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Vegetable oil of macadamia

Origin of macadamia nuts

Noix de Macadamia

Native to Australia, macadamia is a tropical tree belonging to the family of proteins. the name macadamia was given in tribute to the scientist john macadam. only two species produce edible nuts: macadamia tetraphylla and macadamia integrifolia. the tetraphylla variety produces smaller walnuts, lower yield therefore less suitable for marketing.

The macadamier is a large tree that can measure up to 15 m high to persistent green foliage bearing round walnuts to the resistant hull and covered with a green fleshy envelope. This tree is cultivated in regions with mild winters and acid soils. It is, of course, in australia but also in hawai, california or in the south of the España. macadamia nuts are used to make oil but are also edible and very nutritious. before being marketed as macadamia, this nut was known for millennia by the aborigines who had nicknamed it "Kindal Kindal"

Production of vegetable oil of macadamia nuts

Découvrez l'huile végétale de macadamia biologique

If the cultivation of the macadamier does not pose a particular problem, on the other hand, the harvest and treatment of the fruit are long and delicate steps, due to the fragility of the nut.

1 - the nuts on the ground are harvested regularly by mechanical sweepers.

2 - the shells of their pericarp are removed.

3 - in order to cause the seed to be retracted inside the shell without damaging its contents, the drying, which lasts a month, must begin shortly after the harvest.

4 - The oil is made from cold pressed whole shells to obtain a raw oil. this cold pressure with the hull has the advantage of slowing down the rancid oil (through antioxidant phenolic compounds).

Composition of vegetable oil of macadamia

Macadamia nut contains 76% oil including monounsaturated fatty acids, such as palmitoleic acid and oleic acid.

In the descending order of fatty acids:

Oleic acid (omega-9): 55-55 per cent.

Palmitoleic acid: 15 to 23 per cent.

Palmitic acid: 5 to 11%

Stearic acid: 2-5%.

Arachidic acid: 1-3.7 per cent.

Linoleic acid acid (omega-6): 2 to 8 per cent

Gadoleic acid: 1 to 4%

and lower

Palmitoleic acid is a very rare fatty acid, which can be found in jojoba, ricin or vison oils. The rate of palmitoleic acid decreasing with age, it causes an increasingly dry skin. oils containing this fatty acid are ideal for skins that tend to dehydrate quickly and as anti-aging treatment.

Oils like macadamia containing unsaturated fatty acids are nourishing, softening, restore brilliance, flexibility, and slow the premature aging of the skin.

huile végétale de Macadamia ladrôme

Properties of vegetable oil of macadamia

Palmitoleic acid has a lot of analogy with fatty acids produced by our skin. This explains the very good tolerance of this oil. The application of palmitoleic acid on mice with an abnormal amount of skin infections has reduced the number and size of these infections.

Leaving no fat trace on the skin, this oil is rather considered "dry oil". because of its excellent penetration power, it is often used as a massage base.

Macadamia oil is one of the most stable natural emollients, as it has a high percentage of monounsaturated fatty acids and low in polyunsaturated, making it more stable to oxidation.

Rich in fatty acids, close to the sebum of the skin, it effectively prevents dehydration and leaves the skin soft and satin. the antibacterial compounds of the most active sebum appear to be the oleic and palmitoleic acids found in large quantities in the composition of this oil.

Nourishing, softening and soothing, it is recommended mainly for fragile skins. We can use it for hair care, hands. macadamia oil is also known to facilitate local microcirculation and tone, it will be perfect as massage oil.

With its filtering and protective action of ultra-violet radiation, this oil brings light protection to uv radiation. It will not however replace the action of a solar product.

Uses of vegetable oil of macadamia

As seen above, due to its excellent penetration power, this oil is best suited to massage with or without adding essential oils. It is particularly suitable for circulatory and lymphatic disorders.

Macadamia oil in massage

With its ability to penetrate immediately into the skin, its composition, close to the sebum of the skin and its property tone the lymphatic system, this oil can be used pure or, even better, mixed with essential oils in local applications for the care of fragile skins, hair or hands.

You can easily create your own massage oil, using "soft" and non-aggressive essential oils.

