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How to choose a bed-bug cover ?

Comment choisir sa housse anti-punaises de lit ?

If you arrive on this file, it is that either you're having sex with bed bugs, or you absolutely want to avoid that they don't settle in your bedding (or 2)..
And you are right, because the best way to protect yourself from bed bugs is to prevent its reproduction and above all to prevent its infestation.
Bed bugs feed on our blood and don't like light. So they especially love the hiding places of your bedrooms. It is an ideal place to wait quietly for the night to come and rest for dinner.
Bed bugs cover are essential accessories to contain and prevent reproduction or invasion. Attention, we are talking here about an invasion that takes place inside your bedding; either your basement or your mattress or your pillow. in no case, and it's quite easy to understand, a bed bug cover will not eliminate those in other places in the room. The bed-coated anti-cool protective cover remains a complementary accessory to the background treatment that should be chemical, given the resistance of this insect.
In this special poultry case, we will take a look at the question to allow you to better understand the interest of investing in poultry cover.


What are these protective covers for ?

Zip sécurisé pour une protection optimale

The answer is in the question! these covers are designed to be totally impermeable to bed bugs. these protective covers will allow protect and isolate the object they envelop in preventing insects from entering or leaving. They are therefore completely waterproof: the fabric but also the closure thanks to a secure zip.

The main objective of the bed bugs is prevent any infestation of bed bugs by limiting their proliferation.
Its second role is the curative aspect of the bed bug cover in addition to chemical treatment to completely eradicate bed bugs. they prevent any re-infestation.


Both possible cases

1 - The bed bug is already inside your mattress, bed or pillow: the waterproof protective cover will trap them. The bugs can't sting you anymore, so no more food. They'll end up starving. Don't change your bedding, protect it there with protective covers. I assure you it'll be cheaper in the end.

2 - The bed bug has not yet reached the inside of your mattress, bedcloth or pillow: it is a chance for your bedding. So she won't serve as a cemetery to that insect. quickly insulate bed, mattress and pillow from a protective cover to prevent the bugs from installing there.


Almost 70% of bed bugs are hiding in your bedding

Cachettes des punaises de lit

Kentucky University has conducted several studies on the distribution of bed bugs in infected apartments. It is very quickly noticed that close to the 3⁄4 of the bugs settle at most close to us at night: sleeper, mattress and bed structure are at the top of the classification.
Bed chips are very active at night when we sleep. They are found in the ctools, pumpkins and mattresses, in the folds of the sheets, blankets and duvets, but also in the mattresses and slats.

We quickly understand the interest of isolating all these elements into covers to protect ourselves from this insect. If you isolate your bedbug and mattress, prevent you from reaching 57% of its bedbugs! Here is a very interesting track to limit their spread and protect your furniture !


And professionals accommodation?

Enseigne de chambres d'hôtes

B & Bs, hotels, bed and breakfasts, dormitory cars... when we know the exponential rise of bed bugs for several years, we must be told that all accommodation professionals are concerned with these bed bugs. some have done a daily fight and try to eliminate them from their establishment. others have let go of the case, exhausted by this very complicated struggle, seen ruined by the costs of repeated interventions of companies of disinsect.
The phenomenon continues to spread. the possibility for some years to rent from private to private an apartment or a room (booking, airbnb ...) complicated the struggle.

Unlike some ideas received, the presence of bed bugs does not mean that the place is unhealthy. The proliferation of bed bugs is due to the global warming and, above all, to the multiplication and increasing number of travellers between different continents. an infestation of bed bugs can be disastrous for the reputation of an establishment. customers are dissatisfied and may complain or request compensation. So we have to act quickly !

The responsibility of each accommodation professional is involved in the fight against bed bug. it can represent a rather expensive investment to protect all of their bedding, but everyone will win:
Professional: He will no longer be worried about possible bug invasions inside these beds. It is a real sales argument for him to announce to his customers that all these beddings are equipped with bed bug protection covers.
The client: Necessarily reassure to know that he can spend one or more nights in the establishment without having the stress of finding himself face to bed bugs or worse ... to bring him home !

