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Anti-calcare disc for dishwasher – La Droguerie Ecologique

Anti-limescale disc for dishwasher

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This powerful anti-limescale disc, equipped with 4 magnets, will reduce the deposit of limescale and tartar on the dishes and in your machine. Saves regenerating salt and rinse aid.

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Fighting limescale

Utiliser un disque anti-calcaire dans votre lave vaisselle

The anti-limescale disc has become a classic and very effective way of combating limescale.

But it is a clever product that deserves to be known because few people still use it! However, its advantages are numerous: Easy to use, economical, ecological for the dishwasher, the anti-limescale disc generates real savings in regenerating salt and rinsing liquid.

No need to use chemical products to make your dishes shine, this anti-limescale and anti-scaling disc will do the trick and will allow you to save on dishwashing products.

The principle is simple

Magnets are inserted in the disc and generate magnetic fields (3800 Gauss) during the washing process. These fields momentarily modify the structure of the limescale crystals dissolved in the water, thus reducing their capacity to deposit. The result is a reduction in limescale deposits in the machine.

The raised areas on the disc help the disc to function properly: the water molecules that pass through are broken up, including the limescale. This is exactly what is required. When you leave the machine after using the disc, the results are clear: plates and cutlery are spotless, with no trace of limescale, but above all, glasses are as clear as if they were new. And even better: they don't squeak, but are smooth and soft.

Advantages of the anti-limescale disc for dishwashers

Utiliser un disque anti-calcaire dans votre lave vaisselle

+ Reduction of lime deposits in your machine and on your dishes

+ In the long term, old scale deposits can also be dissolved

+ Prolongs the life of your equipment (less maintenance costs: an anti-scaling heater consumes less electricity)

+ Allows you to restore the shine of your dishes!

+ The water has a greater washing power

+ Saves on washing-up liquid

The disadvantages of limescale

1 - Limescale = less effective detergents
The recommended doses on the instructions for use of detergents are valid for moderately hard water, and must be increased if harder water is used.

2 - Limescale = more energy
Limescale build-up results in higher energy consumption: 1 mm of lime scale on a heating element corresponds to an additional electricity consumption of about 10% (6 mm = 35% additional consumption)

3 - Limescale = plumbing in danger
Limescale in water clogs pipes and damages your appliances (heating elements, household appliances, kettles, etc.).

How do I use this anti-limescale disc ?

Simply place the anti-limescale disc in the upper part of your dishwasher, more than 5 cm from the electronic box, in the lower part. 


Cardboard box containing 1 anti-limescale disc. 

Precautions for use 

The anti-limescale disc is magnetic. Please do not place it close to supports and devices such as mobile phones, smartphones or pacemakers. The magnets lose their effectiveness after 5 years. Remember to replace them!

Learn more about the brand La Droguerie Écologique

Find out more about the La Droguerie Ecologique brand

Made in France or Western Europe, the products of the ecological drugstore are designed from natural, mineral or vegetable raw materials and with a maximum of organic ingredients. La droguerie écologique® is a brand of ecodis, a French company that is a pioneer in the design and distribution of ecoproducts to specialist shops.

By offering around 2000 products to its French and European customers, ecodis pursues one of its main objectives: to innovate in order to make ecological products accessible to as many people as possible. 

Specialising in the manufacture of easy-to-use everyday products, the brand stands out for its cultivation of a spirit of creativity to enable its consumers to personalise accessories and cleaning products.

ECOCERT, FSC and AB certified, each product has been designed to have a minimum impact on the environment and nature.


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Anti-limescale disc for dishwasher

This powerful anti-limescale disc, equipped with 4 magnets, will reduce the deposit of limescale and tartar on the dishes and in your machine. Saves regenerating salt and rinse aid.

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