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The wheat weevil

Did you see wheat weevil on your reserves? They're also called wheat charançon or grain weevil. Discover in this folder a set of natural responses and products that will allow you to fight the best against this very gourmet insect.

Who's the wheat weevil ?

la calandre du blé - Sitophilus granariusLatin name : Sitophilus granarius
Order Coloptères
Family : Cucurlionided
Size 3-5 mm
Location : kitchen and reserve
Period : all year round

What you need to know about the wheat weevil

This insect is mainly found on cereal reserves but can also be found in chick peas, chestnuts, flours, seed, noodles and all foods rich in starch. Very close species can attack rice or corn.

How to eliminate the wheat weevil ?

la calandre du blé - Sitophilus granariusDestroy all products heavily attacked, put in the freezer those who can still be saved. Do a good closet cleaning.

1 - Take a large trash bag and throw everything that is not in a fully hermetic box, even the products that seem impeccable.
2 - Pass the vacuum cleaner in all corners and corners of the closet or reserve.
3 - Fill a hot water basin + product dishes + Disinfectant ( bio of course!). Using a brush, rub the whole cupboard without forgetting any corners.
4 - When everything is dry, deal with ours insecticide 4J diluted to 5% the whole closet (see 500ml for 5m2 treated surface). To treat large surfaces, prefer this same insecticide but under its concentrated form. It is then you will dilution with water in a sprayer at 5% (50ml insecticide for 950 ml of water)

5 - Put in various places in the closet a few Food anti-mite bags (treatment being the same for wheat grille as for food mold).

6 - Put in various places in the closet or in the rooms piègfood mites (brand Aries or Kapo).

7 - All you have to do is put all your food back in the closets, but still in totally hermetic boxes.
8 - If you have any butterflies that fly, either in the room or in your closets, you can eliminate them permanently or with the bomb Insecticide Ecodooeither with theflying insecticide Aries.

All our clients who followed this procedure quickly resolved the problem of wheat weevil on their reserves.

The products you need against wheat weevil

Directly access the detailed product sheets to fight wheat weevil.

4J insecticide diluted 5% - All insects -...

4J insecticide diluted at 5% ready to use. With this concentration, you will destroy most flying or crawling insects very quickly....
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4J Plant Pyrethrum Insecticide Concentrate...

4J insecticide concentrate to dilute. Effective against a large number of crawling and flying insects in our homes. Bottles of 125,...
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Refill food moth traps - Aries

Food moth traps. Natural and ecological solution to get rid of it. These traps detect and attract male moths to prevent reproduction....
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*PAE: Ready to use

This is what wheat weevil looks like in motion