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Who is the brand La Corvette?

Logo La Corvette Savonnerie du Midi

Created in 1894, the Savonnerie du Midi is one of the last soap factories in Marseille Appeal traditional know-how a soapstone master. For over 120 years, she has perpetuated ancestral methods and has been passionately produced the traditional Marseille soap.

The Corvette, iconic brand who has shaped the history of the Savonnerie and has made the reputation of the House asserts its high and strong origins in Marseilles! The small three masts used to carry out discovery missions from the port of Marseille, the boat La Corvette will serve in the nineteenth century to supply the Marseille soap factories with raw materials. This sailing ship continues its race...

In 2015, the La Corvette range changed its look to register in its era. She combines the Marseille tradition and modernity through a range of authentic products for the body care and for maintenance of the house. It is a response to today’s values: a search for know-how and products defending a strong regional identity, a return to natural and ecological practices, a return to products made in France and whose quality is no longer to prove, ensuring the consumer a quality guarantee.



Le logo officiel de l'UNSP pour le savon de Marseille


An ancestral know-how: the traditional Marseille soap

Too often imity, never equal... The soap of Marseille La Corvette has been manufactured in Marseille since 1894, according to the traditional boiler cooking process, based on exclusively vegetable oils, without chemical additives (colorants, perfumes, preservatives, etc).

Chargé d’histoire, the Savon of Marseille has always been recognized for its multiple virtues : natural, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and made in Marseille. Used both for the care of the body and for the maintenance of the house, it is used to an eco-responsible clientele, wishing to take care of its health as well as its well-being. The Sai de Marseille La Corvette are certified by ECOCERT according to the COSMOS repository.

Desirous promote and protect traditional Marseille soap, the Savonnerie du Midi and three other soap factories, among the last of the Marseille basin, created an association in 2011 : the Union des Professionnels du Savon de Marseille. These four companies have signed a private charter defining the traditional Marseille soap according to three criteria:

- Place of manufacture : Marseille and its region
- The manufacturing process traditional cooking with boiler
- The composition : made exclusively from vegetable oils (without animal fat) and without addition (no coloring, no fragrance.


Will and philosophy

Proprietary of the Savonnerie du Midi since 2013, PRODEF is a historical actor of the hygiene and maintenance sector. Since its creation in 1924, the 4 generations of leaders have accompanied its development by a common ambition: sustainable development.

Owner of the Savonnerie du Midi since 2013, the PRODEF Group has been working since its creation in 1924 with the desire to produce according to sustainable and responsible processes, in accordance with traditions.

Thus we were labeled “Entrepreneurs + Engagés” by ECOCERT Environment. This label, created by the FEEF (Federation of Companies and Entrepreneurs of France) is designed to value French SMEs who contribute to the maintenance of local employment and are committed to a social and environmental responsibility approach.

La Savonnerie du Midi is also actively involved in the Union des Professionnels du Savon de Marseille (UPSM) for the defense of the Savon de Marseille authentic.

PRODEF is also one of the few 100% French capital companies that continue to focus on manufacturing in national territory. Attached to the traditional know-how and responsible manufacturing processes, PRODEF has, since the acquisition of the Savonnerie du Midi, taken many initiatives to develop quality products and make them labélize. Thus new ecological products certified by Ecocert have emerged.

PRODEF has also put in place since the end of 2013 a comprehensive quality approach in its manufacturing processes and launched an ambitious programme to refurbish its historic site and its boilers, including the Musée du Savon de Marseille and the opening of a factory shop. A true entrepreneurial approach that combines modernity and respect for traditions.

These processes of continuous improvement and quality are an integral part of PRODEF’s policy. They are proof of the requirement that we carry to satisfy our customers.


La Corvette reçoit le label Entreprise Patrimoine Vivant


La Corvette receives the Corporate Vivant Heritage label

Guillaume Fiévet was honoured to receive this Monday, January 11, 2021 the Label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV).

The Corporate label of the Living Heritage (EPV) is a recognition brand of the state, set up to distinguish between French companies holding, among other things, industrial and craftsmanship of excellence.

At a time when everyone is rediscovering the short circuits and the strengths of French manufacturing, this label is an essential recognition for their company that constantly promotes quality products and craftsmanship of excellence through traditional Marseille soap! This label of excellence, awarded by the State, is a great recognition and they are proud of it.


A range adapted to contemporary use, for the body and for the home

Hygiene & Natural cosmetics: solid soaps for body hygiene, liquid soaps for body and hands, balms for body or hands... The Corvette is the alliance between naturality, tradition and know-how that allows consumers to offer soft products for the skin, natural, good for those who use them and soft for the planet.

Home care : from ecological black soap to Marseille soap shavings, to the soap of Marseilles, La Corvette offers a wide range of healthy and environmentally friendly maintenance products.

Marseille Olive Soap Cube 72%

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