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Ant, a very social insect

Did you see any ants at your house? If their presence is very useful in the gardens, it can sometimes disturb even be very disturbing on a daily basis when they invaded your home. If the ants settle by colony in your home, we give you the tricks, solutions and natural products to either remove them or eliminate them. to hunt them well, it is important to understand why they are drawn to your house and how far they enter it.

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Get to know the ant

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Fight against ant

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Who are the ants ?

La fourmi des maisons - Lasius brunneus

Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Formicidae
Size: 1.5 to 5 mm
Location: all habitats
Period: all year

Full metamorphosis insect that has four unequal membrane wings and mandibles made to crush. There are more than 12,000 species on earth! There are 160 species in france. It can adapt to all climates and predators.

4 species are found in our houses:

  1. The ant of silver (iridomyrmex humilis): preferring heat and humidity, it is found rather on the coast of azur.
  2. The ant of the pharaohs (monomorium pharaonis): of tropical origin, it only lives in the houses.
  3. Provided brown (Lasius alienus): it is the most common in the houses, but it can also be found in the gardens.
  4. The ant black wood (lasius fuliginosus): with a size of 5 mm, it is the largest of the ants.


What you need to know about ants

La fourmi - Lasius emarginatusAnts are particularly hierarchical social insects. The queen spends her life laying eggs. Her daughters, sterile, build the nest, take care of the food and defend the colony. Only young queens and males are winged.

During the summer, we see them appear in very large numbers: this is swarming.

Although harmless to homes, the ants, a little invasive, quickly become annoying. Attracted by food and humidity, they are very quickly found on countertops, in kitchen cupboards, sinks, leaky pipes and of course in sugar cans! Ants feed on different types of food and their preferences may vary throughout the year.

In homes, colonies of ants nest in hollow walls, in attics and in water-damaged framing.

In terms of biomass, ants surpass that of humans. According to estimates, these insects would represent between 10 and 20% of the terrestrial animal biomass of the planet, with several million billion individuals in total.

The worker ant has 2 stomachs. The first is used for the digestion of the food she ingests. The second, called the social crop or social stomach, consists of storing most of the food and then regurgitating it when another ant needs it. This mode of food transfer is called trophallaxis.

Ants practice entomoculture: It often happens that ants raise aphids to milk them. Aphids excrete honeydew, a viscous liquid rich in sugar and amino acids, which ants love. In return, the ants protect the aphids against their potential predators (eg ladybugs), but it is not uncommon to see the ants use them as food.


How can ants be harmful ?

1 - Ants can infester and contaminate your food.

2 - The ants being lovers of honeycomb that secrete the aphids, you can find them in large numbers in your potted plants ... covered with aphids!!
3 - The motts they know to build can be inesthetic in the garden, and even more in the house.

4 -Ants that bite or bite (such as fire ants) can cause severe pain and allergic reactions in some people.

5 - Charpentier ants are often as destructive as termites and can be a sign of moisture problems or water damage in your home.

Tips to limit access to ants in your home

1 - cleanliness and cleaning remains the key ! Eliminating sources of food, water and other elements that attract ants:
- clean all traces of food spilled and avoid leaving food in the open air.
- keep maximum food in hermetic boxes.
- wipe the bathtub, sink and sink after use and check if there is a water leak in places where you see ants.
- rinse glass jars, cans, plastic packagings and food paper before recycling/jeter.
- regularly clean all surfaces of the kitchen and suck dry foods that you would have spilled.
- avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink.
- do not consume food in the rooms and living room.
- cover the gamells of your animals and clean everything they could spill.
- store the green waste (wood, stones, rubble,) the looting and dead branches away from the foundations of your home.

2 - block access to your interior
- paste the cracks and cracks that could allow the ants to enter your house from outside or adjacent buildings.
- check the sealing of your doors and windows.

3 - avoid classic mistakes
- continue to treat sensitive areas even after ants have disappeared.
- if you use baits, do not deposit them where you have vaporized or poured insecticide, because the ants that pass through there will die before getting the bait back into their antler.


How do you push and remove the ants ?

When the ants moved, it's not obvious to dislodge them !La fourmi des maisons - Lasius brunneus

Here's a little trick to prepare a repulsive 100% natural : essential oils of lavender and peppermint. ants hate their smells.