The bed bug travels on ourselves and in our personal effects such as a suitcase or a travel bag. it spreads during our personal journeys (cinema, shops) and professionals (office, conference) and during our travels in france or abroad in hotels, hotel residences, lodgings or hostels. They can travel from room to room, passenger baggage or personal effects such as handbags and document holders.

Anti-sleeve pillow covers, in addition to fully protecting a pillow, can also allow you to wrap your clothes on your moves. a real protective cover in which your textiles or personal effects will be completely safe.


Breathable anti-punais covers

Choisir une housse anti-punaises de lit respirante

In addition to being 100% waterproof to intrusion of insects, the great advantage of these protective covers is to be completely breathable. when we sleep, we sweat a lot and lose about 40 cl of water. This perspiration infiltrates the mattress and humidifies it, which leads to the formation of mold, a privileged home of bacteria. the protective covers we offer are made in a stretch fabric that allows the exchange of air and water between the mattress and your body. this information is privileged in the choice of a protective cover. invest in a cover that doesn't allow your mattress to breathe and you'll soon have trouble.


The sound of the cover, a very important criterion

Choisir une housse anti-punaises de lit silencieuse

We agree, the primary function of a protective cover is to be effective against bed bugs. do not neglect the quality of the fabric used. Have you ever spent nights on noisy aisles that ruin your sleep? Well, I assure you that you don't want to renew. there is on the market of the protective cover of very different fabrics. If they fill almost all the anti-size function of bed, the noise caused by our movements on the fabric can be very variable depending on the marks. We're not here to denounce these qualities. customer reviews often speak of themselves on the canvas. bed bug protection covers Sanisom have perfectly passed this noise test. in addition to the extensibility and softness that the mixture of polyester and elastane, friction noise is non-existent. A real plus when you know how much time you spend sleeping on a bed linen.


Let's change our habits !

Prenons l'habitude de protéger nos matelas et sommiers

If we have the reflex to protect our duvet or our pillow from a cover for daily comfort and hygiene, why don’t we have it to protect our mattresses and our baseboards? At best, an aisle will be placed on the mattress, except that it remains insufficient! a classic mattress or bedcloth cover does not provide any valid protection against pests. Insects can get out of it and go home as they like. less than being a maniac of the household, the summaries and mattresses are dust nests most of the time invaded by mites and potentially remain flea or bed bug repairs. Over the course of the nights, the obsolete fabric that covers the mattress impregnates with our perspiration and squames. for the greatest happiness of the mites who make their meals !

The protective covers are waterproof, breathable and washable at 60°. they bring an obvious improvement in the hygiene of our beds. allergic and asthmatic people also have any interest in equipping their bedding of these protective covers.


The protective cover Sanisom

Before offering you to sell bed bug protection covers, I have conducted my survey every time to select the products that seem to be the best value for the market. after comparison of samples, technical data sheets and customer reviews, my choice stopped on the brand Sanisom.
It is a French company, located in the market. all the design stages are carried out in france (cococorico!) why go looking elsewhere while our know how to do so ?

Avantages de la housse anti-punaise de lit Sanisom

Avantages de la housse anti-punaise de lit Sanisom

Discover this bed bug cover

The big benefits of this bed bug protection cover

Les housses de protection anti-punaises de lit Sanisom

- it brings a complete barrier against bed bugs and mites.
- so it avoids the bites of the bugs that came from your bedding
- it prevents your bedding from accumulating dust
- it is liquid-tight: sweat, urine, blood, ..
- it's machine washable at 60° for better hygiene. the dry linen is allowed
- it allows easy and quick installation and removal
- its extensible fabric allows you to adapt fully to mattress shapes (from 15 to 30 cm)
- it's comfortable and aesthetic. the technical fabric that composes it (mix of polyester and elastane) is soft and very pleasant to the touch)
- She's unfathomable to various body movements.
- it protects and records a significant investment in bedding.
- it remains effective for many years without using any chemical.
- it combines protection and sanitation and gives a bright and new look to your bedding.

