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Brand dermatherm ®

Who's the dermatherm laboratory ?

Created in 2001, cl tech laboratories design, manufacture and market liquid reagents for the biomedical world. In 2005, his didier lopez founder decided to continue the development of his society by innovating in the field of cosmetic care.

A vision: responsible and ethical cosmetics

RESPONSIBLE for without compromise, pure and without any conservative,
ETHICS because certified organic cosmetic.

Thus, in early 2007, the dermatherm laboratory dedicated to the first line of sterilized, uht care for all skins, even the most reactive. At the end of 2007, the dermatherm laboratory obtains the ecocert* certification and the cosmebio label.

Dermatherm wishes to offer the best to all skin types: safety, efficacy and naturality to different skin types. after several years of research in sterile cosmetics and respect for skin balance, the brand Dermatherm now brings together the best of two worlds: ultra-high tolerance dermo-cosmetic and organic certified botany. the technology developed is: a global patent, the sterilization adapted for cosmetics providing unmatched efficiency.

Care Dermatherm are the first bio-certified cosmetics that contain no preservatives thanks to a uht sterilization (ultra high temperature). with formulas not to 98% of natural origin but to 100.%, Dermatherm offers unmatched safety.

Removing cosmetic preservatives was essential to offer exceptional products with irreproachable purity in order to address a common problem: making ultra-tolerance care, suitable for all types of skin even the most sensitive.

Dermatherm, une gamme de produits référente

Commitments Dermatherm

Dermatherm, now brand of Laboratoire Gravier advocates strong commitments, she wants to share common values and thus contribute to environmental issues by integrating sustainable development and consumer well-being.

Its philosophy is also based on the preservation of biodiversity and the progress of bio, thus enabling it to place man and earth at the heart of its activities.

In 1975, Jean gravier, a farmer ppam bio, the founder of the laboratory initiated the creation of different organic products. already full of convictions, it was at the origin of the creation of the association nature & progress. his son, Jean-François gravier, a doctor in pharmacy and botanical engineering, followed his tracks and co-wrote the first specifications of the bio.

Since its creation Laboratoire Gravier pushes the limits in order to always offer the best to consumers, beyond the classic specifications of organic cosmetics. with Dermatherm, the Laboratoire Gravier brings cosmetics into a new era, that of cosmetics without any compromise on efficiency and sensory.

Dermatherm, cosmétiques stériles

- world patented technology: ultra high temperature

- eliminates 100% of germs and bacteria while preserving the quality of the active

- unique, safe and ecological technique: use only heat

- airless bottle with extreme antimicrobial closure

- dedicated and qualified infrastructure

- teams trained specifically at UHT

- a careful selection of active ingredients of natural origin

- maximum tolerance and proven efficiency

- pure and uncompromising care

- The whole range of care Dermatherm is certified organic by one of the most demanding specifications of cosmetics

- brand developed under pharmaceutical control

- tested under dermatological control

- without alcohol, no essential oil, no ingredient from petrochemicals and no fragrance (sensitive skin range)

A range of certified organic products

All care Dermatherm are certified cosmos organic by cosmecert. having at heart always push the requirements of the specifications, Dermatherm go further. the brand formulates products made of 100% natural ingredients and at a minimum of 45% of total organic ingredients.

A global patent for unique care

Dermatherm, soins Bio UHT

Dermatherm, it is the combined action of the certified organic cosmetics of dermatology without preservatives with thermal water to preserve the health & beauty of the face. the brand’s bias is to remove the maximum amount of ingredients that have an allergic risk and to remove any preservatives that may be involved in the occurrence of allergies or irritations of the epidermis. it was essential to produce cosmetics of unmatched safety for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Dermatherm, thanks to its 100% natural products, certified organic and unpreservative produces a major advance to have ultra-tolerance products.

The technology used:
To compensate for this need in products, it is used a unique process of sterilization of uht to destroy germs. This requires a qualified infrastructure and a specific conditioning (sterile opaque antimicrobial flacons) in the iso5 aseptic room.

What is technology, uht?
Ultra high temperature is a process of raising in a few moments the temperature of the product and then cooling it as quickly. This process has a decline of over 20 years in other sectors at the level of its performance and security. Dermatherm then decides to use this efficient and safe technology for its cosmetic products.

Why Dermatherm uses this technique for its products?
Patented, uht technology eliminates all bacteria, yeasts and molds while preserving the quality of the assets used. Thanks to this unique process, cosmetics no longer need conservatives.

