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What are food moths ?

Food moths are small flying insects that can become real invaders in our kitchens. Also known as food moths, they belong to the Pyralidae family and are attracted to a variety of stored foods, such as cereals, flour, dried fruit, nuts, spices and even chocolate. Food moths can become a source of frustration in our kitchens by contaminating our food and causing economic losses. By adopting simple preventive measures and acting quickly in the event of an infestation, you can keep your kitchen clean and free from these unwanted pests.


Food moths in your home ?

The food moth is a small butterfly measuring around 2 cm. You can spot them if you see them flying around as soon as you open a packet of flour, semolina or pulses. Female food moths lay their eggs directly in the packets. The caterpillars of the food moth produce silky threads that make the food unfit for consumption.

At this stage, you will need to throw out contaminated food. You can protect yourself by repackaging your food in airtight tins, jars or vacuum bags. Once the invasion has been declared, insecticide treatment is advisable. We offer several natural products to combat food moths: pyrethrum-based liquid insecticides, aerosols, sachets, traps and fumigants. Any means is good for eradicating this insect, which can really infest our food supplies.


Why use natural insecticides ?

Getting rid of food moths is one thing, but wouldn't it be even better if you could also protect your health and the environment ? Did you know that some particles of conventional insecticides remain in your treated rooms for several months? Fumigants are the worst because the particles fall back onto all the objects, textiles and surfaces in the room. Unless you wash each item thoroughly, you'll inevitably end up with chemical substances. Opting for natural insecticides will not only get rid of food moths, but also, thanks to the composition of our products and their low persistence, ensure that you can continue to live in a healthy environment.

Read all our advice and discover all our products to combat food moths naturally : Food moth file

Dietary anti-mite pills – Maxi 70 m2 - Aries

Food moth trap – Maxi 70 m²

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Natural and ecological solution to get rid of food moths in your home. This XXL format trap detects and attracts male moths to prevent reproduction and this, up to 70 m² of surface. The moths are thus decimated! 2 traps 20 x 18 cm

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case-a-cocher.jpgProvides highly effective protection against food moths
case-a-cocher.jpgArea of action up to 70 m²
case-a-cocher.jpgEffective for 6 to 10 weeks
case-a-cocher.jpgContains 100% natural pheromones

Fight food moths naturally

La mite alimentaire - Ephestia kuehniella

If it is not dangerous, the food moth is a real parasite. A female can lay up to 200 eggs which hatch in just 3 to 4 days. They delight in flour, cereals, rice, pasta etc. In short, of all the dry foods you can store in your pantry. They are even able to pierce thin packaging.

Now say goodbye to food moths in your home. This large-format trap is an ecological and effective way to prevent and control infestation by food moths in storage and processing areas.

Principle of operation

The operation of this trap without insecticide is very simple: it uses the very fine sense of smell of insects to attract them to a sticky surface. The pheromone (hormone secreted by the female) incorporated into the glue will attract the male moths which remain stuck on the leaf. Without the male individual, reproduction is halted. This principle is widely used in organic farming for the protection of orchards against butterflies which cause worms in fruit.

Advantages of this food moth trap

+ 100% natural and ecological components (without insecticide), certified raw materials
+ The quantity of moths trapped measures the degree of infestation,
+ Stops reproduction,
+ Duration of action of 6 to 10 weeks
+ Field of action: 70 m²
+ Harmless to humans and pets.

Usage tips

Remove the protective film to activate the trap. To be placed or hung in exposed places: pantry, cupboards, food storage places (including for animals), proximity to cereals, dried fruits, etc... You will be surprised at the quantity of moths trapped.

The effectiveness of the trap lasts 6 to 10 weeks, depending on temperature, air movement and its dust load. It will then need to be replaced. Do not place near an open window, or in a draught, or in the sun. The surface coated with glue must be easily accessible to moths and preferably placed horizontally. Experiment to find the right spot. If it's very hot, you risk attracting moths from the outside. Therefore, it is preferable to provide mosquito nets at the ventilation windows.

