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Use and use of insecticide 4j Penn'ty bio


Presentation of insecticide 4J

Insecticide naturel 4JWhile most of the conventional insecticides available on the market inhibit the nervous system of insects (which allows them to gradually develop an addiction to chemical molecules such as allowhrine, pyrethroid, ..), our insecticide 4J to a double action : Neurotoxic (pyrethra) and "asphyxiating" (potassium) on the insect.

Containing only products of plant origin, it is easily and quickly biodegradable.

This contact insecticide is effective on most crawling and flying insects.

Insecticide 4J is made up of plant extracts and potassium soap.* It contains no compounds such as: heavy metal salts, chlorinated compounds, organo- phosphorous compounds, phenols, dangerous for man and warm-blooded animals, but it is also free from pyrethrinoids or all synthetic pesticides.

* potassium or potash salt is a natural product. It is found in various forms in agriculture, diets without salt or soap.

It's an insecticide can be used in organic farming against pests in livestock buildings and facilities, in accordance with Cee Regulation No. 2092/91 annex ii.


4J insecticide use dilution

(1) Concentration at 10% (900 ml of water + 100 ml of 4J pure)
With this concentration, you will very quickly destroy all insects some of their sizes or resistance.
This concentration is essential on wood bugs (mortality in 2:30, constable 3 minutes,) recommended against bed bug and preferable with the frelon (a 3% the frelon puts 3 hours to die).

(2) Concentration at 5% (950 ml of water + 50 ml of 4J pure)
With this concentration you will very quickly destroy most flying or creeping insects some of their sizes or strengths (except bed bugs, woods, hornets)
The test performed on cockroach confirmed a mortality of 100% in less than 4 minutes.

Here are some insects on which our insecticide has been tested:

  1. Cockroaches
  2. Flies
  3. Smoking
  4. Guêpes
  5. Mites of clothing, food mites
  6. Spiders
  7. Dog and cat chips
  8. Mosquitoes

(3) Concentration between 1 and 2% (990 ml of water + 10 ml of 4J pure)
With this concentration you can treat all mini insects of the house (moucherons, mosquitoes, mites, etc.)

Here is a table to give you an idea of the surfaces that can be covered according to the desired dilution (and therefore the targeted insect) and the packagings that we offer for sale:


Use of insecticide 4J

Utilisation de l'insecticide 4JInsecticide 4J is sold in 2 different forms :

  • Loan to employment : you have nothing to do since these products are already diluted with water. you only have to use them as you treat (well shake before use). exists in spray spray spray of 500ml and in 1 litre rechargeable can for our 3 dilutions: 1.5%, , 5% and 10%
    • In concentrated form: Since this product is in its pure form, it will need to be diluted with water before applying it on surfaces.

1 - prepare your water mixture + pure insecticide by dosing according to use and shake well before use.
2 - apply insecticide 4j on surfaces. to do this, you can use:
- or a vaporizer
- either a garden sprayer (cleaned well) that you will adjust to get small drops and not a fog. Avoid the big jet that will debricate all your soils. The idea is to wet the insect, its larva and its egg without drowning them.

Reminder: 4J is a contact insecticide, so you must treat insects or infested areas and not treat the ambient air. Its persistence is a few hours and depends on the ambient temperature. Its destructive action is at its maximum threshold when you touch the insect.


Discover insecticide 4J

Access the detailed information sheet and the technical sheet for this product.

4J Plant Pyrethrum Insecticide Concentrate...

4J insecticide concentrate to dilute. Effective against a large number of crawling and flying insects in our homes. Bottles of 125,...
In stock

4J insecticide diluted 1.5% - Special...

4J insecticide diluted at 1.5% ready to use. Ideal against small insects and mites in our homes . Available in a 500 ml spray bottle...
In stock

4J insecticide diluted 5% - All insects -...

4J insecticide diluted at 5% ready to use. With this concentration, you will destroy most flying or crawling insects very quickly....
In stock

4J insecticide diluted 10% - Resistant...