In a spray, mix:
- 5 drops of essential oil of lavender,
- 10 drops of peppermint essential oil,
- 1 quarter liter of alcohol at 40°.

Then spray several times a day, at the ants crossing locations.


Other solutions:

1 - drop a few drops essential oil of lemon on the circuit taken by the ants will make them flee. They don't like that smell either !

2 - Use our aerosol Rampant barrier based on neem oil. This substance is harmless to man and pets. It acts by direct contact with the insect and intervenes on its vital functions: inhibition of food, growth and reproduction.

Organic Lemon - Zest - Essential oil...

Purifying, Lemon essential oil is ideal for purifying the air. Its fortifying and energizing action makes Lemon essential oil...
In stock


How to eliminate ants ?

La fourmi - Lasius emarginatus

1 - Keep all your food in hermetic boxes.
2 - Place one or more anti-fourmi boxes on the passage of ants or ants anti-fourmi gel as close as possible to the ants and if you can, directly into the hole through which they pass.
This product based on spinosad does not immediately kill the ant, it will fill its jabot and bring it back to the anthill to feed the whole colony that will disappear after a certain time.
3 - You can also spray from All insects (4j diluted to 5%) on but it will only kill the affected individuals and not the entire colony. However, we found that the ants did not return to the internal surfaces treated with our 4j insecticide (repellent effect).

4 - You can also treat infested areas or nest to anti-supplied oil.

5 - You can also sprinkle all infested places or passage with our diatomaceous earth. for action in the smallest corners, small holes and interstices difficult to access, prefer the spray diatom in the form of aerosol.

6 - micro-pellets anti-spam Kapo Green Radically eliminate All types of ants. They act immediately In effect curative and remain up to 3 months. After treatment to avoid the return of ants.

7 -Another solution, fumigation. for that fogger habitat: Insecticide based on plant-based assets (pyrethre + géraniol) for the background treatment of habitat. very volatile, the solution is deposited in the smallest corners where pests and insects are located. immediate and prolonged action, up to 4 months. 3 different formats exist: 75ml for treatment less than 15m2, 150ml, for treatment less than 30 m2. Finally, 250ml, for treatment greater than 30m2.


The products you need against ants

Directly access the detailed product sheets to control ants.

4J insecticide diluted 5% - All insects -...

4J insecticide diluted at 5% ready to use. With this concentration, you will destroy most flying or crawling insects very quickly....
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4J Plant Pyrethrum Insecticide Concentrate...

4J insecticide concentrate to dilute. Effective against a large number of crawling and flying insects in our homes. Bottles of 125,...
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Diatomaceous earth – Kieselguhr Celatom -...

Diatomaceous earth (also called Kieselguhr Celatom) is a completely ecological and natural insecticide that helps fight against...
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Fogger Habitat with plant-based active...

This is fogger composed of plant-based assets is intended for the background treatment of the habitat in case of infestation by mites,...
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*pae: ready for employment


Discover our complete range of natural products allowing you to fight against ants.

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Fair to questions about ant

Q: I have a family home in Corsican, with a terrace, in the middle of a garden where there is an infestation of black ants, with a lot of ants, when limiting this invasion before the holidays (no danger) where my 15-month-old son who will play on the ground on the terrace and my sister who is in care for cancer must come this summer ?
R: Put anti ants gel on each of the antlers. on the ants, we have good results with our 4j spray insecticide, but you can also use the aries anti-provider oil that we offer on our site.

Q: We live at the meeting and as soon as the heat comes back, which is the case, we are invaded by ants in the house and the garden; they devour all plants in the garden and in the house all that can drag; It's very unpleasant we can't have anything. According to people, this would be ether ants; I don't know the spelling but it's all small black ants and it's very difficult to follow them to get their nests so I try to destroy them. I already spent a small fortune in various products without great efficiency; it is true that we have less in the house - already an a priori point - a mixture dishwasher and bleach removes them but can of time. have you a solution that I could pass to the sprayer (easy for me) seen the surface in order to establish a dam to protect the house and destroy them in part in the garden to protect our plantations and, if so, which, at what price transport included thanks in advance even if it takes two products, one garden the other home, if they are effective I am taking here it is a scourge.
R: We treated with our insecticide 4j diluted to 5.% in a technical room, areas where there are always large amounts of ants. Following this treatment, most affected ants died. Besides, we haven't seen these in months. I think we would have had the same result with our insect repellent, but at the time we had not this product yet. containing pyrethra our products are less effective on the outside as it is degraded faster by the sun. outdoors, you can try anti-fourmi oil Aries. for shipping costs, see the order form after filling out its cart.

