hydratée.
Sèche très vite et ne laisse aucune marque sur les vêtements.



Excellent produit



peu de produit pour des mains restaurées, appréciable après un travail de jardin, absorption rapide, effet de restauration de la peau, odeur neutre.



Hydrate sans laisser la peau grasse



super produit

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Aloe vera gel 98% without fragrance - 200 ml - this bio

Enriched with 98% of Aloe Vera, this Aloe Vera Ce'Bio gel offers, each application the feeling of a hydrated and soothed skin. The secret is in its formulation developed with a fresh Aloe Vera juice, a source of regenerating and softening virtues, a promise of a moment to be refreshing natural well. 200 ml tube.

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