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Questions-General answers

Find here the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answer that suits you, do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I create my account ?

Click on "your account," in the top right part on the site. Then you specify that you are a new customer. you fill out the fields with attention, the information you communicate to us will remain confidential, only intended for our internal use to deliver you and in no case communicated to third parties. you validate your form. It's over! you receive an email to the address you registered confirming that the registration is effective.

Providing a mobile phone number can be very useful if you want to have the delivery information directly on your mobile.

The difference between a customer account and a guest account ?

On our store, we give you the possibility to order in 2 ways: either create a customer account or create a guest account. the guest account allows you to place your order without entering a password. It is a method, certainly, faster but which will not allow you to benefit from the different advantages offered by creating a customer account (reception offer of 5.% followed by your past order, acquisition of euro rewards to each order, etc). we recommend that you prefer the creation of a customer account unless you have in mind to order once on our store.

I already have an account and the password I enter to log in doesn't work ?

Then you will need to regenerate a new password. We don't know the passwords of our customers. It's encrypted confidential information we can't have.
To regenerate the password and thus access your account, we invite you to proceed as follows:
1- regenerate password by entering your email address on this address
2- You will receive an email with a link on your email. This returns you to our site by indicating "a new password has been regenerated.
3- consult your email again. you had to receive at that moment a password created automatically that will allow you to connect
4- Return to our site and log in using your email address and new password received on this address.

You can edit this password with a password that you will remember more easily. Indeed, the passwords generated automatically are often rather long sets of letters which it is very difficult to remember. for this:
1- once logged in to your account, click "your account" (top right)
2- then go to "my personal information"
3- you can change the old in this place by a new password.

I would like to get information that I don't find on the site ?

Do not hesitate to contact us (contact tab of the homepage or the bottom of each page "contact us" ) either by email or by phoneing us directly at 06 80 73 32 18 (permanence from Monday to Friday between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm).

Are all your items in stock ?

All items for sale on the site are available and are in stock in our Ille and Vilaine preparation facility(35). in case of rupture on an item, it is no longer available for sale but we suggest that you leave your contact information in order to notify you as soon as the item is again available. all that you can put in your shopping cart is forcibly in stock and available

I want to give a gift to a person and send it to his address, is it possible ?

Yes, of course. if you want to offer an order to another person, just note his address in "delivery address" and your address in "invoicing address." Notify us before in order comment not to attach the invoice in the package. we can also attach a leaflet indicating that the package received is from.

How to make and pay my order ?

When you have found the product(s) that interests you, you can add it to your cart. the right-hand basket of the screen is updated to confirm that the product is well added.

To display the detailed contents of the basket, click directly on the image of the basket at the top right. in this place, you can change the amount of an item or delete it.
Do not forget to update the basket to refresh the amounts.

Continue by clicking "2. order", you must be identified to continue. If you do not have a customer account, you can create an account easily in the "Your Account" section. you are then asked to check the billing and delivery addresses, the delivery mode and the payment method. you can in the comment field provide us with information about delivery: a delivery to the neighbor, a digicode..

After validation, the order summary with the final amount including the shipping costs is displayed. validate to save your order and access the payment.

Fill out the requested fields on the secured mutual credit platform to pay your order and confirm your payment.

An email is sent to confirm that the order is taken into account.

Impossible to choose my relay point or even my payment method

Some customers told us the impossibility of choosing a relay point for delivery. often, when this action does not work, they also face the impossibility of selecting their payment method just after. these actions are triggered by what is called a javascript event. the problem is related to a internet browser restriction.

In less technical language: so that the window allowing you to choose the relay point opens and the payment method can be selected, the internet browser you use (firefox, chrome, internet explore, etc). must have JavaScript function activated.

By default, recent browser versions activate this function. Maybe your browser is not set in this direction. sometimes also, some automatic updates disable this parameter.

To activate javascript on mozilla firefox, where the concern has been raised by several users, you can do this:

1 - open a web page using firefox browser

2 - all at the top, in the address bar, enter about:config, then tap on input

3 - now, in the search bar, enter javascript.enabled

4 - the value of this line must be on true. if it is indicated false, it is that javascript is not activated. Double-click the line to turn the value to true

To help you activate javascript function on all browsers, we invite you to consult this website which explains how to take it according to the browser used.

Otherwise, most people who met this concern resolved it by logging into the site using the help ofanother internet browser (chrome, internet explore or opera) or other computer posts (your cart will be saved).

If despite this you still don't get there, we can also validate your order by phone. Do not hesitate to contact us.

N.B.: Technology advances quickly and the means to access the internet become multiple. The supports are increasingly numerous. which complicated the compatibility of an online store with your device. in order to solve technical problems on a daily basis and to better understand why certain actions on our shop do not work in some people, it is important that we can identify the source of the problem. for this, we need to collect enough customer elements to advance. If you are in this case, don't hesitate to get closer to us, we have set up a small simple tool that will allow us in 1 click, with your agreement, to trace the essential technical information of your computer tool (which browser you use and its version). The information will be returned to us immediately. no other action will be necessary on your part. and this will allow us to improve our shop by making it more and more compatible.

What risks do I use my credit card as a method of payment ?

For the settlement, you are automatically redirected to the secure platform of mutual credit. It uses a secure interface type "http s". during your cb regulation, we do not have access to your credit card number. the transaction is made from bank to bank only .