Discover this bed bug cover


And the bed bug ends up dying...

Housse de protection contre la punaise de lit

By installing bed bugs on mattresses and bedbrushes, you make your bed linen inaccessible to bed bugs and those hidden there will be locked. They can no longer feed themselves and will eventually fade gradually. For this, it is essential to leave the covers in place a minimum of twelve months in order to starve the bed bugs imprisoned. Two years being even more reasonable when you know that this insect may not feed for more than a year. A new mattress can be contaminated in a few days. bed bugs are covers that will let your mattress breathe while creating a barrier against bed bug.
Covers avoid folds and seams where bed bugs can hide and lay their eggs. Once the covers are laid, the detection will be easier and you will fully protect your investment in bedding.


Are the anti-size bed protective covers enough ?

To be honest, these protective covers are part of the necessary accessories in the fight against bed bugs. But often, they will not do the removal work to 100%.% these covers will allow you to protect all the elements of your bedding. So it is already a sacred weight less when you know that almost 70% of these bugs are hiding there.

For the remaining 30%, it will be necessary to be methodical and use contact insecticides. we offer a set of natural products allowing you this on our shop.

Folds, sockets, floor grooves, cabinets, wardrobes, etc. the pads can be numerous and the bed bugs know especially well to be forgotten in the day. less to be faced with an important invasion where you can see them easily, the bed bugs stay away from the light in the day, folded in their hiding places, and wait patiently for you to settle in your bed to turn off the light and join you.

The poultry cover will protect your bed furniture radically and definitively. To spend a night without a pebble, you must then prevent access to the bed to the remaining bugs of the room. for this, you must completely isolate your bed from the ground.


The main criteria for choosing its anti-punais cover

- choose a cover adapted to the size of your mattress, sleeper and pillow. that will allow limit the folds once set up and so the hiding places for bed bugs arriving from the outside. Choosing a cover made of elastane allows a stretch of fabric and offers a perfect adaptability to your bedding.

- the textile quality : its resistance, its gramming, its softness, its noise with friction. Avoid muffled, mattressed, doubled fabrics.

- the fabric should also facilitate air exchange with the mattress (breathing die)

- Make sure the cover is equipped with a secure zip closure to avoid any entrance door (or exit) to bed bugs.

- avoid the cover that received one chemical treatment on the outer face.

- Make sure the cover is machine washable at 60°C.

- Beware of the covers marks that highlight a mention "certified anti-punaises"without they can prove to you that a true certification by an accredited independent laboratory has been done on the product. too many people are trapped by this commercial discourse that has only the sole purpose of selling the product better, without evidence.


Some tips in addition to these covers

Terre de diatomée aux pieds du lit dans une coupelle

At the level of your bedding

- place double-sided Scotch on all feet of your bed. As soon as a bug tries to climb through this access, it will remain stuck. Moreover, this method is also a good way to determine whether or not bugs still live in your room. you can also place under each of your bed legs of the backed jam pot covers. You'll put a little bit of it datum earth in each. the diatomy earth will create an extremely effective barrier against bed bug intrusion.
- change its bed legs, for stainless steel bed feet that the bugs can't climb
- clear the bed from the wall leaving a space of 20 to 30 cm to avoid any intrusion from the walls (even if this insect can't jump or fly!)
- don't let your bed linen hang on the floor

In the rest of your room

Once your bedding is protected, attack the rest of your room. Remember, there are still 30% bugs in the room after protecting your bedding. the most effective method passes through chemical treatment. we have at pennty'bio a whole range of natural products that allow you to fight the bed bug. do not hesitate to consult our file on the subject.


Discover the bed bug protection covers Sanisom

Protect your mattresses, sleepers and pillows from bed bugs with protective covers Sanisom. several models to choose from (from €32.90 for pillow cover). click on the reference below to have the product details and all the dimensions and prices proposed.

Bed bug protection cover - Mattress or box...

Mattress, box spring or pillow covers, specifically designed to fight against bed bugs. Completely sealed against insects, they will...
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