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Bee wax in pepits - 400 grs - ecological drug

Beeswax nuggets - 400 grs - La Droguerie Écologique

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Beeswax nuggets are a traditional drugstore product. It is ideal for polishes, ointments, candles or for waxing furniture and floors. Bag of 400 grams.

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La cire d'abeille en pépites

Bee wax is a yellowish and plastic substance, secreted by bees, which make it the rays of their hives. It is a rather rare product because it is necessary for bees to produce between 5 and 7.5 kg of honey, to obtain in parallel 300 grs of wax. This wax is harvested at the end of the season. It is obtained without solvent, by centrifugation and separation of honey by boiling water. soft to the pleasant touch and smell, the bee wax is unique for its filmogenic, moisturizing, protective, antistatic qualities as well as for its sanitizing properties. it enters the development of many products such as cosmetics, candles, products for wood ...

Presented as microbillions (pepites) in a kraft bag, it is soft to the touch and pleasant smell. its ph is slightly acidic, it liquefies at 64°C and dissolves with terebenthine gasoline or citrus bark.

Utilisation de la cire d'abeille en pépites

Diving in the history of bee wax
The date of the beginnings of use of bee wax is lost in the night of time and the first writings mention its use as ointment, cosmetic and of course raw material for the manufacture of candles. considered as a noble and precious material, the bee wax was found in the tomb of several pharaohs and served as a currency for the payment of tax in Roman times. The mythological narratives also mention it: one of the most famous is the history of icare that used wax to seal its wings and evade, with its godly father, labyrinth where minos had locked them. icare, imprudent, approached too close to the sun, wax melted, and icare abyssed at sea.

The benefits of this bee wax
+ 100% beeswax, guaranteed without pesticide residue
+wide spectrum of uses
+ cosmetic quality
+no toxic to man and the environment
+ keeps several years
+ recycled kraft packaging
+ very low carbon index (45gr co2)

Technical characteristics of this bee wax
- liquefied at 64°C
- float on the water: density of 0.96
- flammable at 120°C
- dissolves in the essence of turpentine or orange bark
- ph slightly acid

Fabriquer ses bougies à base de cire d'abeille

Possible uses of bee wax in pepits

1 - making candles

Pure bee wax is ideal for making candles. In addition to their ecological interest, candles are also obtained without the release of black smoke, which do not flow, consume completely and smell deliciously good.

Candle making:To make them, the wick is dipped repeatedly in the hot liquid wax at about 70°C (heated in the bath-mother), allowing to cool between each bath. the wax is placed in a concentric way around the wick in successive layers. this traditional method allows to obtain long conical candles.

Making of moulded candles:The manufacture of moulded wax candles is more delicate, the bee wax does not retract from cooling and remains glued to the mould. It is therefore advisable to buy flexible moulds, often made of silicone, in specialized stores in cuisine or creative leisure.

Fabriquer ses emballages alimentaires réutilisables Bee Wrap à base de cire d'abeille

2 -bee wrap : make its reusable packaging

Definition of a bee wrap:reusable food packaging. It is composed of a fabric canvas covered with bee wax. This canvas thus becomes semi-rigid and therefore fits all types of containers.

To make his bee wrap, start by choosing a light cotton fabric. Then trace the future cuts (depending on the size of the dish you want to cover) and then cut the shapes into fabric. in your oven, put a sheet of sulphurized paper on the grid. then place the future bee wrap and dispose generously on bee wax pears. Bake at 100° for 3 to 4 minutes. The bottom wax will melt under your eyes. Adjust: sometimes the wax does not drop anywhere and some holes are visible. either you give wax back to these places and re-energize for a small extra solarium session, or you spread the melted wax on the untangled parts with a small spoon. possibility to use a iron instead of the oven to melt the wax. Place in this case the tissue covered with wax chips between 2 sheets of sulphurized paper. Last step, dry the bee wrap on a linen thread. Drying is very fast.

3 - animal care

Treat fendus sabots, cracked animals:Mix the melted wax and honey in equal parts. the mixture is a good remedy to do at home to treat the cracked sabots of animals. clean the crack and dry it before applying the mixture.

4 - apples and creams

Bee wax comes into the composition of many apples and creams of care. pommades are semi-solid preparations made of fatty bodies without water. many recipes exist and implement mixtures of bee wax, vegetable oils, essential oils, oily plant macerats, etc. creams are emulsions of fatty bodies (composing pommades) and water (distilled water, floral water ...) in the presence of emulsifier.

Fabriquer son batik avec de la cire d'abeille

5 - techniques of batik painting in afrique and asie

The batik was already known in the ancient egypte, and nowadays this traditional art is still present in China, afric, ind and indonesia. each country has developed its methods, but the techniques have remained the same.

Making a batik traditionally requires a fabric made of natural fibres (coton, linen, silk ...) of bee wax and pigments (indigo ...). on a white fabric, the artist applies wax where he does not want color, drawing on the fabric the motif of batik. The fabric is then plunged into a bath of pigments, which will give the background color of the fabric. rinse, spread and let dry completely without removing the wax. don't dry in the dryer, don't bite.

