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How a mist-maker works and how to maintain it

These models are becoming increasingly popular. They're also known as hybrid devices because they can diffuse both essential oils and water vapour (which will humidify your atmosphere if it's a little too dry).

Description of our misters

Brumisateur Modèle VenusThe misters we sell all work on the same principle: ultrasound. The frequency is calibrated so as not to disturb pets.

They're very easy to use, as all you have to do is pour water into the receptacle and plug it in.
As soon as the fountain is plugged in, it produces a fine mist that completely covers the bowl. This mist will gently overflow as the air blows. Our fountains are equipped with diodes in a range of powerful, changing colours to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere. These warm lights will be even more fascinating in semi-darkness, highlighting the wisps of mist.

Thanks to the innovative splash guard, you won't find any traces of moisture on your surrounding furniture. The misting system is made of ceramic for excellent durability. Thanks to the water level sensor, your misting fountain will stop automatically if you run out of water. As a result, you'll be able to breathe cleaner, drier air.

By adding a few drops of essential oils (3 to 4 drops) to the reservoir, you can create different atmospheres to suit your mood. Be careful on this point, as many people think they can really diffuse essential oils with this type of device. It's a mister, not a diffuser. A few drops can be added to scent the room, but be careful not to fill the receptacle with essential oils like a microdiffusion diffuser. You'll quickly clog up the quartz used to create the mist.

A little technical background on the principle of ultrasound diffusers

Ultrasound is a sound with a frequency greater than 20 khz that cannot be heard by the human ear (too high-pitched).
When a sinusoidal signal is applied to the piezoelectric ceramics, they deform and contract, transforming an electrical wave into a mechanical vibration. This vibration will pull water molecules (and the essential oils you add to them) from the surface of the water and pulverise them, creating what is known as a dry mist.

The size of these 'droplets' will depend on the frequency of the device and the characteristics of the fluid (density, viscosity, surface tension). The higher the frequency, the finer the droplets. The high frequency of our equipment produces a very light mist.

Water : the most important factor

Brumisateur Modèle Lénéa

1 - Always use mineralised water : tap water is fine, or bottled spring water for very hard water. Do not use water from a softener, distilled water or mineral water, as the system requires moderately mineralised water to work properly. Demineralised water will not allow a current to circulate and your level detector will prevent the fountain from working.

2 - Always use perfectly clean water and change it regularly: The slightest particle of dust, hair, etc. can affect the fountain's operation or prevent it from working.

3 - Always respect the indicated water levels: too little water will block the detector, too much water can alter the fountain's operation or prevent it from working.

A few important rules to ensure it works properly

Attention à bien lire ces quelques règles1 - As mentioned above, use tap water (mineralised).

2 - Do not overflow the water in the cup when filling, as this could damage the electronic system and its ventilation.

3 - Fill the glass dish with water as shown in the diagram supplied with the appliance. The atomiser will only work if the water level is between the min and max marks, no more and no less. If there is not enough water, the sensor will block operation. If there is too much water, the unit may not work properly or at all.

4 - Dirty water (grease, dust, hair, etc.) and hard water alter the misting effect. In the case of infrequent use, it is advisable to replace the water every time you use it.

5 - Too much essential oil will interfere with the unit's operation. 2 to 3 drops are enough. Please note that this is an important point, as this device is still a mister in which a few drops of essential oils can be added. It should not be used as a conventional diffuser.

What should I do if my appliance stops working ?

Brumisateur Modèle Zénéa

If your fountain doesn't work or malfunctions :

From time to time, we are contacted about fountains that seem to be out of order: they light up briefly and then go out. After checking, we often find that the fountain is working perfectly. Before contacting us, please
- Unplug your appliance
- Clean the water sensor and the ceramic (especially if your water is hard or if you use essential oils).
- Change the water

If the problem persists :
- Remove the water
- Start your fountain without water (the detector prevents it from starting)
- Fill the tray with water up to the level of the detector
- Gradually add water until the appliance starts up. As soon as a few millimetres of water are above the detector, the fountain should start up.

What if it still doesn't work ?

If, after all these steps, your fountain still doesn't work, please contact us so that we can arrange for it to be repaired. Please note, however, that our after-sales service only deals with fountains that have actually broken down, not those that have been misused. Otherwise, the cost of returning your cooler will be at your expense.

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