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Insect repellent VS insect barrier

Insect barriers

An insect barrier is generally an insecticide based on pyrethrin or pyrethroid derivatives (deltamethrin, for example). Its main role is to kill all insects that land on it (crawling or flying), but it can also have a repellent action on certain insects such as mosquitoes (repellent effect with a deterrent effect at a distance : airborne insecticide microparticles).

Depending on the surface on which it is applied, it can be effective from a few days to a few weeks (up to 6 months for impregnated clothing or mosquito nets).

These products are effective. But even if they have a repellent action, they are above all insecticides that won't make the difference between a mosquito and a ladybird. So be careful when using them !

Insect repellents

Unlike insect barriers, insect repellents have no insecticidal action, simply repelling insects from the treated surface.

Synthetic products mainly include : DMP, EHD, IR3535, DEET, KBR 3023

They are generally used as body repellents, providing protection for a few hours, but can also be used to treat fabrics or mosquito nets (DEET).

There are also natural repellents made from essential oils (citronella, lavender, cedar, eucalyptus, pine, etc.). The effectiveness of these products obviously depends on their composition, but above all on the concentration of the active ingredient.

Effectiveness of insect repellents : Whatever product you use (insect barrier, insect repellent, synthetic or natural), you won't be able to prevent insects from entering a home with open French windows by treating only the window frames. The repellency of these products rarely exceeds a few dozen centimetres.

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