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Essential Package

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Enjoy the benefits of broadcasting with our Penn'Ty Essentielle Kit. An original gift to make yourself or to offer. Pack with 9 products.

This pack contains

Our 7 bottles of organic essential oils

Offer n°1 diffusion organic essential oils – Penntybio

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Cleaner for essential oil diffuser by nebulisation – 30 ml

Essential Oil Diffuser Cleaner by Nebulization – 30ml

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Diffuseur usb bulia - ultra nebulisation - 60 m2 - view 12

Bulia USB diffuser - ultra nebulization - 60 m² - Innobiz

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This pack is composed of 7 essential oils 10 ml and 10 ml currents new generation Bulia broadcaster.You will quickly enjoy your favorite aromas in most rooms of your home. The Bulia ultra nebulisation diffuser is like the best value for money in the range. You can use it for parts up to about 60 m2. Just pour a few drops of essential oils into the glassware, to enjoy their benefits.

I mean glass cleaner will allow you to maintain your broadcaster regularly.


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1 - The 7 essential oils
- Lemon: These properties are known to all and widely used in maintenance products. So don't hesitate to disseminate it regularly for air sanitation. It is also a good recovery in case of fatigue.

- Lemon: Its main property is to keep mosquitoes away, but it also allows air removal.

- Eucalyptus Globulus: Refreshing like air, she will shed light on ideas and promote intellectual concentration. Antimicrobial, antibacterial. Use moderately in diffusion. Preferably use eucalyptus radiata.
- Lavandin super : It promotes relaxation and sleep, calms anxious minds, and will relieve your insomnia problems. Hypotensive, antipasmodic, perfumes ambient air.
- Sweet Orange : Calmante and sedative.
- Cineole Romarin: It is a wonderful aroma to spread to study or focus on solving complex problems. Anti-infectant.
- Exotic glass: Interesting in the case of nervousness but also to give a little tone to a tired person. Calmante, sedative.

Essential oils 100% natural guarantees and from organic farming by the Gravier laboratory.

Essential oils of Laboratoire Gravierrepacked by Penn’ty Bio

To learn more about these essential oils, access the detailed information sheet


2 - Bulia diffuser - 60m2
The Bulia diffuser is the last born of the essential oil diffusers USB with ultra nebulisation. It allows the diffusion of oils directly from a bottle without removing the dipstick. Its technology allows the dispersion of extremely fine micro-drops in the atmosphere, thus providing all the benefits of essential oils for many hours.

To learn more about this product, access the detailed information sheet


Video of Bulia diffuser in operation :


3 - Cleaner for diffuser 30 ml
Using this cleaner regularly guarantees a long life to your diffuser by nebulization. You can use it between diffusions of 2 different essential oils to avoid odor mixtures. This cleaner is also used when essential oil dried at the bottom of a glassware (wasted too long without being used).

This cleaner for essential oil diffuser by nebulisation is reusable! In case of persistent dust or dirt, spread this mixture a quarter of an hour to allow the disposal of impurities.

To learn more about this product,


N.B.: If this Penn'Ty Kit is not available for purchase at this time, it is only a product (or several) is missing and is being restocked. Once this product(s) is returned to our stocks, the addition to the basket will be available again.


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Essential Package

Enjoy the benefits of broadcasting with our Penn'Ty Essentielle Kit. An original gift to make yourself or to offer. Pack with 9 products.

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