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t de 5 mèches coton pour diffuser car Evalia - innobiz

Pack of 5 cotton wicks for Evalia car diffusers

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With this pack of cotton wicks, refill your Evalia car diffuser to diffuse new essential oils. Pack of 5 wicks.

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Does the cotton wick in your Evalia car diffuser need changing ? Worn out, lost or simply for the pleasure of diffusing a new essential oil, we offer you this bag containing 5 new cotton wicks. They offer you a natural and healthy way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils while you're on the move.

Ecology and well-being
Made from organic cotton, these wicks are environmentally friendly and guarantee pure, natural diffusion of essential oils. They allow you to create a serene and revitalising atmosphere in your car, while being conscious of the ecological impact.

Easy to use and effective diffusion
Simply soak the organic cotton wick with a few drops of your favourite essential oil and insert it into the Evalia diffuser to transform your vehicle into a haven of peace. The absorbent quality of organic cotton ensures even, long-lasting diffusion of the aromas.

Longevity and customisation
This pack of 5 gives you the freedom to change wicks regularly, allowing you to explore different scents according to your moods and needs. Whether you're looking to relax, revitalise or purify the air, these organic cotton wicks can be adapted to suit your every need.

Embark on a sensory and ecological journey with the pack of 5 organic cotton wicks for Evalia essential oil diffusers. Make every journey a moment of well-being, while taking care of the planet.

Happy diffusing to all !


Length : 70 mm
Diameter : 8 mm

Learn more about the Innobiz brand

Logo InnobizInnobiz is more than 10 years of research and expertise serving the diffusion of essential oils for the biggest aromatherapy brands. In addition to their efficiency and resistance, Innobiz essential oil diffusers are born in the hands of designers sensitive to nature: they are designed with pure lines and designed with noble materials (glass, ceramic, wood, porcelain) .

Detecting the markets of the future is also the heart of their activity. An expertise that allows them to create and design unique objects.

Innobiz manages the entire chain, from design to production, from regulatory controls to delivery to points of sale. And because they are sensitive to the fact that the products are durable, Innobiz designs each of its products in this philosophy and offers spare parts to extend the life of the essential oil diffusers.

Spare parts

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Pack of 5 cotton wicks for Evalia car diffusers

With this pack of cotton wicks, refill your Evalia car diffuser to diffuse new essential oils. Pack of 5 wicks.

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