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Deodorant stick solid 24h cotton and macadamia organic - 50 ml - Je suis Bio

Deodorant stick solid 24h cotton and macadamia organic - 50 ml - Je suis Bio

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This is deodorant stick solid cotton and macadamia is a natural and effective treatment that neutralizes perspiration odors 24 hours. Enriched with shea butter and coconut oil, it leaves the soft and protected skin. He applies easily and leaves on the skin a pleasant comforting fragrance. 50 grams stick.

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Déodorant Roll on bio Coton MacadamiaDeveloped by the green blue society, the deodorant stick solid Organic cotton and organic macadamia oilIs part of this new cosmetic range Je suis Bio, thought to meet the needs of consumers.

Its various components were studied and tested by experts. they are used in order to effectively mitigate the effects of the southing and offer you optimal comfort for 24 hours. The deodorant action results from the combination of 2 active: the sodium bicarbonate and datum earth.

On the other hand, it is made up of ingredients 100% natural, such as organic coconut oil, organic shea butter or carnauba wax, which will allow to bring complete hydration, softness and great comfort to your skin avoiding any risk of irritation. The solid formula is perfectly protected in your bathroom or toilet kit and above all, it is convenient to use.

The smell was very studied in collaboration with french smokers (notably Grasse). You will discover with this deodorant stick a subtle odor with cocooning notes and reassuring. the unique and comforting marriageOf the cotton and of macadamia nutsFor a moment of pure pleasure. a 100% natural fragrance.

Of course, since it is a solid stick, you will not find water and to be more respectful of your skin, you will not find it no aluminum salts (aluminum salts block the perspiration mechanism necessary for the proper functioning of the human body) and no alcohol. It was tested under dermatological control and suitable very well sensitive skin.

And in order to preserve our planet, this deodorant is packed in a 100% French cardboard stick, recyclable and designed with certified fsc cardboard.

The brand Je suis Bio has been designed At Caumont-sur-Durance in the vaucluse (84) andFactory in france. the formula is certified cosmos organic by ecocert.


The + of this deodorant organic stick solid cotton macadamia
+ comforting fragrance, cocooning, 100% natural origin
+ ingenious: push the underside to get the product out
+ enriched with coconut oil, shea butter and carnauba wax (protective and nourishing)
+formulated without water and without preservatives
+ 24-hour efficiency thanks to diatoma and sodium bicarbonate
+ Solid and soft texture, to be applied directly under the armpits
+tube 100% French, recyclable and certified fsc
+ 70% organic ingredients, certified cosmos organic by ecocert and formulated vegan
+ designed in vaucluse and Made in france

Déodorant stick solide bio Coton Macadamia


Zoom on the 2 active in deodorant action
Sodium bicarbonate:The blue-green laboratory chooses a quality sodium bicarbonate with fine granulometry to offer a pleasant texture on its deodorants solid sticks. Thanks to its highly basic ph, sodium bicarbonate rebalances the ph too acid of the skin during sweating and neutralizes odors by preventing the development of odorless bacteria.

The earth of diatoma:From fossilized microalgae, the land of diatoma is extracted from the bottom of rivers, lakes or seas. naturally tinted, it is she that brings this slightly brown color to the deodorant solid stick I am BIO. Solid deodorants sticks have a high diatomy earth content. it plays the role of moisture absorber under the armpits and provides 24-hour efficiency proven by independent laboratory tests. Your armpits stay dry throughout the day!


Zoom on other deo ingredients
composition stick solide déo Coton Macadamia je suis bioOrganic coconut oil:Coconut is the symbol of tropical beaches. behind the hard hull of the fruit hides, with its pulp and milk, a true treasure. coconut milk, obtained by pressing the grated pulp, makes the skin soft and supple. It is also from the pulp that you get the coconut oil called also coconut fat. Thanks to its high content of saturated fatty acids, coconut oil is very nourishing for the skin and hair and offers an enchanting odor. It is an active very present in this deodorant. It leaves the skin soft, hydrated and nourished.

Organic shea butter:Shea is a tree up to 15 meters high. it grows in African savannah. It is from its nuts, containing up to 50% lipids, that the shea butter is extracted today so appreciated all over the world. Shea butter is an ideal active ingredient for skin care, due to its relipidiant and smoothing action. it offers this deodorant a gentle, protective and nourishing action. it moisturizes to help reduce skin irritation, especially after shaving.

