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After-shampoing care detangling and nourishing Agrums - 70gr - Lamazuna

Detangling and nourishing care conditioner Citrus - 74 ml - Lamazuna

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This solid conditioner detangles, nourishes and adds shine to all hair types. Special mention for your curls which will be redesigned as desired! 100% of natural origin, it is certified COSMOS Organic and glides on your hair on its own. With its citrus and basil notes, it's a real pleasure in the shower and an impression of leaving the hairdresser after it!

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Après shampooing solide bio LamazunaLamazuna continues to innovate by offering this time after-shampoo solid! this post-shampooing can be used on all hair types and it is suitable for both women and men. its sweet smell of vanilla is particularly pleasant. The solid post-shampoing facilitates hair styling, intensely nourishes the hair and brings them a real silky touch! its shape has been imagined for a perfect grip and easy application.

All its ingredients are 100% of natural origin and it is certified organic cosmos organic ! You will love its exotic fragrance and your hair soft after the treatment! does not contain essential oil, it is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Use this solid post-shampoing avoids a lot of plastic bottles and all its ingredients are 100% natural! As for its packaging, it is made of 100% recycled cardboard and printed in vegetable ink. so it can be composted without asking the question. a zero-waste approach that is the spear of the brand Lamazuna since his creation.


The + of this solid post-shampooing
+detangles, nourishes and shines all hair types
+contains a 100% organic capillary conditioner (betterave/colza)
+ without laying time
+ shine and flexibility thanks to organic shea butter
+ softness and shine thanks to organic corn starch
+adapted for one daily use
+ without essential oil: perfect for pregnant or breastfeeding women
+ without quaternary ammonium
+ fragrance notes of citrus and basil
+a wide and flat shape for a perfect grip
+ certified organic cosmos organic formula
+ zero waste: no plastic and a 100% recycled and recyclable packaging
+ vegan
+ handmade in france


Main assets of this after solid shampoo

Actifs conditionneur capillaire, beurre de karité et huile de tournesol

The capillary bio conditioner(Archidyl/behenyl betainate esylate (and) arachidyl/behenyl alcohol)
This capillary conditioner is 100% biosoured, from sugar beet and rapeseed and made in france. It is used for its detangling action and the soft touch it leaves on the hair! Moreover, it effectively sheaths damaged or chemically treated hair and reduces their porosity, which helps to maintain hydration, softness and shine. this capillary conditioner is not irritating and very respectful of the natural balance of the skin. It has a volumizing effect on fine and flat hair but also fortifying on brittle or forked hair. it leaves the hair very soft, with a sensation of nourished and fortified hair, and prevents hair drying and forks formation. in particular it will be very useful on dry and porous hair and hair discolored or colored, as it restores their hydrophobicity and thus protects them from drying, frizz and straw effect.

Organic shea butter (butyrospermum parkii butter)
Shea is a tree up to 15 meters high. it grows in African savannah. It is from its nuts, containing up to 50% of lipids, that the shea butter is extracted today so appreciated all over the world. Shea butter is an ideal active ingredient for skin and hair care, due to its relipidating and smoothing action. it provides protection against skin drying thanks to the presence of vitamin a. these same vitamins make your hair more supple and brighter. Shea also contains vitamin e, anti-oxidant, with anti-aging virtues. Finally, fatty acids contained in shea will allow to thoroughly moisturize the hair fiber. and which says hydrated fiber, said magnified hair. a well hydrated hair will be much more resistant, supple and especially soft, unlike dry hair.

Organic sunflower vegetable oil(helianthus annuus seed oil)
It nourishes and protects the hair while being adapted to the majority of hair typologies. we preferred it to coconut oil for its French supply. Sunflower oil is rich in active ingredients that are extremely beneficial to hair health. Among them are vitamin e, essential fatty acids, oleic acid and omega-6. Together, these components are particularly renowned to fight hair dehydration while maintaining their softness and shine.


How to use this post-shampoo ? 
Its wide and flat shape has been imagined for a perfect grip of the product and to facilitate its application!
After a shampoo, apply the after-shampoing detangling and nourishing on your hair lengths and tips, it slides alone! Don't need time to pose, but don't forget to rinse well. to extend its life, keep it dry.



Conservation: Between two uses, keep your post-shampoing on a classic soap holder or on ourloving soap carrier so that it dries properly. It will guarantee him a long life !