When I try to pay by credit card, it systematically falls in error, why ?

Information on new payment rules by cb

1 - Why new rules ?

New regulatory obligations have been established to secure online payments.

2 - what are the changes ?

Upon payment by card, an authentication step may be requested. this authentication can be done through your bank application or by sms.

3 - who will guarantee the reliability of this authentication ?

It is the European regulation that is at the origin of this strengthening of the security of online payment but it is your bank that must check your identity when you pay on all European e-commerce sites .

Each bank having its own method, you can contact it to benefit from more information.

Possible methods to validate your purchase

Depending on your bank, the method(s) may vary. among the most common methods:

1- validation by banking application on your smartphone

- download the application of your bank to your smartphone and connect with your bank IDs. Think to activate notifications !

- when buying on penntybio.com, you will receive a notification on your mobile. Then follow the instructions to validate the payment of your purchases.

- take care to wait until the validation process ends before returning to the penntybio.com store to finalize your order and be sure it has been taken into account.

If you encounter difficulties during validation with the bank application:

- you do not receive notifications: check that you have properly installed the application on your mobile, that you are identified and that you have properly authorized notifications. otherwise you can open the application directly to validate the payment.

- you have forgotten your credentials to connect to the bank application: contact your bank as soon as possible.

- you have opened the application but nothing is displayed: it is possible that your bank meets a computer problem: try the method of validation by sms, if it is available or try again later.

2 - validation by sms

- check that your phone number is registered with your bank and associated with your bank card.

- when buying on penntybio.com, you will receive a sms containing a code to be entered.

- follow the instructions on penntybio.com to finalize your order.

If you encounter difficulties during sms validation:

- you didn't receive the sms: check that you have your phone number on your bank card with your bank. otherwise it is possible that your bank has a computer problem. postpone your purchase later or use another bank account.

- if you've just changed your phone number, think of warning your bank to update your data.

Your site and your products interest me but I do not wish to order by internet for various reasons, how to do it ?

That you are "senior" and that you do not master IT, which can be understood, or that you have fears about online settlement (piracy of bank coordinates, ...), we can discuss it together, if necessary take a phone order and advise you. payment by cheque or bank transfer is a more reassuring payment solution for some people.

I wish to buy your products in a physical store, is it possible ?

We have no physical store. we do not distribute our products either on a large surface, cooperative or specialized shop. products under the brand penn'ty bio are available and can only be ordered via our website https://www.penntybio.com/en/

Once my order is placed, how is it processed before shipping ?

From the time you order, that's how it goes. we receive information as your order has just been placed. we control that the regulation is well validated. We're editing an invoice. we prepare the package by making sure on several occasions that the ordered products are those we pack, so as not to make mistakes or forget. A shipping label is printed. your parcel is delivered to the post office near penn'ty bio before 12:00 every day.

Which materials are made up of the layers that you use in the packages ?

The flakes we use to hold our products are made from corn starch (not polystyrene).
Flakes easily and naturally eliminate. after use, you can:

-reuse them for a new use: pack a package of course, but also in play for children. actually, by simple application on a wet sponge of a small layering flocon, you can stick it to another flocon and thus have fun making any kind of fun construction.

- composting them, burying them

- dissolve them in contact with water (water jet, under the rain, domestic evacuations, etc.)

- simply throw them in the trash, without selective sorting, the product will naturally deteriorate.

For heavy packages (beyond 10 kg), we can also use polystyrene calding balls because much more compression-resistant. you can easily make the difference: those based on starch easily crash and do not resume their initial form.

When will I receive my order according to the delivery mode ?

If you regulate by cb, the most common case, your merchandise is shipped the same day for all orders placed before 10:30.

If you choose So packagesimo, Indicative delivery times are 48 hours (2 working days for consignments in metropolitan France, including Corsica and Monaco).

If it is urgent and you want to be delivered the day after the order before 1pm (for any order placed before 10:30am,) choose Chronopost (Chrono13 at home or chono relay in a proximity point)

Can you send me a catalogue of all the products you offer ?

We do not manufacture paper catalogues for ecological reasons.
We offer you to subscribe to our newsletter, which will give you a regular experience of our news and our favourites. you can register from your customer account or on the homepage of our site (bottom right).

Can you send samples of the products you offer on your site ?

We regularly receive requests to send samples. Given the low inventory of samples available, we cannot respond favourably to these requests. Moreover, we try to minimize our consumption of samples, because of their ecological impact. .

That means the indication "Please tell me when the product is available", indicated on some of the products ?

Sometimes we are out of stock of some of our products. when this is the case, the indication "Please tell me when the product is available" automatically appears on the products concerned. By clicking on this message, you can enter your email address and you will be notified as soon as the products are available again.

How to subscribe or unsubscribe to our newsletter ?

You can subscribe or unsubscribe from our newsletter in just a few clicks.
To subscribe: you only need to indicate your email address in the field provided for this purpose, on the homepage of our site (bottom right).
To unsubscribe: you have 2 possibilities. either you connect to your account and uncheck the newsletter box in the "my coordinates" space or you click on the link that appears in each of the newsletters we send.

Are your products certified ab ?

The ab logo is authorized by regulation only on food products. all other products can only have the name "products from organic farming" or a label as cosmebio or nature and progress (such as our products) or as our certified organic essential oils by ecocert or others. You will find the logo on our vegetable oils for example and you will find the nature label and progress on the rest of our products.