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Nature and progress was created in 1964 in the form of association "Law 1901". Today, it has become a federation of associations and is one of its members of farmers, processors, suppliers, distributors and consumers. its approach largely exceeds the technical criteria for obtaining products: nature and progress supports environmental, social and economic aspects.

The charter is the cement which federates the adherents of nature and progress, whether they are peasants, processors or consumers, around an associative project and a common vision. each member takes ownership and strives to implement it from a perspective of permanent improvement.

Since its inception in 1964, nature ' progress proposes a global commitment that goes well beyond a simple label and call a true agricultural and societal alternative.

Nature and progress, the overall approach

Values of nature and progress

The values of this association

- respect for the balances of living ecosystems (soil, plants and animals)

- the health of men and the earth,

- a peasant agriculture, with a human size, favouring the local and the proximity circuits,

- fair trade in the north and south,

- sharing knowledge and knowledge

– make, exchange, social bond.

Bio as a company project

A pioneering association of organic farming, for nature and progress, organic farming goes well beyond a simple label and includes values of fairness, proximity, autonomy and sharing by thinking the system globally. It is designed as an alternative and participatory agricultural and food society project, respectful of living: the nature of which animals and humanity.

Organic agriculture as a company project has developed in response to the rise of agro-industrialization of post-war agriculture. At the time of the climate crisis, the search for alternatives to these polluter systems and large consumers of inputs and fossil resources is more important than ever. so nature and progress brings an ecological and sustainable response that it has built for over 50 years.


Nature and progress and its members are committed to

A collaborative and supportive society

* Democratic and horizontal governance: Nature ' progress is committed to the development of relocated governance systems, promoting self-organization, direct democracy towards horizontality..

* Dissemination and sharing of know-how members, the rehabilitation of knowledge and skills that promote the autonomy of everyone.

* Transparency: for a clear identification of products, their operators, raw materials, their origins and their production conditions.

* Commitment to participate in the community life.

* Assistance, solidarity, support and cooperation between adherents whether they are consumers, farmers or processors.

A human-dimensional sharing economy

* Human-sized activities (fridges, workshops) promoting the social bond and the multiplication and creation of activities, the sharing of means of production.

* Short circuits:

• for proximity sales circuits and direct link with the consumer to limit transport-related pollution and to promote dialogue,

• for better control of the chains and the origin of the raw materials.

• Group purchases, cooperatives, producer markets or artisans are encouraged for better city-campaign solidarity.

* Autonomy:

• in the sense of greater freedom of action and control, the principle of autonomy is expressed by collective dynamics of cooperation, exchanges and through the bond to the ground.

• the integrated systems in which the peasant is dependent are not recommended.

* Control of mechanization: by the use of machines respecting biological properties and preserving the autonomy of the user (knowledge, possibility of repair...).

* Social and ethical financing:

• for alternatives to the system of capitalist accumulation,

• for better control of financial flows and their relocation,

• for social and solidarity savings.

Peasant agriculture respecting natural balances

* diversify: both agricultural systems and our food.

* respect seasonality: production and consumption.

* Keep biodiversity:

• by conserving and developing animal breeds and plant seeds adapted to the terroirs,

• promoting the exchange of seed and seed.

• by refusing the ogm, patenting and normalizing the living.

* preserve wild ecosystems limiting the environmental impacts of human activities and better integrating them into their environment.

* Animal welfare: in nature ' progress, the animal is considered to be sensitive, whose balance and health must be taken into account by respecting its physiological and behavioural needs.

* develop food farming: to ensure the food security and sovereignty of the people and the autonomy of the peasants in the north and in the south.

* a quality diet accessible to all, in sufficient quantity; for balanced food, preserving health and free from synthetic additives.

* natural care: for human, animal, plant or soil health when these alternatives exist.

Of Environmentally Friendly Human Activities

* eco – construction : for green building construction and renovation practices.

* Renewable energy: for the use of renewable, natural and/or free energy, to limit energy consumption.

* Waste control and releases: for the use of recyclable or biodegradable materials and enhancing their maintenance and reuse.

* reduction of packagings in favor of minimalist packagings using healthy and recyclable materials and bulk trade.

* transport : to reduce transport based on fossil and non-renewable energy.

Nature of progress manages its own specifications independently of European regulations. These specifications have since 1964 been co-constructed and regularly updated. They develop in consultation between professional and consumer members. nature & progress defends participatory guarantee systems, alternative to third-party certification, as guarantors of the solidarity approach of the bio movement.

For cosmetics, nature and progress does not work in terms of percentages of organic ingredients, but considers that all raw materials must be organic to the extent they are available.
Ecological cosmetics will have to be primarily derived from non-petrochemical plant materials or minerals, authorized by nature and progress. extraction of these mineral materials will not result in pollution or degradation of the landscape.
Supply must meet fair trade criteria.
Harvests of wild plants are permitted on reserve.


What is nature and progress ?

The mention nature & progress is the association’s associative mark. It guarantees food and cosmetics that are environmentally friendly, men and animals. it relies on its own specifications and the commitment of its members through a charter. In nature and progress, the farms and enterprises as a whole are guaranteed in accordance with the specifications and the charter; Not just the products !

Products with nature and progress sont: 

* products respectful of the living: the specifications prohibit ogm, the use of chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides, synthetic additives,

* products respectful of natural cycles: production modes are based on natural balances of soils, plants and animals. transformation processes are simple and artisanal. packaging, waste and transport are reduced.

* Ethical and fair products: farms and businesses under mention are human-sized. They make producers live dignifiedly and aim at solidarity-based trade relations.


The specifications

Nature and progress manages its own specifications. a ce jour, 16 specifications, declined by production, establish practice repositories for professionals under mention.

The technical requirements of the specifications are coupled with environmental and socio-economic objectives included in the charter. our professional members are committed to applying them in a permanent improvement approach.

To view and download all these specifications, we invite you to followthat link.