Ingredients inci
Helianthus annuus seed oil*, Arachidyl/behenyl alcohol*, zea mays starch, ceearyl alcohol, Arachidyl/behenyl betainate esylate, butyrospermum parkii butter*, Coco-glucoside, perfume, tocopherol, geraniol*, linalool. *.
** ingredients that allow hair removal
** ingredient from organic farming (49.3%)
natural ingredients (100)%
*** naturally present in essential oils


Back and explanations on other ingredients the component
Zea mays starch:Carbohydrates present in organic corn starch are super humectants/hydratants that gain hair fiber and bring it softness and shine.
The perfume:Full of peps and freshness to notes of citrus and basil to spend a pleasant time. made in france from molecules whose origin is a secret of manufacture.
Ceearyl alcohol & coco glucoside:Facilitates the use of the product and helps our after-shampoing to rinse effortlessly !
Tocopherol:An antioxidant of plant origin (vitamin e), avoids the rancidation of vegetable oils; contained in sunflower oil. it may seem anecdotal to you as an ingredient but it plays a great role in the durability of the product.


Certification:100% natural ingredients and certified organic cosmos organic


Dimensions and weight:After shampoo of 8 cm in diameter x 2,8 cm in height - 74 ml. packed in a biodegradable cardboard box. it is more relevant to speak in ml rather than in grams. Our solid cosmetics are all made by hand, they are cast into a mould of a certain volume, the density of our solids can vary from one lot to another because it depends on the hygrometry, heat in the room, density of the batches of raw materials. if the density varies, the weight varies while the volume, it, does not move! a question of precision, therefore:)


Employment precautions
External use only, avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. do not use in case of allergy to any of the components. it is not recommended to pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under 12 years of age.


Frequently asked questions about this after solid shampoo Lamazuna

Does the post-shampoing go into the glass jar Lamazuna ? ?
No, bio-certified post-shampoing and detangling post-shampoing do not fit into the glass pot. These are too big. :)

Does post-shampoing contain essential oils ?
No, it does not contain essential oil. However, allergens are present in the fragrance, which is why it is not recommended to pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under 12 years of age.

Is it suitable for all hair types?
The post-shampoing is suitable for all hair types. your hair frizzy or dusk will also be detangled and fed! Your buckles, they, will be redesigned to your wishes !

Should we let the post-shampoing on the hair before rinsing it?
It doesn’t need time to pose but you can take advantage of it to pass your fingers in your hair and help even more unraveling. Don’t forget to rinse well !

What is the difference with solid post-shampoing with vanilla notes ?
The major difference is the 100% biosoured conditioner present in this new post-shampoing. It is thanks to him that this post-shampoing is detangling and nourishing, while the post-shampoing with vanilla notes is a hair care complement to a shampoo. Moreover, one is with sweet vanilla notes and the other with citrus and basil. You just have to choose! :)


Lamazuna : an economic range and zero waste
Products Lamazuna are "economic". their goal: to minimize the waste in the bathroom and to make good savings !

Vegan ingredients: The ingredients of the range of solid cosmetics are 100% natural. Either it are minerals or plants, in this case they choose them labeled organic. They have also taken the lead since 2010 to offer only vegan products. reflecting every day on innovative and safe products for health and the environment, Lamazuna wishes to begin a change in the world. their products therefore contain no matter of animal origin. Moreover, the cruelty free mention attests that they are not tested on animals.

Zero waste: Without plastic, their products have no impact on the environment. packagings are compostable, as printed in plant ink and, when the finished product does not have the ability to be composted, such as toothbrush heads, a partnership with terracycle allows them to recycle them in full.

A French craftsmanship: Their products are designed and appointed to walk in their offices, with the help of their betting-based graphic designer. their solid products are then developed in the south of the france and they use French suppliers whenever possible.

Natural ingredients: They use natural and organic products. their slow cosmetic mention attests to the ethics of their products, whether in their natural formulation or in the environmental choices they make.

Biodegradable products: In addition to offering a range of solid and durable products that keep themselves alive, they have made the choice to sell their products in bulk or packed with recyclable and/or biodegradable materials to limit the environmental impact.

Labels / certifications
Slow cosmetic
Labels / certifications
Labels / certifications
74 ml
By type
After shampoo

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Detangling and nourishing care conditioner Citrus - 74 ml - Lamazuna

This solid conditioner detangles, nourishes and adds shine to all hair types. Special mention for your curls which will be redesigned as desired! 100% of natural origin, it is certified COSMOS Organic and glides on your hair on its own. With its citrus and basil notes, it's a real pleasure in the shower and an impression of leaving the hairdresser after it!

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