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Essential oil diffusers


The different models of diffusers

glassware cleaning The different models of diffusers :

1 . The light bulb circle
The heat causes rapid evaporation of the essential oils which have deposited on the ceramic or metal ring, this more or less practical process has very little therapeutic effect.

2 . The burner
This is the most used and popular model.Like the bulb ring, this process is more olfactory than therapeutic.

3 . The electric ceramic diffuser

A regulated electrical resistance heats the essential oils (around 40°C), they evaporate and spread throughout the room. Much more efficient than the burner but less therapeutic than micro-diffusion, this process has the advantage of being completely silent, to be used in small volumes.

4 . The air or ventilation diffuser
A fan forces air through a pad soaked in essential oil; this very quiet diffusion method does not allow all of the essential oils to be diffused (the heaviest molecules will remain on the pad). 

The electric micro-diffusion diffuser

glassware cleaning

An electric diffuser is the most effective method for diffusing an essential oil (no modification of the chemical structure).

The essential oil molecule is actually carried out of the glassware. It is therefore breathed in its entirety with maximum therapeutic effectiveness.

It is not just the aroma but the entire essential oil which is diffused in a very fine mist which approaches the aerosol (see operation file of a diffuser).

The electric micro-diffusion diffuser truly allows a unique dispersion without air of all the properties of an essential oil.

All our diffuser models have been specially designed to guarantee perfect micro diffusion. 

Diffuse essential oils

Diffusing essential oils disinfects, deodorizes and pleasantly and naturally perfumes the air you breathe.

They rid the ambient air of pathogenic germs (see our special file page on the diffusion of essential oils). This regular practice prevents microbial conditions by strengthening the immune system.

To understand the benefits of diffusion, you need to know that :

  • The essential oil molecules being very small, they can, through the 200 m² of sensory and pulmonary mucous membranes, pass through our blood system. The aromatic molecules that make up essential oils are transmitted to the limbic brain through millions of receptive cells lining the inside of the nose.

Some suggestions for essential oils to help :

  1. Relaxation for children (all ages) : Green Mandarine, Lavender, Chamomile
  2. The concentration : Basilic
  3. Air disinfection : Silver fir, Lemon, Grapefruit
  4. The destruction of bacteria : Eucalyptus radiataRavintsara
  5. Sleep : LavenderChamomile, Basilic
  6. Mold destruction : Palmarosa

But we can also diffuse compositions of essential oils, for example for people who are :

  1. Nervously tense : 1/3 Chamomile, 1/3 Bergamot, 1/3 Orange
  2. Nervous and agitated : 1/2 Lavender, 1/3 Neroli, 1/6 Bergamot
  3. Nervously exhausted : 1/2 Clary Sage, 1/3 Cypress, 1/6 Lavender
  4. Concerns : 1/6 Incense, 1/3 Vetiver, 1/6 lemon
  5. Anxious at night : 4/10 Geranium, 4/10 Vetiver, 2/10 rose