The total concentration of essential oils shall not exceed:

Oil for the face: 1 to 2 % (20 to 40 drops per 100 ml)

Body massage oil: 2 to 5% (40 to 100 drops per 100 ml)

1ml of essential oil = 15 to 20 drops (following the codigoutte cap)

In ad hoc action and limited parts of the body (except the face,) concentrations can be increased. However, if you have redness or reactions, you will need to decrease concentrations or change essential oil.

Small reminder of essential oils: They are not recommended for pregnant and nursing women. for children, divide the quantities by two. citrus fruits are photosensitive, so you must avoid exposure to the sun after applying this type of essential oils.

1 - Hand care

For the care of hands with "soft" essential oils, one can add in a bottle of 50ml of macadamia oil: 50 drops of essential oils (about 5).% several essential oils, among those listed below, can be used:

Dry skin: Patchouli, geranium rosat

Fat skin: Atlas cedar, lemon, small grain

Mature skin: Ylang ylang, geranium rosat, clover, petitgrain.

Mixed skin: Chamomile, helichryso, geranium, lemon, ylang ylang

Devitalized skin: Geranium, patchouli

Irritated skin: Chamomile, lemongrass, lavender, helichryso, smallgrain

2 - relieve heavy legs

The essential oil of cypresses, which tones the venous walls by its vasoconstrictive action, is best adapted. just add 40 drops of cypress in a bottle of 50 ml of macadamia oil.

Attention: essential oil of cypress is to be avoided cases of breast cancer history, because it has estrogenic properties. it can be replaced by essential oil of Italian Helichrysus.

3 - prevent streaks

The goal is to increase the suppleness of the skin by preventing an increase in the tension suffered by the tissue. The rule is simple: you must take it in advance and massage, massage and massage.

A mixture of essential oil of geranium, helicryse and patchouli that you will mix at 3% in macadamia oil or even better 1/2 macadamia + 1/2 musk rose. Massage morning and evening for at least 5 minutes the targeted areas.

Pregnant woman can use this preparation from the 4th month of pregnancy.

4 - nourishing massage

This preparation can be used to repair and protect your epidermis against climate aggression and dehydration. for the face, we must use very soft but also weakly concentrated essential oils (so you may react and have redness).

A mixture of essential oil of camomile (anti-inflamatory and cicatrising), geranium (antiseptic and astringent) and lemongrass (tonifies tissue and stimulates circulation) that you will mix at 30 drops (10 of each) in a bottle of 50ml of macadamia oil.

5 - muscle fatigue

After a day of gardening or work, nothing like a good massage with essential oils to relax tired muscles.

Prepare a massage oil by mixing the following ingredients: 50 ml of macadamia vegetable oil + 20gts peppermint + 20gts gaultherie + 20gts camper rosemary.

6 - anticellulite

Essential oils are precious allies to fight against any type of cellulite. it is easy to prepare even an oil to practice daily massage of affected areas. in order to drain, by stimulating the blood and lymphatic circulation and dislodging the fat cells, the massage will have to be performed by the technique called "palper-rouler" .. like the pros !

Here is an example of a mixture that can visibly mitigate cellulite in about 4 weeks, due to a massage of cellulite areas twice a day. massage is as important as the oil used, so be tonic.

Prepare a massage oil based on 50 ml of macadamia oil + 15 gts geranium (restore tissue) + 15 gts cedar of atlas (active circulation) + 15 gts cypress (decongestion connective tissue) + 15 gts grapefruit (stimulant lymphatic).

7 - Tonic body massage

To prepare this tonic massage oil for the body, it is enough to mix in 50 ml of macadamia oil:15 gts rosemary to cinole + 10 gts Ylang-Ylang + 15gts geranium rosat.

8 - before hair shampoo mask

Macadamia oil is known for its composition close to the capillary sebum. as it does not make hair fat, it can be used as a pure hair mask or associated with one or more essential oils.

Prepare a mask based on 50 ml of macadamia oil + 40 drops of essential oil selected from those listed below. Apply to the hair and let act at least 1 hour before washing them (with a bio shampoo of course).

Hair loss : Rosemary, Ylang-ylang, lavender, grapefruit, atlas cedar

Brittle hair: Lavender

Fat hair: Rosemary, lavender, juniper, small grain

Dry hair: Lavender, Ylang-ylang

Film: Rosemary, bergamote, lavender, tea tree

Discover the vegetable oil of macadamia bio