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Glassware for essential oil diffuser - model tourbillon

Glassware for diffuser - model tourbillon

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Glassware model Tourbillon with air arrival by the foot of the glassware. Equipped with its suitable silencer.

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Verrerie TourbillonIf your glassware is completely closed or broken, instead of changing the diffuser, you can replace it with this original model and while rounding. This transparent spare glassware for diffuser allows to contain the essential oils of your choice to diffuse them in the air in the form of very fine droplets. This model is perfectly adaptable to all our wooden (octogonal or pebble). You can therefore decide to have a glassware different from that you currently have to vary the pleasures!

The handcrafted glassware made of Pyrex® (high quality shock resistant glass) is blown mouth by a great Verrier.

Glassware injectors are carefully calibrated to limit the timeless crushing and closure of the glass by essential oils. Finally the splash-proof glass cap protects against dust and reduces noise and vibration.

The + of this glassware Tourbillon
+ Glassware is made of Pyrex (high quality glass resistant to shocks)
+ It is blown to the mouth, making it a unique object
+ The supplied silencer allows a vertical diffusion to the top of the room.
+ The form is worked and treated
+ The operation is clean, without splashes
+ This glassware is easily cleanable and reusable

The Tourbillon glassware is delivered with his silencer.
Each piece is unique. The injectors used are specially designed and calibrated to limit the timeless soiling and sludge.

Possibility to buythe silencer alonewithout the glassware.

Maximum useful volume of glassware: 25 ml

Dissemination principle: turbine micro-diffusion with air intake from the bottom of the glassware.
The outer diameter of the air arrival tube is 6 mm.

Our usage tips for good diffusion
- Pour a coffee spoon of essential oils in glassware (attention never immerse the nebulizer, you would damage the pump)
- Renew the essential oil regularly as it can oxide and thicken
- Do not broadcast more than 5 minutes in a child's room in its presence
- Do not spread essential oils continuously, at the risk of saturating ambient air
- Do not broadcast in the presence of a child under 36 months without a medical notice.

For more information on theuse or cleaning of your glassware, do not hesitate to consult our special pages in the thematic folders.



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Glassware for diffuser - model tourbillon

Glassware model Tourbillon with air arrival by the foot of the glassware. Equipped with its suitable silencer.

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