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Destruction of wasp nests in the wild

Subject of the study

The wasp - Vespula germanicaThe wasp - Vespula germanicaPractical study of the product under normal conditions, in the wild, following the manufacturer's instructions. These tests were carried out by Penn'Ty Bio to confirm the laboratory tests carried out by T.E.C.

Specimens tested

The waspNests of Vespula austriaca wasps developed in the wild, of various sizes and with different numbers of inhabitants, together constituting a population of 10 colonies.

Setting up the test

The test was carried out in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions as described below:

A commercial fogging device with a central spray head and a 2-metre extension tube was filled with 5% concentrated 4J insecticide.

The person carrying out the test approached the nest, wearing a protective suit normally used by beekeepers.

The insecticide was sprayed on the nest and the wasps on or near the nest.

Test evaluation

The person responsible for recording the results followed the following rules :

1 - Number of flying insects leaving the nest after treatment.

2 - Recovery of the nest 15 minutes after treatment.

3 - Evaluation of the number of living insects.

Test results on wasps

  1. No flightless wasps were observed after the nests were treated with the product. Flightless wasps were observed crawling or drooping.
  2. During the observation, wasps returning from a collection and wishing to enter the nest began to turn in circles and leave again. It was concluded that the treated nests could no longer be inhabited.
  3. Observation showed that no resuscitation took place during the 24-hour observation period.

This test led to the conclusion that the insecticide 4J concentrated at 5% causes absolute mortality in wasps Vespula austriaca in the wild.

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