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Spare parts for diffusers

Spare parts for diffusers

Because it's a shame to have to buy back a diffuser as a whole while there's only broken glassware, we offer spare parts to either replace the glassware, the silencer or the pump or even the defective turbine. You can also imagine having another glassware model to change the one you currently have. The diameters of the base of the glassware being identical at Penn'Ty Bio, they will fit on your base pump.

Spare accessories are essential to ensure the durability of your device. Indeed, essential oil diffusers are sometimes designed in fragile materials such as glass. Inadvertently, it is not uncommon to break an element or a cap. In the same way, the electrical cords sometimes went down with time. Instead of throwing your broadcasters and buying a new one while still in a state of operation, why not simply change the defective accessory in question?

Spare parts for essential oil diffusers are an economical and convenient solution not to have to change all its equipment.

So make your choice!

Spare parts for diffusers

Ventilia Diffuser Refill

Ventilia diffuser refills consist of 5 cellulose discs and a plastic capsule. It is advisable to change the cellulose disc when it is too worn in order to take full advantage of the diffusion.
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Probe for mist diffuser - diameter 20 mm

The active sensor generates the mist for the diffusers . You can use it to create your own diffuser, replace a faulty probe, or use it in a small pond (indoor pond, reptiles, etc.). It has 12...

Snake chain for Aromatherapy necklace

This chain is sold separately to allow you to combine it with one of our Zen Arôme aromatherapy necklaces. Made of metal, it is perfectly suited to the pendants in this range.