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Are you wearing clothes?

The mite of clothes, also known as Teigne of clothing, is in the form of a small butterfly of about 15 mm. Its life expectancy is limited to about 15 days. The larva of this insect is keratophagus, that is, it is able to degrade keratin, protein present in hairs, feathers, cottons, furs, wools... It is therefore logical that you find it in your closets, wardrobe or drawer, delecting from your textiles.Act quickly if you don\'t want to find yourself with holes everywhere! There are natural insecticides that will eliminate them, but also preventive products to prevent mites from reinstalling in your wardrobes.


Why natural insecticides?

Ending up with the mites of clothing is one thing, but if you could also preserve your health and your environment, wouldn\'t it be better? Did you know that some conventional insecticide particles remained for several months in your processed parts? Fumigen is the worst because the particles fall on all objects, textiles, parts of the room. Unless you carefully wash each item, you will find yourself inevitably with chemical substances. Opting for natural insecticides will allow both to get rid of the mites of clothing but also, by the composition of our products and their low remanence, to continue living in a healthy environment.

Read all our tips and discover all our products to naturally fight against the mites of clothing: back mites clothes

Clothes moth

Our products against the clothes moth

Feeding mainly dry animal materials, the larvae can attack fabrics, leather, feathers, furs, wool, etc. As the moth does not like to be disturbed, it is mainly the unused textiles that are attacked.

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Clothes moth

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