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Content of our Discovery Pack

Discovery Package

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Thanks to the Penn'Ty Kit Discovery, dive into the world of aromatherapy. An original gift to make yourself or to offer. Pack including 15 products.

This pack contains

Our 7 bottles of organic essential oils

Offer n°1 diffusion organic essential oils

x 1
Synergy diffusion offer

Synergy diffusion offer

x 1
Practical guide to essential oils of doctor nadine perreaut

Practical Guide to Essential Oils

x 1
White clay mini galet independent diffuser - decor leaves

Self-contained mini pebble white clay diffuser - Leaves decor

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The idea is that you can discover the fundamental essential oils of practical aromatherapy. Thus, you can discover their scent and their properties in peace.

This pack is composed of 7 common essential oils of 10 ml, 5 synergies of ready-to-use essential oils of 10 ml, a mini diffuser in white clay and a practical guide on essential oils, for a total of 14 products.

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1 - The 7 essential oils
- Lemon : These properties are known to all and widely used in cleaning products. So don't hesitate to diffuse it regularly for air purification. It is also a good pick-me-up in case of fatigue.

- Lemongrass : Its main property is to repel mosquitoes, but it also cleans the air.

- Eucalyptus globulus :  Refreshing like the air, it will clarify ideas and promote intellectual concentration. Antimicrobial, antibacterial. To be used moderately in diffusion. Preferably use eucalyptus radiata.

- Lavandin super : It promotes relaxation and sleep, calms anxious minds, and will relieve your insomnia problems. Hypotensive, antipasmodic, perfumes the ambient air.

- Sweet Orange : Calming and sedating.

- Cineole rosemary : This is a wonderful aroma to diffuse for studying or focusing on solving complex problems. Anti-infective.

- Exotic Verbena : Interesting in the case of nervousness but also to give a little tone to a tired person. Calming, sedative.

Essential oils from organic farming, reconditioned by Penn'ty Bio.

To find out more about these essential oils, go to the detailed sheet


2 - The 5 synergies of essential oils
These 5 bottles of 10 ml will allow you to diffuse different perfumes for hours and to choose the most appropriate synergy according to the moment or the events.

- Sweetness of winter : This mixture of organic essential oils Sweetness of winter is composed of sweet Orange and Cinnamon of Ceylon. It will have its place in your daily life to create a comforting and festive atmosphere but also to purify the surrounding air.

- In the heart of the orange grove : In the heart of the Orange grove is a synergy with the scents of Lemon, Sweet Orange, Mandarin and Field Mint. A blend of organic essential oils for all lovers of perfumes with warm and fruity notes!

Excursion in the forest : The mixture of essential oils Bio Excursion in the Forest is an invitation to woody and resinous scents. Composed of Eucalyptus globulus, Myrtle, turpentine, Atlas cedar, Clove and Field mint, this synergy oxygenates your lungs and cleanses your home.

- Provence : All the scrubland at your doorstep with this blend of Lavender, Super Lavandin, Pine and Rosemary.

Herbalist's Secret : This blend of organic essential oils Secret d'herboriste is composed of Officinal Rosemary, Spike Lavender, Sage with Lavender Leaves and Wild Marjoram. It will be particularly effective in clearing the respiratory tract and disinfecting the ambient air.

Compositions of essential oils from organic farming, reconditioned by the company Penn'ty Bio.

To find out more about these essential oils, go to the detailed sheet


3 - Mini-pebble white clay diffuser
White clay diffuser, delivered in a beautiful brushed aluminum box. Diameter: 4cm

Its use is very simple since you just have to remove the lid of the box and pour about ten drops of essential oils of your choice on the porous pebble. Instead of essential oils, you can also use any type of perfume without the risk of damaging the diffuser.

It is easily and freely refillable and you can put it anywhere you want to diffuse an aroma: office, hotel, car, campsite, etc.

To find out more about these essential oils, go to the detailed sheet


4 - The practical guide to essential oils
This practical guide is certainly the first reference reading for discovering aromatherapy. It will familiarize you with a basic range of 40 commonly used essential oils that prove valuable. It also offers a selection of aromatic hydrosols and vegetable oils.

Simple and intuitive to use and affordable and fun to write, it will soon be your first reflex to the little ailments of everyday life.

To find out more about these essential oils, go to the detailed sheet

N.B : If this Penn'Ty Kit is not currently available for purchase, it means that one product (or more) is missing and is being restocked. Once this (these) product(s) is back in stock, adding to cart will become available again.


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Discovery Package

Thanks to the Penn'Ty Kit Discovery, dive into the world of aromatherapy. An original gift to make yourself or to offer. Pack including 15 products.

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