Insecticide 4J diluted to 10% ready to use. With this concentration, you will destroy very quickly all the insects some are their sizes...
In stock


How to proceed ?

1 litre of insecticide ready for use (dilute with water) will treat about 10 m².

To be effective, it is above all necessary to discover the origin of insect proliferation and then in a second time to treat it. It is no use to kill isolated flies if you have a place where they proliferate and reproduce.
The destruction of eggs, larvae, nymphs. will soon eradicate the colony.

To effectively destroy insect pests, you need to know a minimum of information about them.

Our different insect thematic files can help you.

Some basic rules for the use of 4J :

  • Well shake before use
  • Spray on insects and on all surfaces and corners or they can lay and reproduce.
  • Don't forget them parquet cracks, folding interstices, beams, etc.
  • Given the presence of allergens (linalol, citral, géraniol, limonene), it is advisable to air the part during and/or after treatment.
  • The presence of potassium soap in the formula can leave a fat film on treated surfaces. This substance is not harmful and perfectly lesivable. Be careful not to overdose the product and to spread it in a uniform way so as not to encounter difficulties during cleaning.
  • Insecticide 4j will act for a few hours after its application (about 4 to 6 hours after room temperature). After this waiting time, you can do a soil cleaning with a humidified spoon to remove traces of potassium soap. do not wait for several days before cleaning, otherwise soap may dry and leaching will become more difficult.

Some examples of application of the 4J :
  • Treat fabrics or closets against mites.
  • Treat mocks, litters against mites.
  • Treat kitchen cupboards and floor against cockroaches or ants.
  • Treat your indoor plants against aphids, red spiders, white fly, thrips. (employment at 1)%
  • Treat soils against the parquet chip.


Insecticide efficiency 4J

Insecticide 4J - Testé par un laboratoire indépendantThis contact insecticide does not kill insects instantly. Its action can be between a few seconds to a few hours depending on the size, the resistance of the insect but also the concentration used and the dose that the insect will have received at the time of spraying.

It's an insecticide with little repulsive action. he acts immediately by contact and by its composition will not have any remanence. therefore do not expect to have destructive efficiency for several days.

Respecting the conditions of use, all tests conducted on various insects have been conclusive to 100.% to help you better understand how to fight them, do not hesitate to consult our insect thematic folders (see here).

It is obvious that we have not tested our insecticide on all the insects on our planet. However, we did it on the most frequently encountered in our homes: Aleurode, spider, cockroach, cloporte, ant, frelon, wasp, mite, fly, blue fly, mocheron, mosquito, flea, bed bug, wood bug, gendarme, scutigère, silvain.

Moreover, recent tests carried out by an independent laboratory also confirm its effectiveness on the following insects: bed bugs, parquet chip, fly and mosquito. to consult them, follow them this link.


Frequently asked questions about insecticide 4j

Q: If you buy 4J insecticide concentrated or diluted, how long does it stay active and does it lose effectiveness after a while?

R: Our 4J insecticide in its concentrated form can be kept for 10 to 12 months without problem in good storage conditions (original bottle protected from light and especially from heat). Beyond that, it will begin to lose effectiveness over the weeks. In its ready-to-use form (once diluted with water), the delay will be shorter, count about 6 months. Again, the product will remain usable but the action of the vegetable pyrethrum it contains will begin to diminish.

Q: What are the essential oils contained in the insecticides and repellants of this range? Are they very concentrated (to know their smell) ?

R: Litsea cubeba, lavandin grosso, tea tree, lemongrass, geranium etc. This complex of essential oils acts as synergizing on the formula (allows to strengthen the action of the product). the contents of the complex are indicated in each product sheet composition.

Q: As you say that the product is rather viscous, what do you recommend as a sprayer and how can I wash then so that it does not mouth during or after spraying. Thank you

R: Indeed, the potassium soap contained in the 4j insecticide formula that allows asphyxiating action on larvae and eggs thickens the finished product a little. However, there is no concern about the sprayer to use. this can be a hand sprayer of this type (see here) or if you have more extensive surfaces to treat, a garden sprayer (e.g. 3 litres) purchased in any garden. From the moment you stay on dilutions of the product to 5% or 10%, the nozzles of the sprayer you use will not fade away. If really adventure it happened, well hot water will lead this without difficulty.

