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Harvest/L'Otentika revolution in the world of insecticides

Dozlign Company has developed a 100% vegetable and biodegradable fibre support. Without any harmful additives to activate the consumption. Smoke emitted to prevent or eliminate pests is recognized for its effectiveness and serves to spread the active molecule impregnated on the substrate. Ecolign and L'Otentik are the 2 marks filed by the manufacturer. They offer anti-insect products much more environmentally friendly than those currently available on the market.

Dozlign has been repeatedly rewarded for the innovation of its products.


Ecological anti-insects

The ranges Ecolign and L'Otentik are available in different references for internal or external uses. You will find products specifically developed according to the affected insects: flies, mites of clothing, mosquitoes. All products have been tested in the laboratory and their efficiency has been proven.

Window fly trap - 0% biocide

The L'Otentik window fly trap is a 100% natural bait for domestic use in everyday fly control. It can be used on windows in any room...
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An approach taken

On January 14, 2022, 800 trees were planted in St Hilaire-du-Bois in Maine and Loire (49) by Dozlign in partnership with the municipality Lys-Haut-Layon. A total of 5,000 trees will be planted until 2023. They will take root in the first participatory and agro-ecological path called "Galopin escapade".

Why did this project germinate?
Dozlign has been manufacturing natural and eco-designed anti-insect products since 2017. It is 125 tonnes per year of vegetable raw material (composed of wood and grass) used for manufacturing. It is therefore all natural for Dozign to render to nature what it gives it. By buying products under the brand Ecolign or L'Otentik, so you also contribute to tree planting. A planted tree counts on average 1000 kg of CO2 in its life. It thus represents a real opportunity in the fight against global warming.

Premier sentier participatif et agroécologique Escapade des Galopins