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Organic maintenance products for WCs, toilets, drains and septic tanks : a respectful approach

When it comes to maintaining our WCs, toilets, drains and septic tanks, we want effective solutions that protect the environment and our health. That's why the Penn'Ty Bio online shop offers an exclusive selection of specific, certified organic cleaning products to meet these particular needs.

Our WC and toilet cleaning products are formulated from natural ingredients, without harsh chemicals. These biodegradable, non-toxic cleaners effectively remove dirt and stains while leaving a fresh feeling. They are designed to respect the sensitivity of surfaces and are suitable for regular use.

Maintaining our pipes and septic tanks is essential to avoid problems with blockages and unpleasant odours. Penn'Ty Bio's specific products use natural enzymes to break down organic residues and grease, restoring the smooth flow of wastewater. These organic products are non-toxic to the beneficial micro-organisms present in septic tanks, preserving their optimal functioning.

The benefits of these specific organic cleaning products don't stop there. By using these natural alternatives, you reduce the impact on the environment by avoiding the accumulation of toxic chemicals in waste water, which can harm aquatic fauna and flora. What's more, you're creating a healthier environment inside your home by avoiding the release of potentially harmful chemicals.

Choosing specific organic cleaning products from the Penn'Ty Bio online shop is an eco-responsible decision that combines effectiveness, respect for the environment and health. Opt for these ecological solutions to maintain your WCs, toilets, drains and septic tanks, and play an active part in preserving our precious ecosystem. Do your bit for a cleaner future by incorporating these organic products into your household cleaning routine today !

Detartant toilet - 750 ml - Arcyvert

WC descaling gel - 750 ml

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Delivery expected from 07/26/2024

Arcyvert WC gel is a 3-in-1 cleaning gel for the maintenance of sanitary facilities, pipes and septic tanks. Thanks to its gel texture which allows prolonged contact with the bowl, it descales and deodorizes toilets, leaving a fresh and pleasant smell. Voted best ECO 2021 product. 750 ml bottle.

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plus-produit.pngKEY POINTS TO REMEMBER

case-a-cocher.jpgThoroughly cleans and purifies the toilet bowl
case-a-cocher.jpgLeaves a pleasant fresh scent
case-a-cocher.jpgUnique enzyme-based formulation
case-a-cocher.jpgCertified by Ecocert

Presentation of Arcyvert WC gel

Arcyvert toilet gel

Arcyvert WC Descaling Gel is a product specifically developed for cleaning and descaling toilets. Thanks to its gel texture which allows prolonged contact with the bowl, it cleans, descales and deodorizes toilets, leaving a fresh and pleasant smell. The enzymes it contains allow deep cleaning of the bowl by eliminating biofilm and maintenance of the pipes thanks to the cellulase which degrades the fibers in an accelerated way to avoid blockages. Safe for septic tanks, this product allows regular maintenance of your toilets. Its micro-organisms contribute to the proper functioning of sanitation pits and equipment.

And in addition, this toilet gel was voted best product of the year 2021 by a consumer jury.

All the enzymes involved in the Arcyvert formula are produced naturally and without GMOs. The enzymes it contains contribute to the proper functioning of septic tanks and sanitation equipment.

Benefits of Arcyvert WC Gel

+ Removes tartar
+ Deeply cleans and sanitizes the toilet bowl by eliminating biofilm
+ Maintains the pipes thanks to the cellulase which degrades the fibers in an accelerated way to avoid blockages
+ Deodorizes
+ Can be used daily in the bowl
+ Leaves toilets clean, shiny and smelling fresh and pleasant
+ Practical thanks to its directional spout
+ Suitable for septic tanks
+ Certified by Ecocert
+ Product not tested on animals
+ Developed product, made in France

 There is life in Arcyvert

Active ingredients : pure and natural enzymes

What are enzymes ? These are proteins that speed up reactions between molecules.

Active ingredients: natural enzymes

Are they living organisms, like bacteria ? No, they are not living organisms but they are produced by living micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi or yeasts.

