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INNOBIZ - European leader in essential oil diffusion


Who is Innobiz ?

Logo Innobiz

Innobiz is neither a startup nor a large group, but simply a few people who are passionate about innovation, beautiful products and noble materials and who decided 20 years ago to transform their ideas into everyday objects. Several trips around the world, hundreds of ideas put down on paper, and little by little a beautiful team was created, spread out between France, Spain, Thailand and China. 

What drives them to get up in the morning? Simply the joy of designing and distributing objects that bring us well-being and pleasure, and that allow them to create links with their customers, their manufacturers and discover the world through these meetings.

For 20 years, Innobiz has been designing and manufacturing essential oil diffusion solutions to share the benefits of aromatherapy.

Innobiz is 10 years of research and expertise in the service of essential oil diffusion for the biggest aromatherapy brands. In addition to their efficiency and resistance, Innobiz essential oil diffusers are created by designers who are sensitive to nature: they are designed with pure lines and made with noble materials (glass, ceramic, wood, porcelain)Innobiz aime la nature

Aromatherapy & technology : the Innobiz love story

Innobiz et la diffusion

Can one be passionate about plants and technology at the same time? This is the DNA of Innobiz. And that of its founder: Pierre-Emmanuel Thuret.

In 2004, he created Innobiz with the desire to put the best of technology at the service of aromatherapy. His mission: to make aromatherapy both powerful and accessible.

Surrounded by a team of experts (researchers, designers, aromatherapists), he has been exploring the infinite potential of essential oils and developing efficient, beautiful and intuitive diffusion methods.

Design in France

Innobiz et les huiles essentielles

Innobiz was born in the south of France. It is near Montpellier that the brand gives birth to its new essential oil diffusers. It is also where it created its network of local partners of organic essential oils to offer a whole range of essential oils, hydrolats and scented mists.

The reference in aromatherapy diffusion

Innobiz is now one of the European leaders in essential oil diffusion. How did they get there? Because they are agile, curious and love innovation. For 20 years, they have been working for the largest pharmaceutical laboratories and white-label wellness professionals.

The values that drive them

Innobiz et la diffusion


Essential oils are both strong and delicate. Their research and development team develops diffusion methods to maximize their benefits. From the simplest to the most high-tech, they master all the diffusion technologies to effectively meet your well-being needs.


Doing good is their mission at Innobiz. Add beauty to it too. Aromatherapy inspires them. It is sensory in essence. Their designers design each diffuser with the utmost care. Their signature: clean and elegant lines, intelligent shapes adapted to each type of use.


Nature offers us extraordinary resources. Their mission is to make them accessible to all, thanks to aromatherapy. They develop essential oil diffusers that are both technical and efficient, but always simple and intuitive, so that we can enjoy the best of nature in a few simple steps. 


They work every day to reduce our environmental impact. They choose noble and durable materials (wood, ceramic, aluminum). They ensure maximum reparability of their diffusers. They guarantee the availability of spare parts in the long term. They create second life packaging...

Innobiz - expert en diffusion d'huiles essentielles

Their expertise

European leader in the diffusion of essential oils, they put their technical excellence at the service of well-being professionals. Laboratories, pharmacies, resellers, wholesalers, e-commerce sites, therapists, health care institutions and training organizations: They have set up a 5-star service for us. Whether a retailer wants to create a complete aromatherapy line in their own colors or simply distribute their solutions...

Detecting the markets of the future is the heart of Innobiz's activity. An expertise that allows them to create and design unique objects in our colors.

They manage for us the entire chain from design to production, from regulatory controls to delivery to the point of sale.

Their expertise in the manufacture of diffusers is the most recognized on the market but it is not limited to that. 

Innobiz et la diffusion


For nearly 20 years, they have specialized in aromatherapy. And they team up with pharmacists who are experts in aromatherapy. They also work with a network of producers of the highest quality essential oils in their region. They share their knowledge in white papers available to all online. For all of us, it's the guarantee of benefiting from the expertise of a trusted partner.

A passion for technology

For nearly 20 years, they have been passionate about technology. They master all the methods of diffusion of essential oils. And their research and development team works hard to innovate. An example? The development of ultra-nebulization, an exclusive diffusion method that preserves the properties of essential oils and optimizes each drop diffused. For all of us, this is the guarantee of finding the technology that best meets our needs.


They work on a white label basis for many wellness professionals. Their flexibility and reactivity are the preferred qualities of their partners. For them (and maybe for you tomorrow!), they create diffusers in their image. They make available their catalog of diffusers to freely compose their own aromatherapy offer. For all of us, it is the promise of a quality accompaniment to create its ranges of well-being.

Innobiz, la distribution de leurs produits

The professionalism of distribution

hey have developed all the services required to meet the needs of professionals. Fast delivery times, after-sales service included, no minimum order, educational leaflets and communication kit for each diffuser. Yes, making aromatherapy accessible to all means first of all simplifying our lives. For all of us, it is the comfort of working with a partner who is always at our service.

The legislation

Obviously their essential oil diffusers are designed in compliance with the legislation and regulations in force.

- The CE standard (European conformity of the product to the legislations as regards health, safety, output and environmental protection).

- The EMC directive (no electromagnetic pollution).

- The WEEE regulation (collection, depollution and dismantling of waste electrical and electronic equipment).

- The Rohs directive (eliminating the use of hazardous substances in the production process).

For all of us, it is the guarantee to offer high quality diffusers.

Innobiz aime la nature

Innobiz products at Penn'Ty Bio

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