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Natural nail polish n°04 Pink Blossom - Logona

Natural nail polish n°04 Pink Blossom

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The 1st organic certified nail polish on the market. A truly global innovation. Nail polish n°04 Pink Blossom is almost odorless and made from natural ingredients. This varnish gives the nails a discreet pink color and a matte and silky appearance. 4ml glass bottle.

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Vernis à ongles bio Pink Blossom n°04 - Logona

The only alternative to chemical nail polish
You were many waiting for her, she finally arrived: the range of natural nail polish certified organic. The result of a sharp research, its high tolerance formula “5 free” excludes controversial ingredients and minimizes the risk of allergy. This varnish contains no formaldehyde, no formaldehyde resin, no toluene, no colophane, no camphor. This is the first certified bdih "natural cosmetic" varnish !

The range comes in 5 shades, from the most classic to the more trendy. each varnish offers perfect coverage. the varnish no. 04 pink blossom give your nails a discreet pink colorWith one matte and silky finish.the extra-large brush facilitates the application, for a rendering of the most glamorous.

+ of this organic nail polish n°04 pink blossom
+ certified organic natural varnish
+ varnish without formaldehyde, no formaldehyde resin, no toluene, no colophane and no camphor
+ discreet pink color
+ matt finish and silky
+ brush «Big brush» : it applies in a particularly uniform way

Actifs Talc, glycérine végétale et poudre de micaMain assets of this organic nail polish pink blossom

The talc:Appreciated for its soft and powdery touch, the talc has been used for millennia for its absorbent and maturing properties. the talc brings a matt and satin effect to the varnish. it is often the addition of talc that is recommended when you make your nail polish yourself

Vegetable glycerin: Vegetable glycerin is a transparent, odourless, non-toxic, non-irritating liquid and sweet taste. in cosmetics, vegetable glycerin is used as a moisturizing agent, solvent and lubricant. It is mainly found in toothpaste, mouth baths, moisturizing creams, hair products and soaps. In this varnish, glycerin allows to fluidize it and prevent its drying in time.

The mica:Of mineral origin, mica powder is an exceptional cosmetic product in fashion in the world of beauty. used to make precious and refined jewelry tattoos, this mica powder is also appreciated for Lebanese makeup as a eyelid frad, but also to customize its nail polish, day cream or oil for the body. the mica brings an iridescent effect to makeup. it opacifies the varnish and allows a good pigmentation of the color.

Certification: Bdih and natrue

Application advice
Apply first thin layer and let dry. put a second layer of varnish and let dry again, then finish with the application of the top coat Logona.

In video ... we can see better !

Its composition
Alcohol*, gum-laque, water (filtered by reverse osmosis), ester of lactic acid, talc, silica, glycerin, lica, maltodextrine, tin oxide, mineral colorants.

Ingredients (inci)
Alcohol denat*., shellac, aqua (water), ethyl lactate, talc, silica, glycerin, mica, maltodextrin, tin oxide, [+/- ci 77891 (titanium), ci 75470 (Carmine)(Contains carmine as a color additive), ci 77491 (iron oxides), ci 77499 (iron oxides), ci 77 oxides

* from controlled organic farming

Take time for you and your nails
Based on natural ingredients, Logona Natukosmetik offers a complete range of hands and nail care. new in this assortment: 5 nail polishes, 1 finish varnish and a varnish solvent, all certified according to the specifications of natrue and bdih. natural nail polish Logona and natural finish varnish Logona are formulated based on gomme-laque and do not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, colophane or camphor (5 free). the formula of natural solvent for nail polish Logona, guaranteed vegan, in perfect harmony with nail polish and finish varnish is perfectly respectful of the skin and nails. The solvent doesn't contain acetone.
For easy but effective manicure at home, in just a few steps, Logona offers the use of these new natural products for beautiful and neat hands.

Prepare your nails, eliminating the previous nail polish. Wash immediately after the hands carefully and gently repel the cuticles. Print your nails to the desired shape. Now color your nails cleaned with the color varnish that suits you best, then let dry about 5 to 10 min. thanks to the extra large brush (big brush), the varnish applies uniformly. you will get a particularly brilliant finish using to finish the natural nail top coat Logona, letting it dry about 10 min.

Application du vernis à ongles bio Logona

Natural nail polish range Logona
Varnish no.01 soft rose,Varnish no.02 deep berry,Varnish no.3 classic red,vernis n°04 pink Blossom,Varnish no.05 urban taupe,Top coat finish varnishAndnatural nail polish solvent for aqueous base Logona

The info + on the brand Logona
The history of laboratory laboratory Logona Naturkosmetik is closely linked to the history of the "organic mobility" in Germany. precursor since its creation in 1978 by Hansel Naturopath, Logona today plays a leading role in controlled natural cosmetic laboratories. Thanks to its long experience in cold extraction of medicinal plants (intensified by ultrasound), the laboratory masters the effectiveness of its formulas. Products Logona do not contain any synthetic preservatives (paraben type) and this since the beginning, almost 30 years ago. Logona integrates in its formulas as much as possible components from organic farming.

The quality charter Logona Kosmetik is as follows:

- organic cosmetic certified and controlled by bdih,

- natural formulas without petrochemical derivatives (paraffin) and without silicone,
- organic formulas without synthetic preservatives (type parabens),
- certified without chemical dyes and without synthetic fragrances with exclusive use of natural mineral pigments,
- formulated with raw vegetable oils and certified organic plant extracts,
- not tested on animals, vegan status for most products of the range.

For more information on the dangers of nail polish, please consult our thematic folder.

Labels / certifications
Labels / certifications
4 ml

Specific references

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Natural nail polish n°04 Pink Blossom

The 1st organic certified nail polish on the market. A truly global innovation. Nail polish n°04 Pink Blossom is almost odorless and made from natural ingredients. This varnish gives the nails a discreet pink color and a matte and silky appearance. 4ml glass bottle.

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