Organic cotton:Cotton is a shrub native to indeed. The fruits of cotton are called capsules. These capsules, opening up, let appear long and silky filaments forming a ball that contains the seeds that are used to manufacture cotton vegetable oil. these seeds contain almost 40% oil. Cotton vegetable oil is obtained by first cold pressure of cotton seeds. rich in linoleic acid, cotton oil is appreciated in cosmetics for its soft and emollient qualities. Its essential fatty acid content makes it an excellent revitalizing ingredient for the skin. It contributes to the very pleasant fragrance of this deodorant.

Macadamia organic oil:The vegetable oil of macadamia obtained by nut pressure has reported all its benefits with it since australia. summer and winter, it protects you from external attacks and soothes your skin gently. it is known for its moisturizing properties, and it is often compared to the soft almond for its versatility. It facilitates skin microcirculation which makes it one of the best oils for dry skin. Just like cotton, it contributes to the very pleasant fragrance of this deodorant.


User advice
Gently push the cardboard circle below the product to remove the deodorant. apply directly to the armpits. It is not necessary to humidify the deodorant, the formula was designed with a balance of vegetable oils and waxes that melt at the heat of the skin. If your stick has been stored in a cool place, just put it on your skin for a few moments before application to heat the material.


We answer your questions 
Can we use deodorants I'm organic for pregnant women ?  
There is no contraindications to use the deodorants of this brand for pregnant women.

How long does this deodorant stay?  
This deodorant solid stick has an optimal usage date to be found on the pack.

Has this deodorant been tested on animals ?  
Not any of the products is tested on animals, in accordance with the current European regulation (regulation (this) No.1223/2009, supplemented by Regulation (ue) No 655/2013).

Are the ingredients from fair trade?  
The approach of I am organic is part of a responsible business logic, including the choice of suppliers. To the extent possible, we favour plants from fair trade. The Aloe vera, for example, is organic and labeled fairtrade. Also, the tensioactive contained in the formulae is of French manufacture.


Certification: Cosmos organic certified by ecocert according to the cosmos repository


Ingredients inci
Coconuts nucifera oil*, butyrospermum parkii butter*, sodium bicarbonate, diatomaceous earth, helianthus annuus seed oil, copernicia cerifera cera*, perfume, macadamia ternifolia seed oil*, gossypium hirsutum extract*, tocopherol, linalool, lemonellol, imoniol, benzyl salicy.
* ingredients from organic farming.
70.9% of the total ingredients are from organic agriculture.
100% of the total is of natural origin.


Conditioning:Presented in 50 ml glass bottle. recharges 100 ml of the same composition available here.


Special precautions
Not to leave within the reach of children


En savoir plus sur la marque Je Suis BioA small word on the range Je suis Bio

The company bluegreen, a French specialist in natural and organic cosmetics, launches this new brand of organic certified shower creams and gels, "made in france", respectful of the skin and the environment.
The blue-green company, which distributes natural and organic cosmetics since 1998 including brands Logona, , Khadi, chocolate colors or Sante Naturkosmetik, launches its own brand in 2020Je suis Bio"from his integrated laboratory.
The little plus: the olfactory signatures of this range, 100% of natural origin, have been developed with French perfumers, including fat.

All these products are certified "cosmos organic" by ecocert: they contain 97.9% of ingredients of natural origin. In their formulation, there is no sulfate (which affects the skin), nor an ingredient from petrochemicals (without synthetic scents and dyes, or mineral oils). The formulas are thus biodegradable and decompose from 97% to 100% between 10 and 28 days depending on the fragrance.

In a logic of recycling plastic waste, and with the desire not to create new ones, the bottles are made of recyclable glass, 100% made from recycled plastic, and are recyclable (rpet). Consider integrating them into the recycling bin after use.
All these products are increasingly made in franc, to promote jobs in our territory and to limit co2 emissions.

A choice of ingredients obtained with an environmentally friendly production process, which incorporates the concept of "green chemistry". the principle of green chemistry is to limit pollution to the source, and to analyze the environmental footprint of products. It responds to the current challenges of resource exhaustion, imagining a process that saves raw materials, energy, and uses renewable resources. It also avoids the production of future residues that will become waste.

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Labels / certifications
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Fanny K.

Pratique et efficace

Le format est pratique pour l'avoir avec nous en toutes occasions (we, sport, piscine). L'odeur est très douce et agréable. J'aime le format solide qui laisse juste un voile sur la peau. En plus, le déo hydrate la peau. Et le contenant est recyclable.

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Deodorant stick solid 24h cotton and macadamia organic - 50 ml - Je suis Bio

This is deodorant stick solid cotton and macadamia is a natural and effective treatment that neutralizes perspiration odors 24 hours. Enriched with shea butter and coconut oil, it leaves the soft and protected skin. He applies easily and leaves on the skin a pleasant comforting fragrance. 50 grams stick.

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