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Questions-Answers on cosmetics

Q: Hello, I appreciate your approach and your products. I noticed by looking for a toothpaste that it at least (white toothpaste logodent - 75ml - Logona) contains titanium dioxide, which is recognized as a nanoparticle and as such clearly identified as harmful or even dangerous. This is all the more so because important vascularization of gums promotes immediate penetration into the body of this kind of substance. What do you think ?

R: Titanium dioxide has been and is still subject to controversy. It is therefore necessary to provide some details on this component. titanium dioxide is a mineral substance that is totally allowed in natural and organic cosmetics. the products that contain it could not, without this, benefit from the bidh label. a true saying, it is not the component that poses a problem, but the form in which it can appear.

And it's good because titanium dioxide is still systematically associated with the notion of nanoparticles that we mistrust as much. laboratories manufacturers Logona, sante and algamaris are quite aware of it.
To be more precise, titanium dioxide is controversial when it comes in the form of nanoparticles.
However, the laboratories we collaborate with continue to use titanium dioxide, but only in the form of micro-particles that do not pose the problem of nanoparticles.
Indeed, titanium dioxide has many properties. it is used to opacify a complexion. it also performs an anti-microbial function. So be reassured.

Q : I have been interested in the composition of shower gels, creams and shampoos for a few months and try to change the habits of buying a family. Can you certify that all your products are without paraben, preservative and other, and also indicate your points of purchase.

R: All products are guaranteed 100% natural on a plant or mineral basis and of course without any synthetic or oil products which is the minimum to get the mention nature and progress. We have more and more customers who have done like you and who do not regret it; our best asset is not TV pubs, it's mouth-to-mouth and it works very well. the gravel laboratory distributes in about 1,000 shops in france you can find them in organic stores mainly like biocoops. If you don't find it near you, you can always order by on our online store.

Q: The natural cosmos cosmos shampoos and gels that you sell on this site contain an ethoxy compound: the sodium myreth sulfate (from plant origin). this substance was, until recently, tolerated by the notebook of nature & progress (because of its low ethoxylation). However, the new version of the specifications permanently excludes all ethoxylic substances. the Laboratoire Gravier is it therefore considering eliminating this component of its products or keeping it at the risk of losing the NominatedP label ?
R: Of course, the change is planned for several months, I think it will be effective in the fall. It should not be forgotten that mr. graveer is pharmacist advice of N✱P and that has this title it cannot do otherwise.

Q: I am looking for a shampoo for hair loss as well as a nutritional supplement (garl type) or know what are the essential oils to put in a glass of hot water and honey to remedy for example.
R: Hair and nails are often indicators of the general state. in shampoo we can offer the fortifier to quinquina, like all our shampoos they have the advantage of being non-aggressive and being 100% natural. hair loss can have many origins (stress, psychological trauma, some treatments). First, you need to know this origin before you find what you might agree. beer yeast in capsules can be effective in certain cases. I have a client who found that by massaged the scalp with H.E.d'ylang-Ylang his hair fall has stopped.

Q : I find your range of products very interesting and I would like to know if it is possible to place an order by phone. I would also like to know what the coprah is and what are the components of the marseille soap in general.
R: It is always possible to order by phone but it is best to order directly on our site, it avoids errors! on the cosmetic site of https://www.penntybio.com/en/ you will find a special soap page of marseille. the coprah or copra is dried coconut (shell removed) from which oil has been pulled after grinding.

Q : a friend has spoken to me on several occasions of your soaps, and I am quite tempted by the fact of becoming one of your customers. on this occasion I would like to know if it was possible to receive descriptive documentation of your products, some samples to help me in my choices as well as a purchase order (if you make correspondence sale).
R: All information about our soaps are available in our soap category. unfortunately we do not have samples on this type of product. To order, simply add to the basket the products you wish then order directly online.

Q: I have already acquired cosmetic products from your range. I wonder about the components: in particular, the sodium myreth sulfate present in your shampoos and shower gels. Is this component actually organic ?
R: This component is derived from sugar and is currently considered one of the sweetest (10x times more than laureth). it is accepted by nature and progress as being able to enter organic compostions. From what I understood it should be, in the coming months, removed from the specifications and replaced by another product.

Q: I can't decide for a face cream. I have mixed skin (in place I have oily skin,) fine, cut and it would be dry in winter despite it still shining in place. What cream do you recommend to me for my skin type ?
R: i recommend a cream for redness skin. Then, once the pores of the skin are tightened for the fat part, you can only spend the cream oily skins every 2 to 3 days. Care must be taken to clean the skin well with the dry skin lotion to feed the skin and to remove the limestone from the water that by drying gives a pulling impression so a false impression of dry skin.

Q: This email to ask if your creams and other products contain these ingredients? glycol ether. paraben. methylparaben ?
R: We have for all cosmetics the label nature and progress and this type of products is strictly forbidden in the specifications (nature and progress is even more strict than the cosmebio logo). they are all 100% natural on vegetable basis. on our site you will find the incisive compositions of each of our cosmetics.

