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Destroying wasps in nature

Purpose of the study

La guêpe - Vespula germanicaPractical study of the product under normal conditions, in nature following the manufacturer's instructions. These tests were conducted by Penn'Ty Bio to confirm the laboratory tests performed by T.E.C.

Test specimens

guepeVespula austriaca wasps nests developed in nature, various sizes and numbers of different inhabitants, the entire population of 10 colonies.

Implementation of the test

The test was applied in strict conformity with the manufacturer's instructions as described below:
A commercial nebulization device with a central spray head and a 2 metre extension tube was filled with insecticide 4J concentrated 5%.
The person who performed the test approached the nest, dressed in a protective clothing normally used by beekeepers.
The insecticide was sprayed on the nest and the wasps on or around the nest.


The person responsible for registering the results followed the following rules:

1 - Number of insects flying out of the nest after being treated.

2 - Nid recovery 15 minutes after processing.

3 - Evaluation of the number of live insects.

Test results on the wasp

  1. No wasps able to fly were observed after the nests were treated with the product. Hats unable to fly were seen creeping or falling.
  2. During the observation, wasps coming from a collection and desiring to enter the nest, began to circle and then left. It is concluded that treated nests can no longer be inhabited.
  3. The observation showed that no resuscitation took place during the 24-hour observation period.

This test concluded that Insecticide 4J concentrated at 5% causes absolute mortality on Vespula austriaca in nature.

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