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Degreasing oven, insert and barbecue - 500ml - Ecodoo

Degreasing oven, insert and barbecue - 500 ml - Ecodoo

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The degreasing oven, insert, and barbecue Ecodoo quickly dissolves fats, soot and tar with daunting efficiency. You can't get away with it! Flacon spray of 500ml.

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Delivery expected from 09/30/2022

Nettoyer une vitre d'insert avec le dégraissant Ecodoo

Here's one. ecological product who's going to make you really a daily service. Its efficiency will be dreadful to dissolve fats, suies and tars from your oven, insert, wood stove or even barbecue.

Spray, let it take a few minutes and rinse. It's as simple as that!


The + of this degreasing
+ Quickly dissolve fats, suies, tarps and inserts
+ Does not contain ammonia, caustic soda, or strong acids
+ No bad odors like other degreasing trade.
+ Suitable for septic tanks
+ Not tested on animals
+ Made in France

Instructions for use
- Unlock child protection before each use, press on each side of the protection and push down
- Strongly press the trigger to remove the protective cache before first use
- Act before each use
- Spray on the surface to be cleaned:

For windows and inserts :let act for several minutes, wipe with a wipe and shine with a soft cloth

For barbecue or oven grills :Spray and allow for a few minutes, rub with the hard brush and rinse with hot water.
- do not spray on plastics, aluminium, wood, painted surfaces, formica and any support against indicated by the manufacturer to alkaline products.
- to reduce environmental impact, respect recommended doses of use.


Nettoyer sa grille de barbecue avec le dégraissant Ecodoo

Certification:Ecocert Greenlife certified organic ingredients based on Ecocert Ecocert repository


Our opinion:Tested on vitroceramic plates but also for the fryer, this degreasing has worked very well. Its concentrated formula allows to dissolve and eliminate fat quickly. It's a heart attack!

Composition of degreasing oven, insert and barbecue Ecodoo
✱ 30% water, 5-15% potassium hydroxide, * 0.11% of total ingredients are from Organic Agriculture
99.93% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.

Packaging: Flacon of 500 ml in PE with cap: Spraysol with childproof protective closure; Touch triangle of danger.


Precautions of employment
Contains: POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE. Causes skin and severe eye damage. If a doctor is consulted, keep the container or label available. Keep out of reach of children. Carry protective gloves/protection clothing/eye/face protection equipment. In case of ingestion, rinse the mouth. Don't throw up. WITH THE SKIN (or hair): immediately remove contaminated clothing. Rinse the skin with water/shower. Avoid contact with the eyes. WITH THE YES, rinse carefully with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if the victim in the door and if they can be easily removed. Keep rinsing. Call an ANTIPOISON CENTRE or a doctor immediately. Don't interfere. In case of ingestion: call a poison centre or a doctor. Eliminate content/recipient in a registered disposal centre in accordance with local regulations.


The brand Ecodoo commits itself to Man and the Environment

- Reduced environmental impact
- Active principles of plant and/or mineral origin
- Biodegradable raw materials
- No oil derivative and no synthetic dyes
- Products conforming to ECOCERT-controlled "green detergents" repository
- Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes
- Recyclable packaging, reuse of packagings, no overpacking
- Made in France: local employment, reduced transport.

Economic :
- Concentrated formulas: less water and more active ingredients
- Economic containers and recharges
- Multifunction products: a basic function and complementary functions
- Containers and caps suitable for a dose just without overconsumption

- Concentrated or ultra-centered formulas for optimal efficiency
- Health-friendly formulas
- Effectiveness of use comparable to conventional products
- Traceability of raw materials for a quality guarantee.

Labels / certifications
eco-design, economic and efficient
Labels / certifications
500 ml
Type of surface
Glass / glazing
Type of surface
Ideal for

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Très bien

Produit dégraissant ultra bien. Nikel pour ma grille de barbecue. Livré en un temps record. Merci à vous.

Math L

Très efficace

Je l'utilise fréquemment pour mon four et ma vitre de poêle à bois. Il dégraisse vraiment bien.



Très satisfaite du produit depuis plusieurs années


excellent produit

Très efficace et pas uniquement pour le four, sur les plaques vitrocéramique aussi. ça fait quelques années que je l'utilise. J'avais testé d'autres marques mais je reviens à chaque fois sur celui là

Isabelle Agguini


Très efficace





Le meilleure dégraissant

Le top du top, j avais acheté un exemplaire pour le tester et j'en ai racheté 4 après. Je recommande vivement ce produit, j'ai récupéré un mini four d'occasion que j'avais acheté pour dépanner que je garde finalement. Ce produit agir rapidement. Par ailleurs, je recommande vivement ce site, tout est parfait, expédition rapide, bien emballé, le top aussi, merci à vous.


Très bien

Bluffant ! Nettoie super bien ma vitre de poêle à bois.

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Degreasing oven, insert and barbecue - 500 ml - Ecodoo

The degreasing oven, insert, and barbecue Ecodoo quickly dissolves fats, soot and tar with daunting efficiency. You can't get away with it! Flacon spray of 500ml.

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