Q : It is indicated that the Insecticide 4j is “free of pyrethroids”. but below you indicate that it “contains pyrethre (neurotoxic for insects)”. Is the pyrethre not the family of pyrethroids ?

R: Do not confuse pyrethrins with pyrethrinoides that are synthetic products (permethrin, phenethrin, decallethrin, esdepallethrin). to learn more, see our file on the topic.

Q: Can the 4j nsecticide also be sprayed on the skin? (to not be piqué by bed bugs). or is pyrethra a problem in contact with human skin ?

R: No, the 4j is not made to be sprayed on the skin, but only on surfaces. There's a risk of allergic reaction. Pyrethra, even if it is of natural origin, is not harmless. to protect you from stinging bugs such as bed bugs, you have to focus on our product based on eucalyptus citriodora. this product is specifically formulated for skin application.

Q : Is this a problem if the Insecticide 4j is aired in a kitchen (presence of food)? Is pyretothere toxic by humans ?

R: Before spraying the surfaces with the 4j insecticide, make sure to remove all unprotected foods (open sugar, fruit basket, etc.) and this in order to avoid ingestion of the pyrethre. our product has the advantage of not containing any additives. His remanence is therefore quite short. In a few hours, the pyre will deteriorate and disappear. On the other hand, if you touch food during treatment, the molecule will necessarily penetrate inside and you will eventually ingest it at some point.

Q : Is it a problem if the 4j Insecticide is sprayed on clothes? Or is it likely to damage them ?

R: In theory, no. but everything depends on the textile material. Insecticide 4j contains potassium soap, allowing an asphyxiating effect on insect larvae and eggs. this soap can leave a small oily film but it remains uncomfortable. on textiles of value or delicate, 2 other methods, the washing machine at 60°C (for textiles that accept it) or the use of aerosol Ecodoo All insects. Put the clothes on in a garbage bag. spray insecticide Ecodoo inside. close the whole to make the bag as hermetic as possible. wait minimum 24 hours with reopening.

Q: Is the pyretre effective against textile mites? (you seem to indicate that yes, in the product sheet diluted to 10% but not in the product sheet concentrate)

R: Yes, of course. Insecticide 4j is a universal insecticide. that is, it can be used against all insects. the difference then occurs in the dilution used. Here are the dilutions we recommend according to the targets:
- 1.5 %/2 % = small insects and mites (moucherons, mosquitoes etc...)
- 5% = most insects, including parquet chip and mites (food and textiles)
- 10% = resistant insects (freelons, wood bugs, taon etc..., bed bugs)
All information on the treatment of textile machine on our file.

Q : I'm pregnant, and I have an asthmatic child at home. Is the 4j insecticide counter-indicated ?

R: Our 4j insecticide contains vegetable pyre, potassium soap and a synergy of essential oils. It is recommended, as you are pregnant that the treatment is done by another person than you to not expose yourself to the odors of essential oils contained in the products. Idem for your asthmatically trendy child. Even if they remain in low proportions, it is still preferable that you do not have it. the advantage of our products is that they do not contain additives or synergizers in formulas to increase product remanence. If the treatment is done in the morning, you can reinvest the processed parts in the afternoon without worry.

Q : Concerning the conservation of the 4j would be sufficient to store it in the s.d.b. without window, illuminated by a lamp only at our passage, or is the product likely to deteriorate? the ambient temperature is sufficient or is it imperative to put the product in the fridge ?

R: For the conservation of the 4j, this product resists well between 10 and 30°C. Beyond that, the pyre it contains will deteriorate. Underneath, he'll crystalliser. This will not affect active matter. However, it should be expected to be released at room temperature for several hours (see 1 day or two) before the crystals disappear. In the absolute, this product must be protected from uv and heat so that its conservation is optimal.