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The millennium tradition of Ayurveda combined with modern know-howLa gamme de kajals ayurvédiques bio Soultree


The word of the founder Soultree, Vishal Bandhari

Logo Soultree

vishal bandhari, fondateur de Soultree"The Ayurvedic kajals we create and shape are made from natural ingredients. Fresh organic plant extracts are made in the authentic Ayurvedic tradition, by ourselves in our laboratory.

We personally know most peasants, who cultivate these plants for us. All this, we do it to provide you with the best quality we are capable of.

So we are in agreement with our deep aspirations – and hopefully find in return your satisfaction. This is my personal guarantee."


A journey that began in 2002

Soultree is the conclusion of a journey that began in 2002. A journey in the heart of the Himalayas, where communities live in communion with nature, enjoying its wealth by making it fair measure. Soultree is committed to recreating this harmonious exchange, namely, developing products that are truly beneficial to man and his environment.


Soultree, a palette of Ayurvedic kajals

To the incredibly soft texture, thanks to its formula with ghee bio (cleared beer from the Ayurvedic tradition, obtained by slow cooking).

To the refreshing and clarifying effect, thanks to a hint of natural camphor and other Ayurvedic plants that protect the eyes of urban pollution (dust, gas, dry air).

Soultree respects a 3000-year-old process to make carbon black, the flagship ingredient of the Kajal Noir Assam. Carbon black is obtained by the incomplete combustion of organic mustard oil, which deposits very fine powdered coal on terracotta lamps it blackens. The black of the lamp is then carefully collected for 2 days then mixed with organic ghee and slowly malaxed by hand to obtain a creamy paste.

Combined with vegetable oils of ricin and organic sweet almond, it is an indispensable that will enhance your eyes. This iconic kajal is surrounded by a set of color-rich kajals based on natural pigments, and a colorless kajal, whose formula offers a nice effect that will soothe your sensitive eyes after a day behind a screen or a long car ride.


Certified natural kajals

Logo BDIH pour la gamme SoultreeThe products are certified natural by the German BDIH certification body. This body analyzes the ingredients and processes that enter into the manufacture of a product and only certifies it if it meets high standards of compliance. Soultree is the first Indian company that has chosen to submit to the control of this demanding and technical specifications.

We will keep products:

- No ingredients from petrochemicals

- Without animal fat

- Without synthetic dyes, no heavy metals

- No curators, no solvents.


From organic farms

The plant ingredients come from either organic certified farms or natural forests to ensure that there is no chemical contamination. Soultree also ensures ethical harvests so that our natural resources are not exploited.



Certified kajals Good Manufacturing Practices

Manufacturing processes do not leave toxic waste and are certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) by the Ministry of Ayurveda, the Ministry of Health and the Government of India.


Freshly made and made home

Active plant extracts that enrich the products are always fresh and homemade, according to the Ayurvedic tradition. This ensures maximum benefit of ingredients.


Without harmful chemicals

Soultree does not use oil-based ingredients, sodium lauryl sulfate, silicones, parabens, phenoxyethanol, artificial scents or dyes, commonly used in cosmetics.


The display of ingredients

Because you have the right to know, Soultree list each ingredient used in the products.


Against cruelty

Soultree do not practice animal testing.


For recycling

All packagings are easily recyclable and products are biodegradable.