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Who is Biovétol ?

The biovetol brand develops and manufactures a complete range of 100% organic and natural solutions for animal health and well-being (anti-parasitary, shampoos, orl area care, etc.). equipped with the production and packaging equipment necessary for the complete management of the manufacturing process, the laboratory Biovétol develops, produces and conditions 95% of the solutions it designs in france, with ariège pamiers (09).

Recognized for their efficiency and quality, biovetol solutions are available in pet stores as well as in organic stores. 

History Biovétol

L’aventure Biovétol started in 2008 by the creation of a laboratory whose primary objective is to bring its expertise to the animal world and to put its know-how to the benefit of professional breeders of feline and canine breeds.

A key factor in the development of quality livestock, animal health and well-being is the priority of industry professionals. That is why every day, by their investment in research and development,Biovétol strives to provide high value added hygiene and animal care solutions.

Biovétol Organic, an alternative to the traditional offer made from ingredients of plant origin derived from organic farming. 

Expertise Biovétol

1 - their profession: animal well-being... and human !

Sensitive and responsive to the needs of animals, Biovétol makes hygiene and animal welfare their priority. With a real passion for health and respect for animals, experts from the biovetol laboratory, who are strong in their know-how, design and produce innovative plant-based solutions, not representing any danger to humans and animals.

2 - their mission: guaranteeing animal welfare

Every day, biovetol laboratory experts reflect and act in favour of improving animal well-being, including pets. Thus, they made hygiene and veterinary health their motor every day. If, as owners of domestic animals, your role is to educate and protect them, as professionals and enthusiasts in the animal world, they believe that their responsibility is to help you to ensure their health and psycho-physiological safety by providing them with the best care, especially in hygiene.

3 - Their field of specialization

Would you like to treat, prevent or limit parasitism, or improve the hygiene of your pets? on an alternative approach inspired by the fundamentals of phytotherapy, Biovétol offers proven solutions to improve animal health and well-being.

4 - hygiene and animal welfare

Maintaining good animal hygiene will provide your companions with all the well-being and health necessary for their development. expert in plant formulations, laboratory Biovétol designs and develops a biological range of animal health and well-being products based on plant-based assets, composed of plants and essential oils.

Why choose Biovétol ?

1 - Their common passion for animal welfare

When we talk about animal well-being, we refer to this optimal state of physical and psychological health as well as a balanced environment that allows the animal to evolve in the best conditions. Taking into account the “5 freedoms” published by the universally recognized OIE – protection against hunger, thirst, malnutrition, physical and psychological ill-treatment, discomfort, pain and disease – the laboratory Biovétol strives to convey these principles of animal respect in each of its actions and productions.

2 - Their objective:protect and improve the daily life of pets

Their main mission is to improve the well-being and health of pets. Since its inception, the biovetol laboratory has developed pest control and animal hygiene solutions to ensure, protect and improve the quality of life of pets, but also that of their masters.

3 - nature at the service of the environment

In constant search for ever more innovative solutions, the laboratory Biovétol regularly invests in alternative research and development programs. So we mobilize our teams of experts so that together, they create and offer ranges of healthy, efficient and high quality products. 

Values Biovétol ?

Passion, vision, collaboration, innovation, efficiency and responsibility form the foundation of values that inspire laboratory experts Biovétol daily. based on simple values, the laboratory Biovétol undertakes to innovate continuously in order to continuously protect and improve the quality of animal health and well-being. Thus, he contributes, on his scale, to the happiness and vitality of many French homes by allowing to maintain a harmonious relationship between masters and pets. 

Commitments Biovétol ?

Efficiency tested and approved by an independent laboratory.

Efficacité testée et approuvée pour les produits de la marque Biovétol

The laboratoryBiovétolHas the intention of proposing alternative hygiene and animal well-being solutions, based on a rigorous selection of plant-based assets, and designed with respect to the animal, human and environment.

Biovetol solutions contain ingredients of plant origin : biocides (margosa, lavender, géraniol), vegetable extracts, essential and vegetable oils. 

Biovétol, labellized products

Since its inception, the laboratory has always been sensitive and attentive to the needs of animals, mainly of company, as well as those of their host families, by offering innovative plant-based products, also respectful of the planet.

Despite the initial absence of organic labels specific to this type of product, biovetol has developed solutions with active ingredients of natural origin (mineral and plant) and derived from organic farming, ensuring the preservation of ecosystems by reasoned culture and pest control to biocides of plant origin, an alternative to synthetic pesticides.

The appearance, at the beginning of 2018, of dedicated organic repositories and associated labels, enabled a precise framework to be given 10 years earlier and the deployment, today, of a complete range labeled by ecocert.

Each biovetol solution is designed to bring to pets and ornaments (chites, cats, pets with low-course feathers, birds and rodents) all the comforts necessary for their development.

Biovetol solutions are thus certified by ecocert, a biological and environmental certification and control body, according to repositories developed jointly with consumers and professionals. this labelling guarantees 95% natural components and eco-responsible processing processes. 

Sponsorship Biovétol for the protection of bees

In recent years, the bee population has been in sharp decline, with total disappearance in some parts of the world. Since 1995, almost 30% of the bee colonies have been lost every year. In 10 years, 15,000 beekeepers stopped their activity. The current studies show that several causes are responsible for this progressive disappearance: pesticide treatments, parasitic infections, diseases, pollution, reduction of the food resource (quantity and diversity of flowers providing nectar and pollen) and habitats, competition with invasive species, climate change, multiplication of electromagnetic emissions, new predators... by staggering the bee participates in pollination of more than 80% of flowers. its disappearance would be a real disaster for nature and human beings.

News is not about optimism because the bee is now classified as a species in the process of disappearance.


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