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Lavender essential oil - (lavandula officinalis)

LavandeOrigin: Very precious plant, common in the noon of the france, in italia, in Dalmatia. where it grows from 700 to 1,400 meters (the French variety - the oldest known - being the most appreciated,), essential oil of lavender enjoys many interesting properties.

Used : Flowers obtained by distillation of the steam plant

Major known constituents : linalyle ethers and geranyle (35 to 55% linalyle acetate,) géraniol, linalol, cineol, d-bornol, lemonene, I-pinene, caryophyllene, butyric ethers and valerianic, coumarin.

On our site you will find essential oil of organic lavender as well as many other quality oils. You will also find synergies for dissemination.


Lavender or lavender

We always say lavender, but there are several varieties of lavender.

  • Lavandula angustifolia ou officinalis : we surname real lavender, lavender of the alps, fine lavender,.
    Rare and expensive since it grows only in altitude, it is the best lavender for its perfume and it is the one that has the most pronounced calming effect
  • Lavandula latifolia or spica : Commonly called aspic lavender
    Its culture is simpler since it grows easily in the valleys (0 and 600 m) but its fragrance is less subtle than the true lavender but more effective against burns and wasps .
  • Lavandula stoechas : We find it under the names lavender stechas or butterfly lavender
    Very decorative in the gardens. if these properties can be interesting in aromatherapy, its odor of camphor makes it unusable in perfumery but useful to fight infections.
  • There are still many other lavender varieties as Lavandula viridis, lavandula pinnata, lavandula lanata, lavandula dentata, .but they are not used in aromatherapy.
  • Lavandula intermedia or hybrida : She no longer bears the name lavender but lavandin
    In the most common Coarse lavender, lavender, Lavandula burnatii or super

Is found in the essential oil of lavender real most of the biochemical components found in lavender super: (Z)-beta-ocines, (E)-beta-ocines, myrcene, limonene, alpha-pinene, camphenene, beta-pinene, linalbéol, bornol, terpinene-4-ol, alpha-terpineol, in the lavender, for example, there is more linalol, cineol and camphor than in the true lavender but less terpinene-4-ol or lavandulyle acetate.
So if you look for an essential oil close to the true lavender but at a reasonable price turn to the super lavender.


Use of essential oil of lavender real

Guide pratique des huiles essentielles
  • Internal use: consult our small practical guide to essential oils

  • External use:
    • Curds, wounds
    • Irritation and skin problems.
    • burns.
    • Cooling
    • Buttons
    • insect bites. animal and viper bites (back processing).
    • parasiticide, insecticide.
    • Soothing, soothing


Method of use of lavender essential oil

  • External use:
    • alcohol: in lotions and frictions (rhumatismes). -
    • petrol: for washing, irrigation. wound dressings and burning.
    • bactericidal and cytophylactic associations (atone flats): thyme, lavender, lemon
    • Also against wounds and burns: lavender essence associated with other species
    • aromatic oil for basing atone wounds; lavender essence = 10g + olive oil = 100g
    • insect bites: friction with a mixture of lavender and alcohol with equal parts.


Properties of lavender essential oil

The essence of lavender has well known anti-smoker properties of some hunters. in the alps, when their dogs are bitten by vipers, hunters pick lavender, rub it, and rub it with biting animals. the venom is immediately neutralized.

Its antiseptic power is more powerful than that of phenol, cresol and gaïacol.

  • A 4.5 % dose, lavender gasoline kills eberth bacillus (typhoid) and staphylococcus.
  • A 5 per cent; it destroyed the bacillus of loeffler (diphtheria): morel and rochaix teachers, 1926.
  • Lavender gasoline kills the bacillus of tuberculosis at the dose of 0.02% (profesors courmont, morel, bay, 1928).
  • Steams destroy pneumococcal and hemolytic streptococcal in 12 to 24 hours.


Diffusion of lavender essential oil

Less to have an allergic tendency, one can of course spread the essential oil of pure lavender or mixed with other essential oils. in order to make the most of these benefits, the most efficient to broadcast is the micro-diffusion diffuser

Huile essentielle de Lavande ab

The diffusion of essential oil of lavender real or possibly super lavender is indicated mainly to calm stress, anxiety, agitation or to promote sleep. It can be mixed in this case with tangerine, orange or small fat.

We found some interesting information on the Canadian site:

  • Overall, it still seems that the essential oil of lavender can have a slight relaxing effect. for example, she reduced post-operative stress in patients coming from cardiology. she also decreased anxiety of patients admitted to intensive care, women under hemodialysis and volunteers placed in an isolation room.
  • Lavender essential oil also proved useful for reduce agitation subjects with dementia and aggressiveness of elderly patients with alzheimer disease.
  • The results of a test with 200 subjects also indicate that the diffusion of lavender essential oil in the waiting room can help reduce patient anxiety to the dentist. a similar study with 340 patients confirmed this effect.
  • In recent trials, Asian researchers, mostly Japanese, also found that lavender essential oil can reduce certain physiological markers of stress (such as cortisol) and blood pressure.
  • Preliminary clinical trials still tend to confirm the lavender value, including to promote good sleep or treat insomnia, or not associated with symptoms of depression. a scented bath with essential lavender oil also reduces agitation and promotes the deep sleep of babies compared to an unscented bath.
  • The diffusion of essential lavender oil also increased concentration of subjects at work : An average of 36 young people aged 24 have completed five work-hour sessions interspersed by 30 minutes of rest. those exposed to lavender essential oil during the rest period were more concentrated and less sleepy during the afternoon than the subjects of the placebo group or those exposed to essential jasmine oil.


The essential oil of lavender

In summary, it is part of these essential oils that should always be in hand. has the house of course, but also on hiking, camping, or even in picnics!

Use, method of use and properties of the essential oil of the true lavender are extracted from the excellent book of the dr jean valnet aromatherapy


The essential oil of lavender

Organic Lavender - Flowering Plant -...

Lavender essential oil has calming and relaxing properties. Thus, it is really effective in diffusion to provide serenity, well-being...
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