Q: I saw last night the special sent program that made me realize the problem that cosmetics can pose for our health. I therefore wonder and am looking for non-toxic and non-chemical products. Can you make sure that your products do not contain any products derived from the oil or chemical industry, or undue preservatives ?
R: Yes. all our cosmetics bear the nature &progress label, which implies full respect for the specifications of this association of consumers and professionals much more rigorous than the cosmebio label. all our cosmetics are 100% natural, 100% vegetable or mineral (e.g. clay) and compostions are indicated on each product reference.

Q : I already use some of your products (shower gels, shampoos). I am also interested in your facial care products. I wanted to know if for eye removal you would advise a specific product.
R: To clean the face or you unmask you can use a milk from our range also usable for the eyes.

Q: hello and thank you for all the information you transmit to me. I fell on another site than yours and their cosmetic creams are sold around 70 euros. Why is this great price difference compared to you, while you, your products are labeled ?
R: I don't know too much but we can bring a few reasons: the price of our cosmetics has not increased for several years. the ingredients used can justify a high price, we have creams like hydra+ to 34 euro cosmetics and fragrances are considered luxury products and as such they must to be recognized of quality to have a high price, a cheap product is often considered a low-end product.! These are often products with very high added margins which is not our case since the margins on our cosmetics are identical to all the rest of our catalog. I don't know the products that you quote but I know our customers are very happy with our cosmetics and this for a very long time.

Q : hello, all your information has conquered me, also before confirming my order, could you help me in my choices, namely 1- I have colored hair, dried, what shampoo and after shampoo advise me? 2- I have a very sensitive, red face skin on the cheekbones, and fat in some places (zone t) what day and night cream do you recommend me? Thank you for your valuable advice, after these, I would validate my order.
R: You can use several kinds of shampoo 1) very sweet to honey (frequent use). 2) a fortifying quinquina (fortifying) for hair that begin to lose their vitality and that are soft 3) dry hair only if your hair became dry after the various colors. The detangling balm is an excellent after shampoo. I advise you a cream for redness skins for most of the face and in addition the cream scrambled for fat parts only every 2 to 3 days if the skin is not too fat and every day if the skin is very fat for 10 days, then, once the skin pores are tightened for the fat part, you can only spend the cream greasy to 3 days.

Q: Thank you for informing consumers, which is not the case for all, unfortunately. your site is listed in one voice and otakeh under the name of the site of the gravel lab that addresses only to professionals. This also requires you to inform your customers because this is a good reference. for now I can't order your products, but it can't be late. What products are you advising us for the maintenance of a mixed skin, moreover intolerant to water ?
R: All products, ours included, are water-based emulsions if your skin does not support the presence of sterilized water in a cosmetic I advise you in this case to use vegetable oil-based preparations (soft almond, apricot core, musk rose). and essential oils, these preparations yield good results.

Q: Are tensio active products contained in gels not harmful to essential oils by making them hydrophobic ?
R: All tensio-actives used in gels are 100% vegetable; they are perfectly compatible with essential oils.

Q: I would like to know what really is the propylene glycol component that is found in many hygiene or cosmetic products? Is he a glycol ether? is it dangerous? and how to consider the family of parabens who are omnipresent preservatives in cosmetic creams? Thank you so much for answering these 2 questions.
R: It is very difficult to answer, we are of course against all synthetic products in cosmetics, which is normal since we sell only natural products! You will understand that in this case we would not be very biased. there are many articles and books on this subject with scientific argument against potential dangers on the abuse of these products.

Q: Can you tell me what the pegs are
R: Polyethylenglycols or peg are obtained from certain gases whose handling is extremely dangerous. in the opinion of some they would increase the phenomenon of buttons and black points.

Q: by reading your section attention danger we learn that mea are at-risk components and that the laurylsulfate is not, is that not the same ?
R: You have: sls like Sodium-laureth-sulfate or sodium-lauryl-sulfate aggressive for mucous membranes, responsible for skin irritations and allergic to the skin, eyes and mucous membranes, they are usually of synthetic origin, and you have natural tensioactives such as laurylsulfate and disodium-comulfate-s which does not prevent nature and progress and we even seek alternatives.

Q: I'm looking for sun protection products, are you selling them ?
R: Noui, of course. you will find all our range in category "Sun protection"

Q: You're talking about paraben and risk substances in some cosmetics so I find that the products you're proposing in addition to not being tested on animals contain none of these harmful substances?
R: Having signed the one voice and nature & nature charter, no animal test and 100% natural and organic guaranteed products so no synthetic chemical or oil product.

Q: I looked at the formula of some of your cosmetic products, especially those for fragile skins. you used determined essential oil. can tell me what it means to deterpene and the advantage to my skin. Thank you for your answer.
R: Deterpening an essential oil means that he was removed from these terpenes. in the terpenes you have for example the lemonene which is a monoterpene and which is considered to be allergic. for aromatherapy we prefer to use complete non-deterpened essential oils but in cosmetics for allergy risks it is better to remove them.

Q : you failed to tell me if she felt good because I already bought organic products that really felt not good. I'd like to find a cream that's day and night.
R: Our creams in general have a pleasant smell. The cream texture of day and night are a little different but if you only want one cream instead take that of day.

Q: Do you have the cosmebio label ?
R: Yes, a number of our products are labeled cosmebio. This precision is provided on each detailed product data sheet.