When the fabric is dry, choose where a second color will be applied. the wax can then either be removed (see next step) and apply a second layer on the places to hide for the second color bath, or add another layer of wax to the first application. Then dip the fabric into the dye bath of the second color, and so on for all colors.

To remove the wax, lay paper on an iron board. extend the fabric with several absorbent paper thicknesses placed on it. regulate the iron with a skull under cotton. Repeat on both sides and change the paper as it becomes waxy.

Finally, wash the batik carefully, dry it and iron it normally.

6 - wood maintenance inside

Beeswax has very interesting water-repellent, anti-static and nourishing properties that protect wood and leather.

The enclosure:For all unsolicited wood surfaces, inside. nourishes, protects the wood, is anti-static and water-repellent. Place a small amount of wax in a glass container that closes well. you can use the gasoline of kreidezeit terebenthine (doublely rectified) and cover wax pears.

24 hours later, the pepits absorbed gasoline and formed a homogeneous pa^te. this dough must be diluted again with gasoline to become liquid. For example, for 2 parts of dough, add 1/2 or more terebenthine and mix well with a wooden spatula. Every day, do the same operation by adding a little gasoline, more or less, as you consider it necessary, until the wax remains liquid. Let rest again until perfect homogenization (proportion at the end of about 50 / 50).

It is essential that this encaustic have the consistency of a smooth liquid so that it can penetrate the pores of the wood. the application will be in the rag, not hairy. shine after drying. this liquid wax can also be applied to the brush. Treat the wood generously, leave to remove immediately after with the brush what seems to you to be a surplus wax.

Once the furniture is well impregnated with this liquid wax, let it dry from 6 to 8 days, until the wood has absorbed as much wax as possible. after this drying period, don't be astonished as to the bare hand touch, the encaustized piece of furniture seems sticky to you, it's normal; It's only the excess wax that didn't penetrate. the wood absorbed what it needed for the present time. it is now necessary to remove this wax superfluous, vigorously rubbing with a cloth in the sense of the grain of the wood, to remove all the wax that is still on the surface. keep your remaining enclosures in a hermetic white iron container.

Encaustic cream for furniture :First make the wax react with the gasoline of terebenthine in order to obtain a yellow paste to which you add the lin oil. make the mixture warm gently in the bath to obtain a good homogenization. Let cool then to get an ideal paste for the maintenance of your furniture. Before you pass a layer of maintenance with this preparation, make sure to clean the cracked parts properly. application: the maintenance of the furniture can be done with a brush, it allows the distribution of a thin and regular wax layer. Make sure to air well during application and drying. shine after drying. the wax allows to delay the dirt and wear of your furniture. this cream will give a luminous and satin shine to the surface of your furniture.

Ingredients:1 part of bee wax, 1 part of lin oil and 1 part of terebenthine gasoline

Entretenir ses chaussures avec de la cire d'abeille

7 - shoe maintenance

Ancient waxing:In a first container, dissolve the wax and the gasoline of terebenthine and then carry the mixture over low heat to the boiler. Then add the soap to the boiling water in a second container and move until dissolved, let cool. Finally, incorporate the soap mixture into the melted wax by stirring quickly for emulsion. add the essential oils, mix and then pour into a well-hermetic bottle (so risk of evaporation). wax your shoes using an old wool sock ... you will be pleasantly surprised.

Ingredients: 100 g bee wax, 60 cl of terebenthine gasoline, 60 cl of boiling water, 25 g of soap glitter and 15 g of essential oils to choose from.

Binder for paints:Melt the 2 elements with soft fire in the bath-husband, thus obtain a binder for paint to be used with or without pigments, pure, or diluted to the turpentine.

Ingredients:1 part of bee wax and 30 parts of linen oil.

Composition :Virgin bee wax: 99% minimum

Conditioning : Kraft bag of 400 grs and a compostable and biosoured bioplastic interior film.

Employment precautions : Keep children out of reach. sheltered from heat, in a hermetic box, in a cool and dry place. for the realization of your cosmetics, it is up to you to check the conformity of your product in terms of safety with respect to cosmetic regulation.

Learn more about the ecological drug brand
Created by the ecodis company, ecological drugstore is a French brand specializing in the manufacture of everyday products for simplified use. the brand is distinguished by the culture of the spirit of creativity to allow its consumers to customize accessories and maintenance products. certified ecocert, fsc and ab, each product was designed to have a minimum impact on the environment and nature.

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Idéal pour les bee-wraps

je l'ai testé récemment pour enduire mes bee-wraps et cela fonctionne très bien. Le tissus reste souple et résiste au frigo. Après un an d'utilisation des bee-wraps, les qualités du tissus enduit sont identiques.



je trouve dommage qu'elle ne soit pas bio,
vu que le site s'appelle penntybio je pensais que tout y serait bio
mais conforme et reçu rapidement

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Beeswax nuggets - 400 grs - La Droguerie Écologique

Beeswax nuggets are a traditional drugstore product. It is ideal for polishes, ointments, candles or for waxing furniture and floors. Bag of 400 grams.

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