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Cleaning gel purifying – 150 ml - Dermatherm

Purifying cleansing gel – 150 ml - Dermatherm

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This purifying cleansing gel rich in zinc, purifies and eliminates excess sebum. It is formulated without preservatives. Its fine and generous foam cleanses the skin without drying it out. The skin is clean, fresh and purified. 150ml bottle

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Dermatherm, peaux mixtes à grasses

When you talk fat skin, you often think adolescence. However, oily skin is obviously not rare past 20 years. Whether it concerns the whole face or only the area t (the famous mixed skin) many factors can explain it: heredit, hormones, diet, pollution, stress. The background problem? a dysfunction in the regulation of the sebaceous glands that secrete the sebum.

This famous sebum accumulates over abundance on the skin and prevents it from breathing properly. Hence a shining aspect, clogged pores and imperfections that accompany them. because when bacteria mix, buttons, black points and other microkysts appear. result: a thicker and irregular skin, or even acne. without forgetting this not very pleasant sensation of fat film on the skin, and a makeup that holds little.

With its optimal combination ofthermal water of the Cevennes, organic melissa extract and zinc gluconateCoupled with a natural washing base, this cleansing gel purifying specifically developed for mixed to fat skinsPurifies and eliminates excess sebum.

Formulated without any conservatives, this cleansing gel purifying will act both by cleaning and purifying your skin while helping to maintain its hydration and by promoting the elasticity and shine of the epidermis (aloe vera juice and sodium pca). its high tolerance formula leaves the skin clean, fresh and purified.

This cleansing gel purifying also contains tapioca powder. obtained from cassava roots, this texture agent mitigates the fat effect of oily materials and has a velvety, softening and matifying effect. that is to say that there is a slightly powdery film, which has the effect of camouflage the imperfections. it also absorbs the secretions of sebum and sweat, and thus reduces the appearance of oily skins. it also has good hygroscopic properties, and is able to absorb the aqueous components and retain them at the level of the corneal layer. So it acts like a moisturizing agent.

A skin with a tendency of fat is, despite appearances, a great sensitivity that must be treated with softness. You need to clean your skin, not discard it. Go smoothly with it thanks to this cleansing gel perfectly suitable for this type of skin:)


+ of this cleansing gel purifying mixed to fat skins
+ rich in zinc, purifies and eliminates excess sebum,
+ a fine and generous foam that cleans the skin without drying it,
+ improves skin comfort, regulates sebum and purifies the skin,
+ leaves the skin clean, fresh and purified,
+ lavante base rich in thermal water, absolutely respects the skin balance,
+ sterile cosmetic, world patented technology by uht (ultra high temperature,),
+ airless bottle with extreme antimicrobial closure,
+ hypoallergenic, non-preservative, paraben-free, phenoxyethanol-free, colourless,
+ tested under dermatological control,
+ not tested on animals,
+ certified cosmos organic by ecocert
+ developed and made in france


For who? Mixed to fat skin, for daily toilet.
For what? Clean, remove, purify and eliminate excess sebum gently thanks to its high tolerance formula and enriched with moisturizing active ingredients.
How? Thanks to a simple, effective and controlled formula: thermal water, moisturizing active ingredients and the softest cleaning agents existing.


Its main assets

Actifs de l'eau micellaire Dermatherm

Organic Melissa extract

• soothing and anti-oxidant virtues

• alloy mixed to fat skins

• prevents onset and mitigates signs of age

• tonic, it takes care of damaged skins and gives tone to released skins


Zinc gluconate

• necessary for cell growth and regeneration

• antimicrobial properties

• regulates the secretion of sebum and purifies the skin


Cévenne thermal water

• approved by the Academy of Medicine for its dermatological applications

• An exceptional water 17 km from the laboratory Dermatherm, safe from contamination

• Regenerative, soothing and excellent skin tolerance

• rich in calcium and magnesium, sufrated, participates in the right balance of the skin


Sterilization uht cosmetic
All products Dermatherm are sterilized, uht (World Patent). Today is the only way to remove any conservative or stabilizer, while preserving the quality of assets. the uht sterilization consists of raising the product temperature for a few seconds to 135°C and then cooling it as quickly. tests are performed before and after sterilization to ensure the preservation of active principles.


