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Deodorizing gel odour absorber - 250g - Penntybio

Deodorizing gel odor absorber - 250g - Penntybio

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This new generation gel deodorizes your interior, effectively eliminates bad odors and diffuses a soft natural scent of freshness. Ideal for bathrooms, wet rooms, cars, kitchens, homes, etc. 250g jar.

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Finish the sprays you need to spray several times a day!No more catches that diffuse synthetic fragrances!
With this solid gel, also finishes products that can spill and work, a single product for many applications.

Its use is extremely simple. Once opened, the solid gel contained in the pot will, by sublimating, release its active ingredients of natural origin in your environment and this for several weeks. This deodorizing gel consists of 100% natural ingredients.


Areas of application of deodorizing gel

Since this gel is solid, it can be used practically in all places where odours can embarrass you: car, office, caravan, boat, local to trash but also in transport, hotel, sports centers, meeting rooms, etc...

In your home, you can use it in all types of places: it will, of course, have its place in the sanitary but also close to the habitat of your pet, or its litter, ventilation sheath or air extractor, wet rooms, kitchen, closed larvae, shoe closet...

Finish the hints of frying, fish, enclosed, tobacco, cooking, trash, smoke, urine... place the pot near the source of the bad odors and let it act.


Instructions for use

Place the pot near the source of bad odors, remove the lid and let it act.

Works by sublimation (from solid state to gaseous state, without passing through liquid state)

Do not expose to the sun or near a source of heat.

Keep at room temperature.

The large opening of the pot allows to cover a surface of about 20 m2 (50 m3). If it is a local with many garbage bins, 2 to 3 pots will however be necessary to cover the bad smells there.

Its life is about 4 weeks (variable according to heat and ventilation conditions)

You will need to replace the pot when it no longer odors or when it remains at the bottom of the pot a small galette of about 5x1 cm (about 10% of its original size). If you want to give it a second life, just break this cake and suck it with your vacuum cleaner, the air that will come out of your vacuum cleaner will be scented for some time.

It can be used in the presence of people, animals and plants.


Characteristics of deodorizing gel

Pot of 250 grams = about 20 m2
Duration: 4 weeks minimum
Odour: natural fragrance floral scent



Active charcoal, sodium stearate, perfume associations, vegetable oil, alcohol, water.

Note : Sodium stearate, which enters into the composition of this gel is a salt that is the result of saponification of a fatty acid, it is found in many cosmetics and personal care products.

250 gr

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Très agréable à l'odeur et capte bien les odeurs tenaces. Principe original et efficace.

JP Haas

Local agréablement parfumé

Bonne efficacité de ce gel absorbeur d'odeurs dans le local poubelles de notre immeuble



Produit qui fonctionne très bien
Un près de la litière et un autre en cuisine
Absorbe très bien les odeurs.
Un parfum floral très discret car je déteste les parfums de synthèse

Françoise F

Très efficace

Vraiment très efficace. J'ai des chiens dont un qui a un peu tendance à marquer son territoire dans la maison et escaliers. Dans ces derniers je n'arrivais pas à supprimer toute odeur même si bien nottoyés avec vinaigre etc... Avec ce produit super, plus d'odeur et un leger parfum fleuri très agréable.



Je m'en sers dans le local poubelle de l'immeuble et c'est juste magique. Et l'odeur ne prend ni la gorge ni la tete.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
pascal c

Très bien

Le produit apporte effectivement quelque chose d'efficace, c'est légé au niveau senteur et un pouvoir absorbant important et une duréé de vie d'un mois. Testé à proximité d'une litière de chats.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
Yona G

Excellent produit

Très contente de ce produit, je le met à côté de la litière du chat et c'est très efficace.

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

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Deodorizing gel odor absorber - 250g - Penntybio

This new generation gel deodorizes your interior, effectively eliminates bad odors and diffuses a soft natural scent of freshness. Ideal for bathrooms, wet rooms, cars, kitchens, homes, etc. 250g jar.

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