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Solid hand dish without fragrance sensitive skins - 220 grs - green harmony

Hand dishwashing liquid without perfume for sensitive skin - 220 grs

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Thanks to its innovative formula for sensitive skins, this solid Dish Hand cleans and degreases effectively the dishes without aggressing the hands for a daily use. Bread of 220 grams.

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Gamme bio solide Harmonie Verte

For an impeccable degreasing of the dishes

This solid dishwashing detergent allows for impeccable washing and degreasing of all dishes, pans, etc.

It is specially adapted for baby dishes, the most sensitive skins, and for those who do not wish to use perfume.

Respects your skin and the planet.

Enriched with glycerin, it is perfectly suited for frequent use without harming the hands. 

It degreases and cleans dishes perfectly.

This solid dishwashing liquid is formulated only on a vegetable base, with selected ultra-degreasing washing agents. It does not contain any ethoxylated surfactant, nor Lauryl ether sulfate, nor synthetic dye. Moreover, you will find no perfume, no allergens and no preservatives. Really perfect and adapted for sensitive skins. 

Advantages of hand dishwashing detergent

+ Cleans and degreases dishes effectively

+ Innovative formula for sensitive skin = does not irritate hands

+ No allergens, no perfume, no essential oil, no preservatives, no lauryl ether sulfate, no EDTA, no TAED

+ Very concentrated product

+ Enriched with glycerin, perfectly suited for frequent use without harming the hands

+ Recyclable cardboard packaging

+ Not tested on animals

+ Base of vegetable and mineral origin exclusively

+ Certified by ECOCERT

+ Developed and manufactured in the south of France

What is the solid dishwashing product ?

Shampooing solide développé et fabriqué en France

Just like its liquid counterpart that we have always known, the solid dishwashing product aims to clean your daily dishes. The difference is that it comes in the form of a bar of soap. The advantages are numerous :

1 - Very effective : Yes. the solid dishwashing product is just as effective as washing up liquid, or even more! As there is almost no water in this solid product, the concentration of active ingredients is much stronger. Compared to the liquid version, you will find in this solid dishwashing product as much foam and scent.

2 - A healthy product : Harmonie Verte has long been committed to working with the most natural formulas possible. The selected washing agents are ultra-degreasing and its formula is only on vegetable base. It does not contain any ethoxylated surfactant, nor Lauryl ether sulfate, nor synthetic dye. It also does not contain any petrochemicals that are often used in this type of product.

3 - More economical : If the purchase price seems a little higher than a classic dishwashing liquid, you will quickly make savings over time because a dishwashing liquid lasts much longer. In comparison, 1 dishwashing liquid of 220 grs = 4 dishwashing liquids of 250 ml

4 - More ecological : Using a solid dishwashing product is an ecological act. The manufacture of solid products reduces the impact on the environment by using recyclable cardboard packaging and reducing water consumption. You contribute to reduce the use of plastic (bottle) and thus participate in reducing the amount of waste related to your consumption. It is a real commitment to preserve the planet.

5 - Ease of transport : Solid products are easy and convenient to transport. They are small and light, perfect for travelling with you! Carrying a bottle of dishwashing liquid in your luggage is always a challenge. And, if you're flying, there's the issue of how much liquid you can carry. With a solid dishwashing liquid, you won't have this problem. All you need is a soap box to carry your product without fear. Imagine the convenience of taking a solid dishwashing product on a camping or hiking trip :) 

Usage tips

Rub your moistened sponge on your dishwasher. Rinse with clear, cold or warm water. After use, rinse well and dry your hands. Let the soap dry between 2 uses on a perforated support. 

Its composition

Contains among other ingredients :
More than 30%: Certified organic soap*.
From 5% to 15% : Anionic surface agent, Non-ionic surface agent.
Also contains : Water, Glycerin*, Sodium bicarbonate, Vegetable oil, Salt, Sequestering agent.
* Ingredients from organic farming
68% of the ingredients are from Organic Agriculture
99,9% of the ingredients are of natural origin 


Ecodetergent based on organic ingredients certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Ecocert standard. 


Bread 220 grs. Packaged in a 100% recyclable cardboard box that contains at least 90% recycled fibers. 

Advice and remarks

Variations in color may occur from one batch to another. This is due to the natural origin of the raw materials used and does not alter the qualities and effectiveness of the product. In order to save water and energy while washing efficiently, immerse the dishes instead of washing them with the tap and respect the recommended doses of products. An effective wash does not require a large amount of foam. 

Precautions for use

CAUTION: Causes severe eye irritation. Keep out of reach of children. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Contains : D-Glucopyranose, olimogers, decyl cotyl glycosides (CAS N°68515-73-1) II D-Glucopyranose, oligomeric, C10-16 alkyl glycosides (CAS N° 110615-47-9). In case of contact with eyes: rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if worn and if they can be easily removed. Continue rinsing.

Learn more about ethoxylated surfactants

Accédez à notre dossier sur les tensios-actifs éthoxylés

This product does not contain ethoxylated surfactants. To fully understand what it is, please consult our thematic file on this subject.

Learn more about the Harmonie Verte brand

En savoir plus sur la marque Harmonie Verte

Harmonie Verte is a range developed and manufactured in France in collaboration with Laboratoire Gravier.

Harmonie Verte is a brand of household cleaning products formulated and created to provide consumers with products that are highly demanding in terms of ecology. In this approach, it offers the first "safe" range with 0% preservatives and 0% allergens.

Harmonie Verte offers products to take care of your home, but also linen and dishes. 

Harmonie Verte is since its inception at the origin of major innovations that allow it to meet a level of requirement stated by the strictest specifications existing for organic and natural products, to find the pleasures of housekeeping in all serenity. 

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Hand dishwashing liquid without perfume for sensitive skin - 220 grs

Thanks to its innovative formula for sensitive skins, this solid Dish Hand cleans and degreases effectively the dishes without aggressing the hands for a daily use. Bread of 220 grams.

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