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Alphanova organic sun

Located in provence, alphanova organic sun is a French company specializing in the design of cosmetic care and natural and organic food supplements sold in pharmacies, organic shops, pharmacy shops, puericulture shops.

Member of the cosmebio association of organic cosmetic manufacturers in france, Alphanova Sun is concerned about the challenges of globalization. This is why this company has chosen to develop its products based on know-how and regional partners.

ALPHANOVA ORGANIC SUN ORGANIC is a new range of certified organic solar protective care. they are 100% natural, without chemical filters, without chemical preservatives, without paraben, and without nanoparticles. their original formula allows them to be in contact with the marine environment without creating harmful pollution to coral, fish or shellfish.

Les 10 avantages de gamme solaire bio Alphanova

Formula respectful of fauna and marine flora

The commitments of the founder and leader

Mineral filters are guaranteed without skin penetration

Aassociated with respect for Man and Nature, for I am confident that health and the environment are closely linked.

Lfight for a true certified ecological cosmetic, the only one to guarantee the consumer safe and healthy products.

Pexclusively break up efficient products at an accessible price that respects the consumer and the environment (over the entire life cycle of a product: before production / during use / on becoming packagings...).

Hcontinually increase the quality of our products and their lack of environmental impact.

Apromotes organic farming, serves biodiversity restoration and in response to climate change.

Nto maximize links with national and local partnerships for our supplies.

Organize optimal distribution allowing our customers to take part in the day-to-day and distribution of products with social and environmental values.

Valoring a user experience that always combines user comfort and efficiency.

Ai pledge to make every effort to ensure that our products protect the oceans, fauna and flora.

These commitments are also those of ALPHANOVA sante in the service of present and future generations.

gamme solaire bio Alphanova


New generation of mineral screen

Mineral filters are guaranteed without skin penetration
Bio solar protections Alphanova use natural mineral filters that do not penetrate the epidermis, unlike the chemical filters used in conventional solar protections. mineral filters therefore remain 100% on the surface of the skin and are fully effective against uva and uvb by protecting immediately, from application. mineral filters are therefore 100% safe and 100% effective without any harmful effects on human health or the marine ecosystem.

Benefits of solar protections Alphanova
- immediate, effective protection from application (unlike chemical solars that put up to 30 minutes before being fully effective).
- formulas without alcohol, no paraben, no phenoxyethanol.
- reinforced formulas against uva for better prevention of cell aging.
- sun protection against uvb.
- full range certified organic cosmos by ecocert with organic ingredients such as aloe vera, jojoba or tamanu oil.
- care made in france in provence.
- non-white natural waterproof sun creams.
- vegan formulas certified by the vegan society


1st formula to protect the marine environment

The advantages of the range
- 100% natural & biodegradable
- no chemical filters
- no chemical conservatives

1% for coral
Every year man pours 25,000 tons of chemical solar creams into oceans and seas. coral reefs are the main victims of chemical solar protections, which they absorb and which eventually destroy them. this phenomenon, named the bleaching of the coral, harms the marine biodiversity that corals shelter.

To compensate for this pollution, Alphanova 1% of its turnover for ocean protection. Alphanova supports the Coral Sos Program and joins in the “Foundation of the Sea” that proposes concrete programmes to preserve marine biodiversity:

Programme act4reefs which develops “super corals”, more resistant to global warming, through asexual reproduction, in coral nurseries. the corals so high will restore highly degraded areas.

Programme pala dalik : the echo of the reef is a caledonian association working for the preservation of coral reefs.

It puts in place education and awareness-raising activities among Caledonians of all ages, including schools.

Plastic "ocean protect"
Alphanova has made the choice, for the bottles of its sun range, to use recycled plastic harvested around the coast, within a radius of 50 km. The goal is to harvest this plastic before it reaches the seas and oceans. This recycling operation is mainly implemented in the regions:

- that lack collective waste management infrastructure.

- which are submerged by the impact of tourism or population growth.

- that pose a significant risk to wildlife if plastic contaminates their ecosystem.


Green plan 2022 for today and tomorrow

Today, even more concerned about environmental issues and the problems of packaging and plastic overconsumption in particular, alphanova started in 2020 in a major program to reduce plastic waste to preserve the planet.

Concretely, Alphanova has set itself a target by 2022 to use only:

- recycled and recyclable bottles (aluminum, recycled plastic)

- bioplastic or recycled milk bottles

- recyled plastic labels

- unpolluting plant inks

- recycled cardboard for plv, cartons of overpacks, case (when not removed)

Single-use plastics are systematically eliminated.

Bio solars Alphanova penn'ty bio