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10 unbreakable mosquito spirals based on pyrethre - Kapo Green

10 unbreakable pyrethrum-based mosquito coils - Kapo Vert

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Kapo Vert unbreakable mosquito coils eliminate mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes and tropical mosquitoes outside the home. These spirals are ideal for use on terraces and balconies or when hiking.

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Fight mosquitoes naturally

Spirales anti-moustiques incassables Kapo Vert

Discover the 100% natural unbreakable mosquito coils. Preventive and curative effect. Immediate action.

Unlike most mosquito coils currently available on the market, those of the Kapo Vert brand are the first completely non-toxic coils. Their support is made of wood fibres, without any chemical binder. This patented process makes it possible to have an entirely natural combustion medium, without harmful additives such as potassium nitrate.

Its active ingredient is pyrethrum dosed at 136.8 g/kg. Additional advantage, the spiral is unbreakable, which greatly facilitates its implementation. Made in France, Kapo Vert mosquito coils provide up to 5.5 hours (per coil) of protection in optimal conditions, which gives you time to fully enjoy a meal outdoors.

Parasite / Target

Mosquitoes and other flying insects.

Advantages of these mosquito coils

Spirale avec support 100% naturel et biodégradable

+ Effective on tiger and tropical mosquitoes
+ 100% natural and biodegradable support (assembly without chemical binder of wood fibers)
+ Unbreakable spirals
+ Ideal for protecting yourself from mosquitoes or any other flying insects during your summer evenings outdoorsSpiral with 100% natural and biodegradable support
+ Protection against mosquitoes for a duration of more than 5h30 hours per spiral, i.e. 55 hours of protection (x10 spirals per sachet)
+ Spirals impregnated with pyrethrum, active substance of plant origin (100% natural & biodegradable)
+ Not harmful
+ Outdoor use
+ Insecticide classified TP18 for domestic use
+ Efficacy proven in the laboratory
+ Made in France

For what use ?

These spirals are designed to be consumed outdoors due to the pyrethrum fumes released. If the use is made indoors, make sure that the place is ventilated as much as possible.

How to use these mosquito coils ?

1 - The spirals are assembled in pairs.

2 - Unfold the axis of the metal support and attach a spiral

3 - Place everything on a dish to prevent the hot ashes from burning the area where the spiral is placed.

4 - Light the end of the spiral then extinguish the flame immediately by blowing on it. Let it burn completely for optimal protection of the area. The spiral will burn up to 5:30 a.m. (in optimal conditions of use) and release a light smoke which effectively eliminates mosquitoes. A spiral protects approximately 20 m3. You can stop the combustion at any time by cutting the end of the spiral.

Comment utiliser les spirales anti-moustiques incassables Kapo Vert ?

Revolution in the world of insecticides

Kapo Vert has developed a 100% wood fiber support, without any harmful additives to allow consumption. This eliminates the risk of combustion of potassium nitrate or chlorate too often used in the combustion of this type of product (such as incense for example).

The smoke emitted to create a barrier or eliminate the pest is recognized for its effectiveness and serves to diffuse the active molecule impregnated on the support, thus offering an anti-insect product much more ecological than those currently offered on the market. Efficacy proven in the laboratory.


Its composition

Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium extract (CAS 89997-63-7): 136.8 g/kg in the impregnation solution - Product type: TP18 insecticide

Burning time

Up to 5h30 / spiral, i.e. 55 hours for the 10 spirals.

Precautions for use

Attention. Contains a preparation classified as dangerous. Very toxic to aquatic organisms, causes long lasting adverse effects. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid breathing fumes. Use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Avoid release into the environment. Call a poison control center or doctor immediately if you feel unwell. Dispose of the packaging and its contents in accordance with the national regulations in force. Soiled packaging and unused product must be disposed of in the recycling center.


Delivered in a waterproof bag containing 10 spirals of 6 grams each + a metal support.

Expiration date

2 years.

Want to know more about the mosquito ?

To learn more about mosquitoes, do not hesitate to consult our special file.



A quick word about the Kapo Vert range

découvrez la marque Starwax Soluvert

Since 1965, Kapo has been bringing serenity and well-being by protecting your home from insects.

Kapo Vert, these are anti-insect solutions with mechanical action or of vegetable, biological or mineral origin for an effective and responsible fight.

A solution adapted to each problem, with the greatest respect for the user.


Types of insects
Flying insects
Ready for employment
Application mode
A ignite
Fruit fly
Blue fly

Specific references


Data sheet and security

FDS anti-moustic spirals Kapo Green

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consommation de la spirale très rapide... 2 h 30 environ



Très bien. Utilisée sur nos dernières soirées terrasse entre amis. 1 spirale par soirée.



Assez efficace. Il faut se placer à moins d'un mètre de la spirale.

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10 unbreakable pyrethrum-based mosquito coils - Kapo Vert

Kapo Vert unbreakable mosquito coils eliminate mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes and tropical mosquitoes outside the home. These spirals are ideal for use on terraces and balconies or when hiking.

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