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Operation and maintenance of a mistizer

These models are increasingly in vogue. They are also referred to as hybrid devices as they allow both essential oils and water vapour (which will humidify your atmosphere a little too dry).


Description of our heaters

Brumisateur Modèle VenusThe noisy ones we market operate on the same principle: ultrasound. The frequency is calibrated so as not to interfere with pets.

Very simple to use because it is enough to pour water into the receptacle and plug in.
As soon as the fountain is plugged in, it will produce a fine mist that completely covers the vessel. This mist will gently overflow through the breaths of air. our heaters are equipped with diodes with various changing and powerful colors that allow to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. These warm lights will be even more fascinating in a semi-black thus highlighting the volutes of mist.

Thanks to the innovative splash protection valve, you will not find traces of moisture on your surrounding furniture. The nobility system is made of ceramic to have an excellent life. Thanks to the water level sensor, your noisy fountain will stop by itself in the event of a lack of water. So you can breathe a less dry and healthier air because less loaded in dust.

By pouring a few drops of essential oils (3-4 drops) into the tank, you can create different atmospheres according to your moods of the moment. Attention on this point, many people think they can make the real diffusion of essential oils with this type of device. It's noisy and not a broadcaster. A few drops can be added to scent the room but be careful not to fill the essential oil receptacle as a microdiffusion diffuser. You would quickly crush the quartz used to create the mist.


A little technique on the principle of ultra-sound diffusers

The ultrasound is a sound but has a frequency of more than 20 khz and cannot be audible by the human ear (too acute).
Under the excitement of a sinusoidal signal applied to piezo-electric ceramics, they deform themselves by contracting, thus transforming an electric wave into a mechanical vibration. This vibration is torn to the surface of the water molecules (and the essential oils that you add to it) and spray them, thus creating what is called a dry mist.

The dimension of these "drops" will depend on the frequency of the device and the characteristics of the fluid (density, viscosity, surface tension). The higher the frequency and the finer the droplets. The high frequency of our devices allows a very light mist.


Water: the most important point

Brumisateur Modèle Lénéa

1 - Always use water mineralized : the water of the faucet fits very well or the source water in bottle in the case of a very limestone water. Do not use water from a softener, distilled water or mineral water, the system requiring, for good operation, a medium mineralized water. Demineralized water does not allow the flow of a current, your level detector prevents the fountain from operating.

2 - Always use perfectly clean water, change it regularly: The slightest particle of dust, hair.. can alter the proper functioning of the fountain or prevent it from working.

3 - Respect the water levels indicated: not enough water, the detector blocks the operation, too much water can alter the proper functioning of the fountain or prevent it from running.


Some important rules for proper operation

Attention à bien lire ces quelques règles1 - As seen above, prefer tap water (mineralized).

2 - Do not overflow the water from the cup when filling at the risk of damage to the electronic system and its ventilation.

3 - Fill the glass cup with water as shown on the diagram provided with the appliance. The heater only works if the water level is understood between min and max markers, nor more or less. Not enough water, the detector blocks the operation, too much water can alter the proper operation of the device or prevent it from operating.

4 - The dirty water (fats, dust, hair, etc.) and the limestone water alter the heat effect. In the case of uncommon use, it is advisable to replace water for each use.

5 - Too full of essential oils hinders the proper operation of the appliance. Two to three drops are enough. Attention, this point is important, this device remains a mistizer in which a few drops of essential oils can be put. You should not use it as a classic broadcaster.


What if your device doesn't work?

Brumisateur Modèle Zénéa

In case of non-operation or dysfunction of your fountain:

We are contacted from time to time for noisy heaters that seem to be inoperative: very brief ignition and the aircraft turns off. After checking, we often find that the fountain works perfectly. Before contacting us, please:
- Unplug your device
- Clean the water detector and ceramics (and mainly if your water is limestone or if you use essential oils).
- Change the water

If the problem persists:
- Remove the water
- Put your fountain in motion without water (the detector prevents its launch)
- Fill the water tank to the sensor level
- Gradually add water to the start of the device. As soon as a few millimeters of water above the detector, the fountain has to go on.

And despite these interventions, if it still doesn't work?

If after performing all these points your fountain still does not work, please contact us so that we can take care of its repair, but be careful: The VAS only takes into account fountains with a real breakdown, not bad uses. Otherwise, the return costs of your fountain will be at your expense.


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