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Natural repellants

Our natural repellents

Because we do not necessarily want to eliminate certain insects but only repel them, we have selected repellent products whose active ingredients are exclusively of natural origin (without PBO, without product of synthetic origin, without petroleum product, etc.)

Thus, flies, mosquitoes, wasps, and other flying insects, moths, ticks, snakes and many others ... will pass their way.

Access the thematic files by insects. Do not forget to consult our thematic files on insects.

Natural repellants

Biting insect repellent for textiles - 125 ml

Our insect repellent for textiles will quickly become your inseparable. It will allow, once applied to your fabrics and clothes, to protect you in an effective, lasting and natural way from the...

Habitat insect repellent - 500 ml

This ready-to-use insect repellent is composed of an active ingredient of plant origin: Eucalyptus citriodora. Effective on biting and sucking insects such as midges, sandflies, ticks, black...

ALT'O LIZARDS - natural repellent against...

ALT'O LEZARDS allows you to fight against the nuisances caused by lizards, margouillats and geckos inside and outside your home. Composed of an active ingredient of plant origin, it acts by...

Mice and small rodent repellent - 500 ml

This 100% natural repellent , made up of leguminous extracts and margosa extract , provides long-lasting protection for the garden, outbuildings and home from damage caused by rodents. With this...

Indoor Cat & Dog Repellent - 500 ml

This 100% plant-based repellent effectively and permanently combats the damage caused by cats and dogs in your home. It limits the phenomenon of marking of territory and brings a feeling of...

Outdoor Cat & Dog Repellent - Liquid - 500 ml

This repellent creates an effective and long-lasting   odour barrier  that limits the territorial marking of cats and dogs. The aromatic compounds contained in this repellent will disrupt their...