What's it point ? Enzymes are found everywhere in Nature: it is thanks to them that reactions between molecules occur, they are responsible for more than 5,000 reactions in the cell. They accelerate most reactions by a factor of more than 1,000. They are essential for cell life, digestion, cell energy, muscle contraction, respiration, etc. For example, in ruminants, gut bacteria produce an enzyme, cellulase, which digests plant cellulose.

Another example, certain diseases such as gout or phenylketonuria are caused by the absence or malfunction of an enzyme in the body.

What are their advantages ? Enzymes have 4 properties that make them essential players in the ecosystem for life.

1 - A catalytic property : An enzyme accelerates a chemical reaction and is found intact at the end of the reaction. We talk about biocatalyst to recall the fact that an enzyme is made by a living organism.

2 - Action at low concentration A very small quantity of enzyme in the medium is enough to catalyze the reaction.

3 - A very fast action. An enzymatic reaction takes one thousandth of a second. One of the most effective enzymes known to date in Nature, involved in the synthesis of the basic elements of DNA and RNA, makes it possible to accelerate this reaction which takes place in 18 milliseconds rather than in 78 millions of years!

4 - A natural action: An action under the conditions of life on earth (temperature, pressure, acidity, etc.), thus limiting the need for additional energy for the reaction to occur. 

Toilets, a veritable nest of germs

Did you know that a person goes to the bathroom on average 4 to 7 times a day? Multiply by the number of people in the household, this will give you how often that room is used on a daily basis. If they are not cleaned, or badly, the toilets can become a veritable nest for germs and bacteria. It is therefore essential to devote some time to it.

If regularly brushing the bowl with a brush or cleaning the toilet seat must be part of the inevitable maintenance routine, the use of a product to descaling, descaling, disinfecting and deodorizing should not be neglected. This will necessarily increase the durability of your toilet bowls. And to do this, we invite you to choose an ecological product. Conventional chemical solutions contain a quantity of ingredients harmful to the ecosystem. Phosphonates, surfactants, synthetic fragrances, allergens or endocrine disruptors, toxic substances are numerous and should be banned permanently.

Why are these enzyme-based products so new ?

First of all, they act in a completely different way. Conventional chemicals will act through a corrosive effect. By simply picking up the dirt in order to drag it into the rinsing water. More cleverly, enzymes break down dirt by digesting and breaking it down. Cellulases will, for example, destroy the fibers of paper, and lipases will solubilize fats.

They are neither corrosive nor irritating, unlike synthetic chemical compounds. They are also biodegradable and have no toxic effect for the user, fauna and flora.


Usage tips

Apply a small amount of Arcyvert WC gel on all the edges and in the toilet bowl, then leave to act for 5 minutes and rub if necessary before rinsing with clear water by flushing the toilet.

Note : in the event of a very high degree of dirt or tartar, the action may be prolonged up to 15-20 minutes or repeat the operation after the final rinse. Regular maintenance possible, without any danger for septic tanks.

Respect the precautions for use. Do not mix ARCYVERT GEL WC with other cleaning products. To reduce the environmental impact, respect the recommended doses of use.

Video presentation of Arcyvert WC Gel


Composition of the toilet descaling gel

> 30% water; < 5% acidity corrector, non-ionic surfactants, sequestrants, enzymes of natural origin, bacillus, preservative, coloring, viscosity, perfumes. Allergens: Limonene.

98.9% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.


750 ml bottle with adapted spout and child safety device.


Eco-detergent based on organic ingredients certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Ecocert standard.

We answer your questions

▼ Is this toilet descaling gel compatible with my micro-station which treats my waste water (grey and black) ?
Yes, as with all other types of home wastewater treatment systems, we certify that this product is compatible with a micro-station. 
▼ Can you tell me the nature of the preservative in this toilet gel and if it has a fragrance ?
Yes, there is a fragrance, it's an essential oil of mint. Unlike some other products, this one is 'just right', in other words, not too strong. This was particularly appreciated when the product was voted best ECO product 2021 by 100 consumer testers. As for the preservatives: we use those authorised by the ECOCERT standard, which are harmless to the user and his or her environment, namely potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate. So we're not using the much more harmful preservatives such as methylisothiazolinone or phenoxyethanol, for example.