It is advisable to use the trap throughout the year, as certain factors can accelerate the development of pests (storage in heated places, imported materials, etc.). Unused traps can be stored for up to 1.5 years in a dry, dark place (ideally in the refrigerator).

How to spot the food moth ?

These are crepuscular and nocturnal insects. It is therefore rare to see them in broad daylight. They stand calm and discreet, wings folded in on themselves.

Food moths fly and look like small beige, cream or gray moths, about one centimeter, clumsy, moving in a zig-zag rather slowly. Their population increases particularly in spring, summer and autumn when it is hot (about 25°).

If you see a kind of moth flying in your kitchen or if, when you open a bag of flour, you notice filaments resembling small threads of silk woven by spiders, worms or flying insects: then it is It is most certainly about moths, another name for food moths!


Penn'Ty Bio tips against the food moth

- Equip your windows and possibly your doors with mosquito nets to prevent an invasion from the outside.
- Regularly check your cereals and dried fruits and store them in airtight containers.
- Immediately discard any food containing traces of cocoons or insects.
- Check gaps, cracks, back sides of cupboards, false ceilings and false floors, etc.

Its composition

Pheromones (sex hormones), strips of cardboard soaked in an adhesive substance, protective film.


2 traps - format 20 x 18 cm.

Want to know more about the food moth ?

To learn more about the food moth, do not hesitate to consult our complete file on this insect.

Learn more about the Aries brand

Aries, une marque engagée

A company committed for more than 30 years that offers anti-insect solutions formulated from active ingredients used in organic farming.

A responsible company : Aries is CSE certified (Certified Sustainable Economy). This certification implies strict specifications at the product level, but also at the level of the socio-ecological behavior of the company.

Certified products : Nature Care Product is an ecological label that certifies everyday consumer products. This certification controls the choice of raw materials according to a positive list of ingredients and ensures that the manufacturing process is respectful of the environment.

Controlled ingredients : In order to best respect humans and their environment, Aries excludes from its formulations ingredients commonly used in conventional anti-insect solutions: PBO, DEET, synthetic active ingredients. To ensure optimum performance of all the products in the range, Aries uses high concentrations of plant-based active ingredients which guarantee the expected effectiveness.

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Flying insects
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Food moth

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J’avais déjà acheté ce piège en plus du spray et des sachets .
Cette fois ci je n’ai mis que le piège et après quelque jours (en plus du nettoyage et de la chasse aux mites) je n’ai pas revu de mites alimentaires ces derniers jours .



Attire bien les mites qui restent en effet collées



Par méconnaissance du « sujet », les mites alimentaires ont colonisé tranquillement un espace de rangement « ouvert » dans ma cuisine (pas de placards fermés, donc) et depuis plusieurs mois je lutte contre cette infestation... les produits Penn’tyBio, notamment les grandes plaques, attirent vraiment bien les mites. En complément des autres produits (les bombes fumigènes et l’insecticide dilué), c’est vraiment efficace. Il y a encore quelques résistantes, c’est infernal, mais je persévère... Je recommande donc ces produits, en puis ils sont bio...

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très efficace pour attirer les mites alimentaires

Blaya sylviane


Ce piégé censé attirer les mites pas efficace du tous



J’ai toujours des mites alimentaires papillons 3 ou 4 tous les matins c’est pénible et le piège ne sert à rien déçue


je sais que c'est efficace

pas encore mis en place


Fonctionne très bien, a capturé de nombreux papillons de la nuit

Fonctionne très bien, a capturé de nombreux papillons de la nuit.


Efficace !

Je n'ai pas trouvé de solution plus efficace contre les mites alimentaires !


Très bien

Progressivement les mites se collent, je crois que bientôt il n'y en aura plus. Je recommande.

Nicole Granger

piège anti mites

C'est un excellent produit , je suis très satisfaite je n'ai plus de mites

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Food moth trap – Maxi 70 m²

Natural and ecological solution to get rid of food moths in your home. This XXL format trap detects and attracts male moths to prevent reproduction and this, up to 70 m² of surface. The moths are thus decimated! 2 traps 20 x 18 cm

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