Airless bottle and extreme closure pump
When products are non-preservative, the packaging ensures that sterility is maintained throughout the use of the product. Dermatherm then uses airless bottles with an extreme antimicrobial closure that has been specially selected to protect the product after sterilization. by this, the outside air does not penetrate the core of the product and it is the guarantee of maximum safety.

Dedicated and qualified infrastructure
The brand's products are designed in an aseptic white room specially used to avoid all contamination. the conditioning room is classified iso 5. air quality is continuously controlled. teams are dedicated, with a specific UHT training, because this patent requires an extreme mastery. they are responsible for human or external microbial conformity. Thus, for example, the operators wear a specific outfit, consisting of a combination and overhaul, dedicated to the uht conditioning with sub-holdings to guarantee a double barrier and thus respect the specific dressing protocol that guarantees the maintenance in sterility of the outfit.

Skin types and ingredients

Dermatherm offers dermo-cosmetic care for the face 100% of natural origin and without preservatives of great efficiency, extreme purity and sensoryness in order to meet the demand of each. thanks to botanical expertise over 45 years old, Dermatherm selects the best ingredients to meet different skin problems.

3 ranges to meet the specific needs of each skin

Les gammes de produits Dermatherm

Normal to dry skin
This 100% natural and non-preservative range improves skin comfort, boosts hydration and promotes elasticity and shine of the epidermis. Organic certified orange water, 100% natural sodium pca and cévenne thermal water are used to best respond to the problems of normal to dry skin.

Sensitive skins
This 100% natural and conservative range has been designed to meet the needs of the most sensitive skins. It improves skin comfort, reduces redness and calms irritation sensations, to soothe your skin day after day. Aloe vera certified organic & fair, a trio of seaweeds and cévenne thermal water are the main active ingredients used in this beauty routine, to take care of the most sensitive skins.

Mixed to fat skins
This 100% natural and conservative range allows to regulate excess sebum of the skin and purify it while improving skin comfort. The organic lemongrass extract, the zinc gluconate and the thermal water of the cevennes are the selected assets to best respond to the mixed oil skins.

The thermal water of the cévennes

The exceptional water of the spa of fumades the baths, located 17 km from the laboratory away from all contamination is recognized and approved by the Academy of Medicine for its therapeutic and skin benefits. César jules, himself, came to enjoy his benefits !

Dermatherm et son eau thermale

Rich in calcium, magnesium, copper and sulphur (the most sulphur in Europe), it has regenerative and soothing benefits on the skin. suffers, is a powerful cellular detoxification agent and magnesium compensates its tonic effect thanks to its calming effect. calcium offers a good tolerance on the skin and copper acts on acne, eczema, psoriasis and prurit by improving natural immune defenses. Its mineral equilibrium allows it to be antiallergic, antihistamine, healing and soothing for inflammatory skin phenomena.

Sheltered from any contamination, and located at the foot of the national park of the Cevennes, the site that feeds the source is a privileged domain. There are no large agglomerations, heavy industries, or intensive crops. the path of water through the geological layers determines its particular characteristics its constant composition, exceptional purity and balance in trace elements.

This exceptional water quality comes to enrich the clean formulas of care Dermatherm.

Comparative table of ingredients

Classic cosmeticsBiological cosmeticsDermatherm BIO
No natural minima. At least 95% natural ingredients. 100% NATURAL.
Contain conservation agents. Contain conservation agents. 100% UNPRESERVATIVE.
May contain alcohol. May contain alcohol. WITHOUT ALCOHOL
May contain lanoline derivatives. May contain lanoline derivatives. WITHOUT LANOLINE
Hygiene products contain almost all detergents. Hygiene products may contain detergents. WITHOUT SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE AND COCAMIDOPROPYLBÉTAÏNE
Many contain natural or synthetic fragrances. May contain certain perfumes (even natural, perfumes can be sensitivizing) WITHOUT FRAGRANCE FOR THE SENSITIVE SKIN RANGE. WITH NATURAL AND HYPOALLERGENIC FRAGRANCE FOR THE REST OF THE RANGE
Many contain natural or synthetic dyes. .

May contain certain colours (even natural, dyes can be sensitising) WITHOUT COLOUR

Sensitive synthesis molecules (bht, bha, edta, laureth, peg, ...) and fragrance allergens: lemonene, linalol, géraniol, lemonellol, eugenol, benzyl salicylate. Molecules naturally contained in essential oils. Recommended for people with an allergy tendency: lemonene, linalol, géraniol, lemonellol, eugenol, benzyl salicylate ...


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