Environmental characteristics

Essential to life, enzymes are naturally present in humans (saliva, stomach, intestine) and in any other living being; plants, animals and micro-organisms. Natural, non-corrosive and non-irritating unlike synthetic chemical compounds. They are also biodegradable and have no toxic effect for the user, the environment, the fauna and flora.

Their operation is just as much an ally of nature. Each enzyme is specific to the soils for which they are intended. This targeted action therefore does not lead to any other adverse effects or source of additional pollution. A real revolution that is healthy, efficient and a vector of ecological transition in the world of maintenance.

These enzymes also play an important role in the current health context which requires the daily use of powerful chemical detergents and disinfectants. Although necessary and indispensable, these products contribute in spite of themselves to increasing our exposure to chemical agents. Enzymatic household products thus make it possible to reduce this chemical pressure in our surroundings and our living spaces.

Precautions for use

Attention. Causes skin irritation and serious eye damage. Keep out of reach of children. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. In case of eye contact, flush cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if the victim wears them and if they can be easily removed. Continue rinsing. If swallowed, call a poison control center or doctor immediately. Allergen: contains Limonene.

Arcyvert, 35 years of know-how, a pioneer in ecological maintenance

Logo ArcyvertFounder Daniel Mauban began in 1979 to design cleaning products, first for septic tanks and then for sanitary facilities, based on active principles that respect the environment. Precursor of an ecological offer on cleaning products, ARCYVERT is created. This is the start of the "septic tanks - pipes" range, the formulations of which remain unchanged to this day.

The range was then extended to household cleaning products, with the birth of organic store networks in France. Working hand in hand with the organic circuit, the company has continued to grow by developing new products closer to consumer needs, while remaining on a human scale.

Today the torch has passed to the next generation: Thierry Mauban thus perpetuates the values of the family company and social commitment, in particular with the Specialized Establishment for Work Assistance (ESAT), Les Ateliers de L'Espoir in Rennes (35), for packaging.

Labels / certifications
Labels / certifications
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750 ml

Specific references


Safety Data Sheet

FDS WC descaling gel - 750 ml - Arcyvert

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Très bien

Je recommande vivement les produits de cette marque Arcyvert

Penntybio .

Réponse de Penn'Ty Bio

Bonjour Clo,
Nous sommes désolés que ce produit n'ait pas répondu à vos attentes. Ce Gel détartrant est à utiliser en entretien régulier contre la formation de tartre. Si votre cuvette est déjà entartrée, nous vous conseillons de faire un traitement choc avec les Tablettes WC détartrantes effervescentes également de la marque Arcyvert. En 1 ou 2 traitement, vous retrouverez une cuvette toute belle et pourrez ensuite continuer l'entretien régulier avec le Gel détartrant.
Penn'Ty Bio


Pas efficace du tout

Je suis très déçue par ce produit qui, après deux mois d'utilisation, n'est absolument pas efficace contre le tartre. Depuis que je l'utilise, j'ai toujours du mal à nettoyer le fond des WC qui a du mal à rester blanc.



Aussi efficace que les tablettes


Très efficace

Parfait pour l'entretien courant des toilettes : propreté, brillance, bonne odeur discrète sont au rendez-vous. Mais tous les produits Arcy Vert sont super !!!

Gaël C.


Un gel détartrant qui fait son travail. Une odeur fraiche et agréable (comme dans la description du prodtui). Penntybio, parfait sur l'envoi soigné et rapide. Un très bon conseiller en plus. Je suis heureux :)

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WC descaling gel - 750 ml

Arcyvert WC gel is a 3-in-1 cleaning gel for the maintenance of sanitary facilities, pipes and septic tanks. Thanks to its gel texture which allows prolonged contact with the bowl, it descales and deodorizes toilets, leaving a fresh and pleasant smell. Voted best ECO 2021 product. 750 ml bottle.

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