Zoom on the dermathological thermal water of the cevennes, component of the products Dermatherm
Dermatherm et son eau thermale

The spa of the Fumades-les-Bains (france) is suitable for its dermatology treatments. its thermal water is recognized by the medical academy for its therapeutic benefits.

Fumades-les-Bains water contains Thermal sulfur (most european),Of the Calcium, Magnesium and cuivre. by its sedative effect, magnesium compensates the tonic action of sulphur. the presence of calcium explains the very good tolerance of water. copper has a beneficial effect on acne, eczema, psoriasis and prurit (seasonages). Together with these complementary actions, thermal sulphur plays an essential role and improves natural immune defences.

This Mineral balance gives it properties anti-allergic, antihistamine, healing and sedation of inflammatory phenomena.

Sheltered from any contamination, and located at the foot of the national park of the Cevennes, the site that feeds the source is a privileged domain. There are no large agglomerations, heavy industries, or intensive crops. the path of water through the geological layers determines its particular characteristics its constant composition, exceptional purity and balance in trace elements.

This exceptional water quality comes to enrich the clean formulas of care Dermatherm.


Why avoid the Conservatives ?

Dermatherm, peaux normales à sèches

What is a Conservative ?
• chemical that preserves a product by limiting bacterial proliferation
• Note that even certified organic cosmetic products contain one or more preservatives (selected in an authorized list).


Why are we better off without ?
They bring nothing to the skin, on the contrary.
Conservatives are often irritating and allergic. they attack the skin microbiome whose balance is essential to the healthy skin. Many of them are suspected of endangering health, such as paraben.

Product range Dermatherm, it's0% conservative.


Application advice:Apply a small hazel on a humidified face, gently foam and rinse thoroughly with clear water.


Its composition
Aloe vera juice,* organic Melissa floral water,* thermal water, water, non-sulphate foaming agents of vegetable origin, natural vegetable glycerin, xanthan gum, moisturizing active sebum control, matte active, natural fragrance, natural ph correctors of natural origin.


Ingredients inci
Aloe barbadensis leaf juice,* melissa officinalis flower/leaf/stem water,* aqua (thermal water,) aqua (water,) decyl glucoside, glycerin, disodium cocoyl glutamate, xanthan gum, sodium lactate, sodium pca, zinc gluconate, sodium cocoyl glutamate, tapioca starch,* fragrance.
100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.
54% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.
Ecological and biological cosmetic certified by ecocert sas.
* ingredient from organic farming.


PAO:This product can be used for 6 months after first use.


Conditioning: 150 ml airless bottle in a PEFC certified cardboard box. The recyclable plastic pump bottle has a system that lets nothing pass. As soon as the pump is released, the bottle closes to prevent the air from blowing away any risk of retrocontamination. True state-of-the-art technology, it protects the formula from contamination of the environment and microbes throughout its use.


Dermatherm, the 1st certified organic dermo-organic brand without preservatives

Dermatherm, cosmétiques stériles

- world patented technology: ultra high temperature

- eliminates 100% of germs and bacteria while preserving the quality of the active

- unique, safe and ecological technique: use only heat

- airless bottle with extreme antimicrobial closure

- dedicated and qualified infrastructure

- teams trained specifically at UHT

- a careful selection of active ingredients of natural origin

- maximum tolerance and proven efficiency

- pure and uncompromising care

- The whole range of care Dermatherm is certified organic by one of the most demanding specifications of cosmetics

- brand developed under pharmaceutical control

- tested under dermatological control

- without alcohol, no essential oil, no ingredient from petrochemicals and no fragrance (sensitive skin range)

Labels / certifications
150 ml
Skin type
A specific problem / small bobos
Skin type
Mixed to fat
Thermal water
Aloe vera
Sodium pca
Zinc gluconate
Your needs
Your needs

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Purifying cleansing gel – 150 ml - Dermatherm

This purifying cleansing gel rich in zinc, purifies and eliminates excess sebum. It is formulated without preservatives. Its fine and generous foam cleanses the skin without drying it out. The skin is clean, fresh and purified. 150ml bottle

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