Q: I've got some supplies on my locker. Is that serious and what should I do ?
R: It can be annoying for fruit. there is in the trade of the glue bands intended for this use that put around the tree.

Q: I was told about a dicampa insecticide or pesticide. I don't know how it writes. we have a lot of ants on our land (big dirt)
R: I'm sorry, but I don't know. It must be a synthetic pesticide. we are not working with this kind of active matter.

Q: My olive tree is invaded by ants that I have to do with what treatment I'm gonna be able to get rid of it ?
R: The most ecological will be to place a glue band around the tree. You will find this in the garden. If there are ants, there may also be aphids. To check.

Q: How to stop an invasion of flying ants in a house ?
R: The flying ants leave the ants' nest to redo another nest. In general, it does not last very long. First, you have to find the place where they come out, probably a crack of a wall. either you're mouthing the holes or you fill them with our anti-supplied gel.

Q: We've been invaded by flying ants in the garden. Would you have a solution to eradicate them ?
R: We're sorry, but we don't have a solution to suggest.

Q: How to find a nest of flying ants in my house. Every morning I get up and there's a dozen on the ground. Are they going out with little holes ?
R: In general, flying ants outbreaks occur in warm and stormy weather. You probably have a nest in the house, a little crack is enough.

Q: Good evening since the temperature is warmed ( 2 days ) I have noticed in my stairwell cage what I believe to be flying ants the only thing that makes me doubt that really flying ants is their abdomens that are colored yellow froncer pulling on brown and black two colored limes. Here if you could enlighten me a little bit about their identity would be greatly appreciated. I have several young children and I'm worried if they can get something to them if they're in contact with these insects. I have been trying for some time to kill the ants I have at home but they are all small (about 3 mm) but since these flying ants I have also noticed larger black ants of about 7 mm. Thank you for enlightening me is greatly appreciated.
R: Flying ants can be seen when it is wet and stormy. In general, rather in July/August as the ants fly only during the test! Now there are hundreds of insects that look like your description. Identification of an insect is complex. We should be told his size, the number of wings, the length of his tail, and we are not sufficiently experts to inform you. Is there a bug that could look like and sting, maybe the scleroderm? you will find it on our special page scleroderm.

Q: I just moved to an old apartment, on the ground floor, doubled with placo walls. as soon as I leave a food debri in my kitchen, if small, the ants arrive: they come in columns, ceiling, folds... I tried to lock the sugar in a hermetic jar (with a joint), but they ended up going back! they are invisible the rest of the time (except a few scouts of this) and disappear as quickly as they appear. I'm saying it's all small ants. What product do you recommend to me for this type of ant?
R: It is still a little early for ants but it is true that the current temperatures are not season! We have just made a special natural ant product safe and very effective in the long term. the anti-supplied gel box and the anti-supplied gel tube. It will be necessary to be patient since the goal is to destroy the entire anthill for about 15 days.

Q: Hello! I live in Corsican and for two or three years, we have been invaded by ants of silver that have destroyed all the other species we have known so far. We tried everything about insecticide. Every year it's worse and nothing seems effective. Can you help me.
R: I don't know this species enough. but we have products that will act as repulsive, most based on spinosad (box, , gel) or pyrethre (4J 5%). the diatomaceous earth is also an effective solution to get rid of it. It is enough to sprinkle on the observed passages, the ants that put on the body hurt (very abrasive) and die by dehydration. the earth of diatoma absorbs 3 to 400 times its volume. .

Finally, our "Aries Pistal All Insects" insecticide will give very good results but will only act as a direct jet on the ants you touch (will not destroy the anthill unless you treat it directly)

Other natural solutions, repulsive this time: a few drops of essential oils peppermint to put on their passage, or coffee marc, a lemon puck, basil leaves or powders such as chalk, talc or bicarbonate soda.