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Organic camphor - 10 ml - Essential oil Aroflora

Organic camphor - 10 ml - Essential oil Aroflora

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The smell of theessential oil of Romarin camphré organic is powerful and encamped. It is traditionally recommended to help in case of muscle contractures, cramps or curbs. For athletes, the essential oil from Romarin to camphor is also known to prepare the muscles for effort. Finally, it has long been used to improve joint comfort.

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Essential oil of campground rosemary -Rosmarinus officinalis l. camphoriferum


Romarin à camphre - Rosmarinus officinalis L. camphoriferum


Certification:Organic essential oil, 100% pure and natural chémotypée, hebbd (botanically and biochemically defined), product from organic farming certified by veritas frank certification office EN-BIO-10.

Part of the plant used:Air services

Method of obtaining:Water vapour distillation


Performance:0.4%. So it takes 100 kg of plant to get 400 gr of essential oil of campground rosemary.


Huile essentielle de romarin camphré bioSome information about the campground rosemary
It is a typical Mediterranean shrub, very ramified, up to 1.50 to 2 meters high. He's smelly. its blue violet flowers bloom several times in the year. It is a plant with multiple uses: condimentary, medicinal... its name means in French sea pink and in English marie pink. used in egypte, venerated by Greeks and Romans as a symbol of love and death, the essential oil of rosemary is today a raw material of choice of products of beauty and perfumes. it is very light yellow and its camphor aroma.


Chmotype*: camphor, 1.8-Cineole
*the chmotype is the identity card of the essential oil, its chemically defined composition by chromatographic analysis. a single plant may have several compositions depending on the place and variety. a chmotype depends on a property, a smell, a taste.


Indications: muscle contracture, cramp, muscle pain, curbs.


Characteristics: Its important concentration in camphor allows this essential oil to find itself largely in aromatherapy in the preparations for sports massages (painting and heating effects). It is traditionally used in case of cramps, curbs, joint pain or muscle. Hepatic and lipolytic, it is also ideal in addition to slimming diets to fight cellulite and water retention. Finally, containing 1.8-cineole, it has significant expectorant properties. It can thus fluidize the mucus during a cold.


Allergens naturally contained in this essential oil: limonene, linalool


Therapeutic properties of essential rosemary oil in camphor

Major:Muscle relaxant, nervous timulant, expectorant, mucolytic, antalgic.

Secondary:Anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, pest control, insecticide.


Attention !

Essential oil of rosemary to camphor is prohibited in case of hormone-dependent cancer or high voltage. This essential oil is also abortive, so pregnant women are invited not to use it. susceptible to camphor and epilepsy, abstain.


User advice
Essential oils are powerful natural substances and should be used with care. even if essential oils are used since antiquity, their mode of use and precautions of use are often poorly known. many works deal with essential oils. It is therefore advisable to refer to the traditional use modes.


A for guidance, some examples of use


Application par massage ou compresseIt is advisable to mix a few drops of essential oil with avegetable oil(soft almond, jojoba, macadamia, musk rose, argan, olive, etc) to use it as massage oil.

For warm (before a sporting effort) and promote relaxation (after effort) muscles and joints, you can dilute 5 to 10 drops of essential rosemary oil in vegetable oil (arnica and calendula being the most suitable for this use).

For promote good circulation and beautiful legs, especially in case of varicose vein problems, you can dilute 5 to 10 drops in a vegetable oil in localized massages.

ForRelieving a torticolis, 1 drop in 4 drops of vegetable oil on the affected area, 4 times a day, until improved.

ForFight against cellulite, mix 10 drops of essential rosemary oil in an arnica vegetable oil soup spoon. Massage the affected areas.

ForLimit hair loss, massage the scalp before your shampoo with 10 drops of essential rosemary oil encamped for a soup spoon full of vegetable oil (or 3 drops of essential oil for 4 drops of vegetable oil).


Utilisation par diffusion

The essential oil of campground rosemary used in diffusion will allowinstall a tonic and stimulating atmosphere, suitable for concentration. Dissemination for 1 hour in the living rooms.

It also turns out to be rather effective for fight against insects : pour a dozen drops into your essential oil diffuser and spread by beaches of up to 30 minutes.


Utilisation par infusion


Utilized infusion, the essential oil of camphre rosemary will help adults to fight against cold blows. Put a few drops in an infusion.

Utilisation dans le bain  Essential oils that are not soluble in water must be mixed with an emulsifier before pouring them into the bath. for example, you can mix them with a liquid soap, a neutral shampoo (1 tablespoons) or oursolubol®.. in general, it is advisable not to exceed 10 to 20 drops per bath and not to stay there for more than 20 minutes. Sprinkle 20 drops of essential rosemary oil in a hot bath will offer a stimulating and relaxing bath. for restore vigor to dull hair, some drops incorporated in a basic shampoo.


Utilisation par voie oraleForpromote good traffic, you can dilute 1 drop of essential rosemary oil in a teaspoon of honey or vegetable oil, 1-3 times a day (maximum daily dose: 3 drops, or 0.12 ml).



100% pure and natural oil
Oneessential oilConsists of chemically defined molecules (approximately 10,000 identified) that have been secreted by special plant cells. it can be made up of one to several hundred molecules, which allows to explain why some essential oils have many properties but with different therapeutic efficiency. to guarantee the properties necessary for effective aromatherapy, it is important that oneessential oilOr 100%pure and natural(not cut, deterped, or mixed with alcohol or vegetable oils) and preferablybiological. This is the case of essential oils we sell. they are sold in dyed bottle with drip account cap.
Accéder au dossierWhether pure or mixed, you can use them in our different diffuser models. data on each essential oil are given for information purposes only. Attention to the auto diagnostic, do not hesitate to consult an aromatherapist or any other recognized professional and read our special file "properties of essential oils"in our thematic files.


Essential oils can help you
Essential oils are used primarily to help you deal with many disorders. but even though essential oils are often extracted from edible plants, their concentrations make it necessary to remain cautious and respect their healing power. the use of essential oils is relatively simple and if you respect some basic rules, they will make their therapeutic genius available to you. Covering with essential oils has much more than disadvantage.


Accéder au dossier

Find in our abbey essential oils, all the evils for which the essential oil of rosemary to camphor enters the composition of the mixture:

Anti-mites of clothing, , Scars, , Cor au pied, , Muscle cramp, , Drop, , Torticolis.

Who is allowed to use the essential rosemary oil at camphor ?

Adultes et ados

Enfants de moins de 6 ans

Femmes enceintes et allaitantes

Femmes enceintes de moins de 3 mois

Bébés de moins de 3 ans


The risks of using the essential oil of rosemary to camphor




Irritante pour la peau

WARNING: these properties, indications and modes of use are derived from the reference works or websites in aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and phytotherapy. They are found regularly and for many confirmed by scientific observations. However, this information is provided for information purposes, in no case could it constitute medical information or commit our responsibility. for any use of essential oils for a therapeutic purpose, consult a doctor.

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Organic farming
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Organic camphor - 10 ml - Essential oil Aroflora

The smell of theessential oil of Romarin camphré organic is powerful and encamped. It is traditionally recommended to help in case of muscle contractures, cramps or curbs. For athletes, the essential oil from Romarin to camphor is also known to prepare the muscles for effort. Finally, it has long been used to improve joint comfort.

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