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Vegan maintenance products

The use of maintenance products remains essential to clean up its housing.

Don't you see the link between these products and animals? However, it is simple, much of these routine maintenance and hygiene products contain animal products or pass through animal testing for their production. So, for many, they are not vegans.

As a reminder, veganism is a way of life that fights against animal exploitation.
And there are many dimensions to this philosophy. We know the size of the plant food, but that of the maintenance and household products is less known !

If one wants to respect animal life, the goal is to find products that do not contain animal material and are not tested on animals. Let us see in this article how to find out whether a product is vegan or not, then solutions to have vegan maintenance products.


Animal tests, really necessary ?

Of course not!

You may not know, but many household products sold in the large distribution are tested on animals.

For each maintenance product sold in the trade, thousands of rabbits, pigs, hamsters, rats and mice are tested. for each ingredient, several other thousands of animals also suffer. the tests carried out are similar to those established for cosmetics. rabbits are, for example, particularly used for skin and eye irritation tests: they secret less tear liquid and can therefore less evict irritating substances. they are immobilized and the products are directly applied in their eyes, making many rabbits blind. for maintenance products, reproduction tests are also carried out. Among animal tests, acute toxicity tests are particularly cruel. These are to determine the dose (dl50) of product that is lethal for 50% of animals (smiles, rats, rabbits...) used in the test.

All these tests are obviously and absolutely not necessary: it is possible to use in vitro techniques with cells, human tissues or even computer calculations. existing alternatives are more reliable and far less expensive than animal testing.


How do I know if a product is vegan ?

First of all, if you don’t doubt it, you must know that many of our daily products contain animal materials.
Some, such as makeup (nagle pen, lipstick, etc.) contain animal materials, such as guaninea from fish. but it is also the case for good numbers of house maintenance products. Often, soaps are made from sodium tallowate, which is beef fat. and many soaps use this substance for their manufacture.

To know if a product is vegan, you can first ask for confirmation in-store, in stores if possible specialized in maintenance products. So the sellers will be able to answer and advise you.

Otherwise, you can turn to specialized vegan stores or sites, such as a vegan world. these are places where all the products are vegan, so before you even do your research, you will have the certainty to find only vegan products. These sites offer any type of products, not only for maintenance and hygiene.

Some brands have made them their specialty. the best known are:

- attitude
- ecozone
- The Green Tree

Finally, we will soon try in this folder to help you read the labels of the compositions so that you can quickly detect if the product you've been looking for contains animal materials or has been tested on animals during its design. Meanwhile, vegan labels exist to allow you to consume the eyes closed. below we detail the main ones.


The issue of vegan labels

Expertise vegan europe
This label ensures that all finished products do not contain animal products, and none of the ingredients are tested on an animal.
Export conditions are also protective of animals.

The vegan society
The vegan society is similar to the conditions of the previous since it is also a vegan label.
The difference, unlike the expert label vegan europe, is that the export conditions of the products are not officially vegans.

Certified vegan
Certified vegan is also a certifying body for vegan products. as well as for the vegan society, the export conditions are completely verified.
All products are without animal flesh and not tested on animals.

European vegetarian union
The european vegetarian union organism has conditions very similar to the previous two.
So, if the finished product does not contain animal flesh, there may be animal by-products in the case of vegetarian products.
On the other hand, no test was done on an animal if this body checked a product.

To complete your knowledge of vegan labels, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated folder click here.


Manufacture vegan and natural products

Buying vegan certified products is a great step. but their purchase price can be a brake. another alternative exists, that of making its own products.
This remains much more economical and once you have the hand, it will be very easy and fast to make caps of your products. just buy some essential bases and to you the homemade maintenance product!
If you are also concerned about ecology and want to reduce the emissions of waste, it is the perfect opportunity to combine the two causes.

“homemade” products are undoubtedly the most healthy, ecological and economic option. Here are some ideas:

For the maintenance of your home, you can simply use some white alcohol vinegar and soap black that it is possible to buy in any supermarket. white vinegar can be found for a few cents, and if you cut it with water, it will suffice to spray all surfaces like sinks or sinks to properly clean and kill microbes. it can even be used to detart certain objects like a kettle. black soap is recommended to clean the floor mainly, including shower.

To deliver the pipelines, you can use some bicarbonate soda mix with white vinegar. this combination causes a chemical reaction that is sufficiently effective for your pipelines.

For laundry, it is enough to grind marseille soap in hot water, and the final product will be very effective.

To have homemade vegan dishes liquid, I advise you to use marseille liquid soap, that you mix with a little white vinegar as well as three or four drops of essential oil like the mint for example that will leave a fresh and pleasant fragrance.

Also, to clean your house soda crystals are very interesting. it is an economic and ecological product that resembles the bicarbonate of soda previously mentioned, but has a more basic ph. However, they are more irritating than bicarbonate. They will serve you to remove the limestone from the bathroom or washing machine, clean all your dishes as well as generate sink and pipes.

Finally, if you're looking for a powerful antical, citric acid is entirely natural (we find it naturally in the lemon). it detarrates the limestone very well, even if for many, its use is not very known. Besides being detartant, it removes rust tasks and kills bacteria. to detart your washing machine for example, you can pour about 5 tablespoons of acid into the drum and start the program at 95.% of course, no clothes in the machine during the program.

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Drafting and source: Quentin pakiry - https://mercivegan.fr/