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ARGILETZ® has been in existence for 60 years: the age of a true precursor that has been able to update and make known to the general public the profound benefits of the natural illite green clay dried in the sun.

Argiletz is a company that has always been able to preserve its human dimension. Today as yesterday, the 30 people who animate it share the same values of respect for Nature and the search for perfection. Each of them lives, thinks, works, in a word is passionate about clay. The aim of this passion is to offer the user all the natural richness of the clay.


The anticipation

For all these years, ARGILETZ® combines experience and innovation. In undeniable leader, we have taken the time to discover the magnitude of the unsuspected qualities of the clay, to validate their scientific reality complex, and to create new and powerful products.



Over time, ARGILETZ® has given itself with determination the means to assess how the virtues of the natural illite green clay dried to the sun are transmitted from generation to generation, for a sustainable optimization of the form capital of each.



With products that are accessible to the greatest number, ARGILETZ® remains attentive to the well-being of all “citizens of the world” and educates them attentively to the ecological practice of the natural illite green clay dried in the sun.



In the face of the Earth that has entrusted us with its precious heritage, ARGILETZ® respects the environment through the authenticity of its natural illite green clay dried in the sun. ARGILETZ® also respects the ethics that presides over relationships with its business partners and consumers, from the earliest to the newcomers.


The earth

ARGILETZ® loves clay, real. The one that relieves the evils of the body and the spirit of each one, the one that cementes the bonds between peoples and traditions, the one that knows how to open the horizon of the sharing of preserved nature, for the best of an individual and collective future within a multicolored earth.


Near Nature, it can be made indispensable to all:

- Guaranteed sun dried,

- 100% natural,

- Unionized scroll,

- Argile without a Conservative

- Finished products tested dermatologically on volunteers (no animal test),

- Raw materials derived exclusively from the mineral and vegetable kingdom.

- Certification Standards ISO 901

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